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Exclamation Suddenly going to the toilet inside...?


I have two seven month old rescue kittens (Rocky and Rolo) who are brothers, hard to tell apart and very affectionate! We got them at 5 months old and they are spoilt rotten!

At about 6 months old they were okay to go outside after being neutered etc, and they absolutely love it. After about a week of going outside, we took away their litter tray (my mum has never had litter trays except for young kittens and they've always been fine going outside, even when kept in at night) and for about 2-3 weeks it's been absolutely fine, no accidents whatsoever.

Suddenly, and I don't know which one it is, one of them is pooing in the night.
A few days ago Rocky seemed quite startled at something in the garden and bolted into the lounge, looking very wary. On the same day we found wee in the kitchen, we cleaned it up and thought it was a one off. The following morning I found diarrhea on the floor. I cleaned it up thinking maybe one of the cats had a dodgy tummy overnight. This morning my boyfriend came in to tell me one of them had pooped in the exact same place. Today whilst I was loading the washing I put my hand in to find poo in the bottom of the wash basket amongst a pair of boxers... lovely. (The wash basket was in the kitchen overnight).

We are swiftly bringing the litter tray back for tonight but I'm wondering what has suddenly brought this on? I don't even know which cat it is.
Annoyingly last Friday I took them to the vets and they said they were fine.

I haven't seen any other cats near this house and I've been living here 7 months... if it is another cat I've never seen it and what can I do about it?

The reason I love outdoor cats is because it's natural for them to go outdoors and I don't want to be cleaning a litter tray for the rest of their lives. My mum has never had problems with accidents in the night... so confused about the sudden problems!

Can anyone help?
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My family cat Cuddles is an indoor-outdoor cat and has been her entire life since we found her as a stray. She goes through phases... sometimes, she only uses the bathroom outside. Then, for a few weeks, she uses the litter box inside again, especially if it's cold out or something may have spooked her outside. My parents keep the litterbox inside 24/7 incase she ever needs it.

It's hard to say what caused it exactly, it could've been something spooked them, a predator was around, another cat was around, or they just really had to go... whichever it is, I'm sure it's just a phase, like my cat goes through. But having the litterbox around is always a good idea just to be safe! Although it may be "natural" for them to go outside, you do still have them living indoors as well. And if they have to go or prefer to go indoors, it's better to scoop a litter box than to have accidents everywhere!
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I'm with Mandy on this, please keep at least one litter box in the house, both for cats safety, in case of a danger lurking outside, and because cleaning a litter box is so much easier, than having to clean up accidents!

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It seems the culprit could be Rocky, since you say something spooked him. Whatever it was may have made him afraid to pee and poop outside. If he was the one who had diarrhea, maybe he ate something something outside that upset his tummy? If he usually pees and poops in a particular spot outside, maybe you could check around the area to see if something's changed, or if there's anything that he could have eaten that he shouldn't have.
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Thanks all for getting back to me.

The litter tray is back and has been for a couple of nights, the first night whoever it was pooed inside the litter tray, even though it was a little sloppy. The next night, they ignored the litter tray and pooed by the fridge, this was a little nugget but mostly water.
It's strange because they both seem absolutely fine during the day, they're not dehydrated and their personalities are no different. They go outside when they want to, eat half a pouch of wet food each in the morning and at night, and have dry food out to munch on when they need it which isn't often.

I've just witnessed Rocky using the litter tray for a solid poo so now my suspicions are on Rolo. Tonight I'm going to separate them so I can find out the culprit and then take him to the vet if it persists.

Our back yard doesn't have a garden so they must go in neighbours gardens or in the field that backs on to ours, so it's hard to check their poop. In the summer we are going to build a raised garden bed for them to use which may help them feel a little secure.
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Did you use a proper enzyme cleaner (e.g. Nature's Miracle) to get the entire scent out? We may not smell it, but they will and they will continue to use the same spot.

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We've used bleach on the spots. He has pooped twice by the oven and once by the fridge, it's not like they're in the same spot so it's confusing.
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As far as I know, only enzyme cleaners would work to get rid of biological stains and odors. I've heard a cat's sense of smell is as much as 14 times stronger than ours, so even if you can't smell it, the kitties will. Bleach will disinfect the area, but your kitty could still smell it. And sometimes bleach could have a weird effect on some cats...something like catnip, which I'm guessing you wouldn't want associated with their stools...

In the UK, you might seek something like "biological washing powder"? You can also use that on clothing, but we don't have such item in the U.S., for some weird reason. We need to buy things like Nature's Miracle or Fizzion, etc.
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I'll have a look at getting something strong then, thanks for the advice!
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