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Tom Cat
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new kitten, new house, introductions...

Since Tessie passed away my house has just not been the same. Her sister Stella has been VERY lonely and she still constantly wonders the house looking for her. It upsets me so much when I see her like this, she acts like she is lost...
Last weekend I decided to go to some rescues to see what was out there (not really thinking I would actually bring a cat home). But of course I fell in love with this 1 little girl. She is only 7 weeks old, all of her siblings and mother are white except for her.... She is multi colored and dark! She is a little peanut and loved to be held... I just couldn't say no so I am adopting her! I am going to name her Kahlua and will be picking her up on the 24th. I am very excited but this kitty will never replace my baby Tessie...

So my question...
I am actually moving into a new house as of the 24th... It will be new for both Stella (my current cat) and for Kahlua. How do I go about doing this, lol? The shelter said it will be a lot easier to introduce the cats since it will be neutral ground for both. Do I still separate them at first or can I just let them both have free run of the house (of course with my supervision). I am pretty sure Stella will except the new kitten since she is so use to having another cat around. What are your thoughts?


And here is a picture of Kahlua
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Cat Addict
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Oh my what cute little Torti! Congrats on the new family member.

Let the cats tell you how to go about it. It will be a stressful situation. A new house with new smells for your older girl. have a safe room set up for both girls if you can, if not at least for the kitten!. So your older girl can retreat if she needs. or you can separate them if necessary. The kitten will adapt pretty fast at her age but it may be a bit to much for your older girl. OR your older girl could just take to the kitten instantly.

Either way having a safe room to put the kitten in at night for safety reasons would be a good idea either way. And don't forget to bell the little one, she will be underfoot for a while yet!
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Tom Cat
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Yes, I can make a safe room... I'll do something in the spare bedroom just incase.
I figured maybe what I would do is block part of the house off so they can't wonder everywhere but will still be able to explore. Stella just turned 1 so hopefully the move isn't to stressful!
I will go out tonight a buy a collar with a bell for the kitten. Stella on the other hand will not wear one! She freaks out and pulls it off every time, I have given up, lol!

When I first bring them to the new house, so I start them off where the litter boxes are? I just want to be sure they know where the boxes are, I don't want any accidents in the house!
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Regina, I'm so happy that you found a kitty to keep Stella company. I'm starting to head in that direction too, because Celia is so lonely.

Kahlua is just precious! Of course she will never replace Tessie, but I hope she will bring you and Stella a lot of love and joy.

When I moved, I put my girls in one room upstairs, with a litterbox, food and water and put the other boxes where they were going to stay. I couldn't block off the upstairs, so I just let them out to roam once everything was out of the truck and the big things were placed. They were pretty anxious to get out of the room, and they were far less stressed than I thought they'd be. They were more curious to investigate the new place. I was worried about the litterboxes too, especially with Margaux, because she was blind. They found their boxes easily enough, but one tip I got from a member (for a slightly different situation) was to not clean the boxes first. If the boxes are "used," they'll find them by scent.

In order to make the move less stressful for them, put all of their stuff in one room as you pack, so that they can stay there while all the noises go on around them, and have their stuff moved last. During the actual move, I put the girls in the bathroom and didn't leave them food -I figured they'd be too stressed to eat anyway - just left their litterboxes in there. I also put a sign on the bathroom door in case the movers wanted to use it to make sure to block the door with their foot before entering, and to make sure it was all the way shut when they left. Freaked out cats will run.

Then when you get to the new place, set up their stuff before you bring them there. That way, they'll have familiar objects and scents right away, and you can leave them there while the rest of your things get unpacked.

I hope all goes smoothly!
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Cool Cat
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Aww Regina... congratulations on your new addition!! I'm so happy for you! What a GORGEOUS tortie girl! Looks like a chocolate tortie like my Tootsie! It's amazing to see her coloring when the sun hits it especially!

I am so hoping your new move goes smoothly and both kitties adjust wonderfully! Good luck!! <3
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Tom Cat
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Originally I was going to wait to pick her up from the Foster Mom the same day we move but I'm thinking that it will be a bit less stressful if I get her before I move. That way her scent is also in the litter box and on other items. Also that way Stella knows who she is prier to moving...
I really think the 2 cats will hit it off right away but of course I could be wrong... I will keep them separated by a gate when I first bring Kahlua home and see how it goes. If it seems like they will get along then I will just put them together.
When the movers come on the 24th I will just put them both in the bathroom with a litter box and water until I go to bring them to the new house.

I hope introductions go well! I think since Stella is still so young and she has always been around other cats that it shouldn't be a problem...
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Kahlua is a Cutie Pie!
She reminds me of Skittles (my torti) when she was a little fuzz ball!
She is going to help bring laughter and life, back into yours!
Blessings for both of you!

"A Cat must have three different names:
An everyday family name; A particular name;
And the name but the Cat Himself Knows, and will never confess." T.S. Eliot

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Aww, I just saw this post, how precious she is! I think the move will not be as bad as you think. As long as Stella has you, she will adjust. My daughter has moved 3 times, her cat is weirded out for a few days, and then he owns the place. I think separate safe rooms is still a good idea, and I would not leave the little kitten out alone with Stella when you aren't there at first, until she's a little bigger and you now they are OK together.

I hope you don't mind me saying, but I just feel I need to, just be careful about collars. I HATE collars on indoor cats. My daughter insisted on a collar with a bell for her kitty when he was little, and he was truly adorable in it. Just a day after having the collar, he got it stuck around his neck and mouth, which was bleeding from him trying to get it off. Luckily, my daughter lives with her grandma, and she was home and her kitty came up to her and she saw him....oh, and he also had a paw stuck in the collar. She was immediately able to get him out by cutting the collar. It was supposed to be a break away collar, and all of this still happened. It was very scary. I know too many other scary collar stories, unfortunately. I know my cat Beep wore a collar for years, with a bell, to warn our bird, and we never had any issues, but some cats are little terrors and will do anything to get that collar off.

Can't wait until you get your precious little one. I think this little one will help you and Stella, help your hearts heal. Kahlua is just adorable
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