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Kitten Growling at other Cat

This morning, I woke up to my kitten hissing at my adult cat. This was incredibly odd considering my kitten adores him. I'm not sure what's going on. Especially considering I would expect it to be the other way around. Here's the events leading up to it:

I took the kitten to the vet. He returned with a healthy appetite, but later in the day was extremely tired. Once returned, he had very little interaction with my adult cat, other then a sniff of the noses.
The next day, the kitten was extremely tired all day and refused to eat his morning food, but I managed to feed him later on in the day. My adult cat did nothing to my kitten but love him during this time. He would lick him and cuddle up against him.

Around 1 in the morning, my kitten was suddenly extremely energetic and wanted to wrestle with my adult cat who just wanted to sleep. During the day, both cats acted normal. The kitten seemed more energetic then usual, but I assumed he was making up for the day before. Since my kitten seemed to be doing so well, I took him to a pet store so he can get used to new environments and so he doesn't apply being takeing somewhere to something bad. When he returned, both cats were acting normal.

Then, this morning, my kitten was growling at my adult cat.

Normally, these cercumstances would cause the cat that wasn't taken anywhere to growl at the cat with the odd smells. So, this is what perplexes me. My kitten differently acting like he's forgotten my adult cat, but it just seems so odd. Not to mention the time it happened.

Really, this just perplexes me more then anything. The growling doesn't seem serious, and my kitten is learning that my adult cat is ok to be around. By the time I've finnied writting tis, both cats are in the same room with no growling and the kitten's sitting by my adult cat watching him. Throughout, the entire time, my adult cat didn't respond to the kitten growling.

So, any thoughts on what was going on?
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He may have heard a strange noise, had his fur sitting wrong under him..or any of a hundred things. I generally don't take kitten growling too seriously as they're still figuring out the world and tend to get startled or upset pretty easily.

That being said, if your kitten got shots at the vet that's most likely why he was mopey the day of the vet visit. I get quite tired and grumpy after I get a single shot - and some vets tend to do more than one at a time and kittens have tiny little bodies. *shrugs* It probably won't hurt him, but it's good to know for the future and to take into consideration - maybe space out his shots a bit more than you had planned.
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He only has one or two shots left. It seemed pretty odd that he was acting like he had never seen my adult cat before.
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As long as he gets over it pretty quick it's not a big deal. It could have been redirected aggression if he saw another cat outside - in this case they see a cat they actually don't know and then turn those aggressive feelings on what ever's closest.

If he's still worked up in a few hours then it might be something that needs more looking in to, but kittens can be a bit spazzy so a few minutes of hissing/growling isn't serious - IMO.
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Well it does seem like odd behavior to me....perhaps as suggested it was a reaction to the shot...maybe he was sore from them and it was redirected anger at your adult cat. Or perhaps he smelled another cat that sprayed outside.....our houses are not air tight and other cats can smell those that are indoors and vice versa. Your guess is as good as mine.

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