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The Lure of Treats? or Habits?

For years, I have taken to grooming ET daily. He started off hating being groomed until he has gotton used to being groomed daily. He gets treats only during grooming, its habits or the lure of treats?

Lately, I have slackened in grooming, I was busy, I skip some days. On days I skipped, ET meowed incessantly, following me around the house, and I thought he was hungry, time for lunch anyway, and so I fed him, but he continued following me around the house, meowing away. Hubby said "is there something you haven't done for him?". Oh, I haven't groomed him. So, I did just that, he stopped meowing and following me around the house.

This happen a couple times lately, so I'm assuming its the lure of treats, cos he gets it only when I groom him and when I do carrier training with him. It can't possibly be cos he's taken a liking to being groomed?

Is there something that your cats will insist that you do before he stops harrassing you other than meal time?
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Tom Cat
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Saying hello. It seems weird but when we come home my one cat will follow us around anxiously until we offer her our hand so she can jump up and rub her face and head on us. We call it the "fist bump." It drives her crazy when we come in with our hands full of groceries and can't greet her right away.
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Snowy, I had the same exact thing happen with my Ellie! I started grooming her daily and she always got treats afterward. Well, one day I forgot to groom her and she followed me around meowing nonstop. I did the same thing as you, I fed her thinking she was hungry but nope... she wanted to be brushed so she could get treats! lol it started getting out of control, she was trying to look cute and bug me 24/7 hoping to get her treats. If I ignored her she would just go straight to the treat jar and rub against it. Silly kitties!
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I think it must be genetics. when I rattle a bag of treats in the caged cat room of our shelter I get 19 out of 20 cats that go nuts!! The 20th one is probably deaf. Do EACH and every one know what a treat bag is?? I just don't know.

Cat owners' prayer: "Lord help me be the person my cat thinks I am"
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Yeah definitely. My cat likes to jump on the fridge and have me stand in front of it and he will walk onto my shoulders and then I'll sort of bend at the waist and he will jump down from there. It's like some sort of ritual or something...same time every day....he jumps up there and if i don't realize he will just sit and meow until I come into the kitchen.....My fridge is one of those small ones so I know he could jump down himself easily.....He goes on the top of the kitchen cabinets which are way higher and jumps down from there all the don't know?....I guess its some kind of game or something....I've noticed in the winter when he's bored he does it a lot more than the summer when the windows are open and he can watch birds.
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My girl Sky is completely addicted to treats and has several routines that we MUST follow. Every human, upon waking up and going to our kitchen, is expected to give her several treats. Doesn't matter who it is. She follows each person and cries and gets right underfoot until she gets her morning treats. She then expects treats at bedtime, before each human gets into bed. Any deviation in the treat routine makes for a howly, clingy Sky, all day/night.

Makes me wish I had never introduced her to treats in the first place!
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I don't give treats.. and I don't brush on a regular basis. I just know when I pull out the brush and hold it up they all wander in for some brushing and grooms. Even MowMow manages to drag himself out of sleep to get some brushing.

The only routine they insist on that is not related to their feeding is my eating. My food must always be shared, especially if it's meat. I had steak last night and they all ate so much that I wound up reducing their third meal calories to make up for it. Piggies!
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Robin wants to go for a walk every day! He'll sit by the door and meow. It's been very cold the last couple of weeks, so usually as soon as I get him outside, he'll turn tail and want right back in! He doesn't mind SNOW, though! He's an all-terrain, off-road cat!
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