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Need advice for bully kitty

I am a cat mom to five kittys. I have had kittys all my whole life and have never had a bully so this is a first for me.

I have two sibling kittys Mischief and Stripe that are 12 yrs old. I have a 4 yr old named Nipper who is a black and white tuxedo. 18 months ago I adopted to sibling kittens that I named Puss and Boots that needed a home.

I integrated my two kittens Puss and Boots the same way that as I always have with placing them in a separate closed room for a 2 weeks and slowly introduced them with supervision. Of course there was some hissing from my 12 yr olds but nothing physical occurred. after 2 more weeks I let them out of their room and into the house during the day and then back to their room at night for the first 6 months.

Boots my male always seemed to like to pee on rugs occasionally. This was before he was 6 montsh old and I thought he was just trying to claim some territiory- then he began to challenge my alpha cat Stripe. Stripe was no giving in and they have continued to fight for that position.

So, I placed feliway everywhere. I had Puss and Boots spade and neutered. Everything seemed to calm down for a while and I thought the problem was over.

Wrong.... I noticed a couple of months ago my 4 yr old Nipper was never out in the open and would hide in my bedroom and when leaving the bedroom to head out to the screened in porch where the litter boxes are she would stop at the doorway and look for something and then low crawl/run out the kitty door and it was the same thing when she was coming back inside too.

Then I noticed Boots-- would see her when she was at doorway and would focus stare and nothing would break his gaze. He would jump from where ever he was and chase her out the door and stand there watching. Then Boots has begun to push his way onto my lap when other cats might be there. Now even his sibling Puss is hissing at him.

I have so many cats trees and condos in my housel, more toys than I know what to do with. I have bought interactive toys for him. I have bought the high flying feathers on long sticks to get him jumping and playing hard. I even got him used to a harness and pulling a string around the house so that I could take him outside to walk him to burn energy. All that succeeded in doing was stress him out and created bloody urine and straining to pee and a $500 Vet bill.

I would like to have my peaceful calm and happy house back and I fear I may not have that with him leaving here.

I am at my wits end. I love this little guy but I fear I might need to re-home. Anybody have any insight or words of wisdom for me I would be very appreciative.

Frustrated Kitty Mom in NC
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Hi cconrad,

I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues with Boots. I'm assuming that the older cats are spayed/neutered as well? Is Boots spraying anywhere in the house, or are any of the other cats spraying?

I don't have much to suggest in terms of the best way to handle Boots, but there are other members who have had the problem of a bully cat. I hope they'll be along and be able to give you some advice.

For right now, to keep poor little Nipper from being constantly stressed, is there somewhere in the house where you could place a litter box and make a safe place for her where Boots isn't likely to go? If you have a small room where you could put a cat tree so she can get up high, or where you could clear space on a shelf or in a closet, that could be a safe space for her.
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Ugh, bully cats can be hard to diagnose and even harder to deal with. I have one like that but we put her on a 5 month round of a drug called Fluoxetine which took the edge off her aggressive behavior towards one of my other cats. She is largely off the meds now and seems to have changed her wicked ways. You may want to speak to your vet about this.

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I had a bully girl that used to prevent my other cat from using the litterbox. I bought her a collar with a huge bell on it to take away her ability to sneak up on my other cat. I also had to move the litterboxes to a place where they were accessible from all sides. No more covered boxes either. In my case, my bully cat would lose interest if her target was aware of her presence. I took the element of surprise away from her and gave the other kitty the upperhand. Also, when I noticed the bully zeroing in on my other cat, I would squirt her with water to discourage the behavior. Soon enough, the sound of the water bottle was enough to make her change gears.
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Re: Bully Kitty

Thanks for your replies.
does anybody else have any other ideas for me to handle my bully Boots?

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Around 2 years old is the growing up or what I call the maturity age when cats (usually males) start to vie for being top cat or bosscat of a household. Tho sometimes it's a female that takes on this my experience usually a tortie or torbie. Boots is showing that he wants to be the top cat, especially if he's pushing away other cats off your lap. Nipper is acting like a victim slinking around, which only eggs Boots on to chase and bully her. So what to do? You've done everything you can to try and make it better with various toys and cat trees to provide more vertical space. It's very difficult if not impossible to change a cat's personality once it's reach "maturity". Sometimes it's better to go with the flow and accept that Boots is going to be #1 and treat him as such.....he gets fed first, etc. If this doesn't make him less aggressive, then sometimes you have to step into the role yourself of being "top cat", especially if things have reached the point where other cats are afraid to move in fear or eat or are being constantly attacked viciously. Then I would try make things more harmonious by isolating him from the other cats when you cannot be present to supervise. I don't like spraying water as a deterrent, but going after him with cross words and stomping feet are often enough to make a bully retreat. Sometimes you have to treat one....what's that expression? "an iron hand in a velvet
glove"? When he is behaving well, he should be praised verbally (lot of "good boys"), if being a bad bully, isolation in another room may work, or harsh words and stomping feet. If he pushes one of the cats out of your lap, you can still give them both attention and caresses. If it comes to the point he is viciously continuously attacking one of your cats and drawing blood and puts the whole household in stress (including yourself), it's time to reconsider re-homing him. It's not fair to the other cats to have to live under such stress and it's debilitating to yourself as well. Hope some of these suggestions are helpful.

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