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Jr. Cat
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Kitten is still crazy

Hey everybody!

I am really starting to get annoyed with my kitten. She is very playful but sometimes does not understand that she is hurting me. She ALWAYS tries to bite my hand when i try to pet her and always attacks the cables around the house. She tears apart my mouse cable when i am using my pc and sometimes attacks my feet. Basically anything that moves. I normally would just put her in her room for around 10-30 minutes and then release her.

My question is HOW can i make her more calm and not so aggressive. Is there anything i should try? I know there are very beautiful kittens out there that dont mind affection. The sad thing is, i can only properly love my kitten when she is tired, just woke up or is hungry. Someone PLEASE give me some kitten advice.

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Your kitten is only 10 weeks old now, right? STILL very, very tiny and with no litter mates, YOU are the only thing she has to practice her hunting skills on. I realize you are only 16 but if you are able to convince your parents to let you have another kitten, they will play with each other, learn lessons from each other and be SO much better than just one. One will use YOU as her scratching post, her toy mouse or her prey until she is well over a year old. Her kittenish behavior is just a fact of life until she is mature and there is noting you can do to make her less playful so feed the play.....

For the time being, ALWAYS have a toys near by. Keep a bucket of toys up and take out a few at a time when she is playful. NEVER let your fingers be toys and do not allow her to wrap her arms around your arm and bunny kick you. You need to squeal like a kitten to show her it hurts then offer her some toys to play kick and attack.

Take a wash cloth and stuff it with fiberfill or other soft strips of cloth and tie each end with a pipe cleaner or small length of string or yarn then tie it in the middle. This will make a kitten size toy to attack and wrestle with.

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Jr. Cat
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well Marcia i dont really think i will be able to get a new kitten now. BUT my auntie has a kitten and when we usually have a get together the kittens playfight for a LONG time. would a session a week be okay enough for the kitten?
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It will help, but she needs DAILY play times. Multiple times per day if you want her to 'behave'.

Before you sit down to play games, or browse online, or w/e just grab a toy and play with her for 5-10 minutes. Tire her out a bit, in a way that's appropriate (ie: no hands and feet!), and then she'll be able to be calm while you're doing what you want/need to do.

She's just a little baby, and expecting her to 'be good' with no exercise is like getting a toddler hyped up on sugar and then taking them to church...or taking them to the entrance of Disney and trying to go home without actually going in. Melt. Down. That sets her up to 'be bad', rather than setting her up to do the things you'd like her to do by giving her the exercise she needs to settle down.

Once a week play times with another kitten are a GREAT idea, btw
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Maybe you can loan your kitten to your aunt until she is a few months older.

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We have the same "problem."
Make, or buy (Idk know why, but cats like homemade better) some non human interactive cat toys.
A simple wooded dowel ($0.52) and 2' of yarn on the end, stick in in a window sill will entertain a kitten for hours.
Instead of yarn, attach a ping pong ball on the end...or anuything safe for kitty to bat around.
(Use a yarn that will break or seperate fairly easily as to avoid kitty from getting caught up in it)
So will a simple ball of yarn ($1.00)
An empty toilet paper roll is somehow attractive ti kitties too...idk wky.
Try some catnip. Sometimes it mellows kitty out, sometimes not. You dont need 'not.'
We leave about 3 different toys out, no more, then we rotate them everyday with a different set. That keeps kitty interested.

Ours is a little over 2 months old and shows no sign of getting more relaxed.
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fxokz, your kitten is going to remain a kitten for quite some time, and she is going to do things that drive you out of your mind. The biting of your hand has to stop, as she is going to get stronger, and her teeth are going to get bigger and if not pointier, not any less pointy anyway. As Marcia said, squeal or meow if she bites you, to let her know that the bite was too strong and that it hurt. If you have a toy in your hand every time you go to pet her and offer her the toy, she'll start to prefer a toy to your hand. The more you play with her, the less she'll get into mischief.

I don't think I'd give her a time out when she does these things. I would think that if you put her in her room, it'll just make her more antsy for play and she'll have that much more energy that she needs to expend when you let her out.

Kittens are a lot of work and they have endless amounts of energy (which is why I decided I'd always adopt adult kitties), so the best way to calm her is, paradoxically, by getting her to be not calm. Tire her out so that she'll fall asleep while you get things done.
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Jr. Cat
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As everyone else has said, play with her more every day. She needs somewhere to spend her energy and, if she has no one else to play with, that somewhere will be you. The biting of your hands/feet needs to stop. What I do with my two is say a loud-ish "ow" and they let go as they've come to know that they're not supposed to do that.

Play with your kitten with things like feathers on a string. That way she won't be able to get at your hands.

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