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Jr. Cat
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kitten uses claws alot

Hey guys. Just over a week ago my mother and i adopted a 6 week old kitten. So far everything is going well. We bought her plenty of safe toys and a scratching post. But there is just one thing that i am concerned about.. her claws. She almost always uses her claws whether its walking on my lap or when i try to give her affection. I dont think she understands that it HURTS me. My main question is, is she using her claws alot because she is only a kitten? I mean.. when i had to feed my neighbours cat every day and night for a week it was always more gentle. Thanks in advance!
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Tom Cat
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Since I know it will be asked I'll just ask. Why was the kitten taken from it's mother at 6 weeks? Just curious since I can't help but think that could be the root of it.
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Cat Addict
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She is a very young kitten and so not well socialised by her mom. That means you have to take over that role. Kitten claws are like needles so I and many others know they can hurt. First get her claws trimmed. Then you must ensure no rough play or play with hands always with a toy. When she uses claws you need to tell her it hurts by in a hurt voice and louder than your normal voice ( but not so it frightens her)"ouch" or similar which would be what her mom or siblings would do. When she retracts them reward with petting and play. She will learn but it will take her a little time. There are some good threads on here about socialising young kittens
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Jr. Cat
Join Date: Dec 2014
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@Tsukiyomi Im not really sure, i asked my mother if it was too young and she said that the kitten will be fine,

@Jenny bf I tried making a hurt sound when it claws me but i really dont think she gets it :/ sometimes i just ignore her but i dont know if thats the right thing to do.
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Jr. Cat
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You should try the feather toys on a string with a stick. If u don't want to spend 20 bucks on ones can make one for a few bucks. All you need is a wooden dowel from Home Depot a screw, feathers and those fuzzy metal things that u can bend around to wrap the feathers together. I can't recall what they're called but it's like a thin metal wire with fuzzy stuff all over it and kids use it to make shapes and stuff.
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Senior Cat
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Yeah, it probably comes from being taken away too early. Mom and siblings would be the ones to teach her how to use her claws, and since they speak kitty language it would be a much faster process than you trying to teach her! It could also have to do with the fact that she's still a very young, wobbly kitten who's using her claws to help herself stay balanced.

I don't remember what kittens were like with their claws, but make sure you keep them trimmed, and make sure you don't encourage any rough play with your hands. If you're petting her and she starts clawing at you, stop petting her. When she stops, pet her again, if she does it again, stop petting her. Repeat until she learns that clawing you while you're petting her means no more loving. Also, avoid belly rubs, I don't know if you are, but we all know how irresistible cat tummy's are, especially little kitten bellies, but a cats belly is a really vulnerable area, and it results in claws being unsheathed when you pet them!
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Jr. Cat
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@Misterious I will definitely try what you said man. It sounds like a great idea

@Jakiepoo I learned alot of things from reading what you wrote, i would always pet her on the belly and when she would bite/claw not knowing that i was actually supporting her bad behavior. Also isn't it super bad to trim a cat/kittens claws? I heard that they have nerves and blood vessels in their claws that cause them to be in extreme pain.
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Premier Cat
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Any chance you can reunite the kitten with her momacat and any siblings? It's between 5-11 wks. old that kitties learn to sheathe their claws and control their bite and learn cat social behavior. Momacat and other kittens are the best at teaching a young kitten to retract her claws and control her bite. If not possible to reunite her, keep the tips of her sharp little claws trimmed with nail clippers once a week, but be careful you don't cut into the "quick" (pink vinw in the claw) . Don't allow her to use your hands as play toys, substitute with a toy, or fishing pole type of toy with feathers or something on the end. Also I agree with Jakiepooabout overstimulating by too much petting or belly rubs. You will need lots of patience with this bold kitty.

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Jr. Cat
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@catloverami yeah she is very fiesty.
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Jr. Cat
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kitten play mode

Hello everybody!

I just need some advice on a question i have. When my kitten goes into play mode after she has waken up or when she is bored what is the best thing to do? her eyes lock onto the slightest movement including my own hands and feet. I cant really pet her because she will just bite/claw me. Any advice?
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