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New Behavior(s)

Artie has a couple of new behaviors. I was wondering what you thought of it.

At first I thought I was hearing things, but I am positive I am not.

This is an example of it from yesterday afternoon. I was in the kitchen, cooking supper. I had salmon patties. I gave Artie some of the salmon before I mixed it.
He gobbled it up, then went into the living area, jumping on the top shelf of his tree. It is in front of the balcony sliding doors.
All of a sudden I heard a loud "MEOW"...not a pain call, but a cute call.

I was surprised. I went over to see him, he started rolling over (unusual for him), purring very loud. He wanted head butts and petting! He would not stop..then he got a bit rambunctious and started nipping at my head, but purring and playing!

I have seen him act this way before. I put the tree up in early January. He recently started acting this way. He gets lots of attention, as I am home with him daily.

This is what is really, past few weeks: Artie knows I am home, in another room, because he can hear me.
Every once in a while I will hear a soft 'meow'. It is as if he is calling me! I thought I was hearing things at first but, no, he is calling me! Just to come over, play chase, pet him or talk to him....

He cannot be lonely. I am home most of the day--just out for a few hours.

Artie just had a complete medical along with a senior screen--all is normal.
He turned 11 years old in early February.
His adoption anniversary in March 3. It will be three years that I have had him...

He is getting more talkative every day!

anyone have any ideas?

He has always disliked me talking on the phone, when he is curled up on my lap. As soon as he understands I am on the phone, he immediately jumps down.

Is he getting too possessive of me?

thanks for your thoughts
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I wouldn't say possessive....maybe just attention-seeking. I've noticed that cats that get beyond 12 yrs. and into their teens they may meow louder and talk more and it's a sign they're losing their hearing. They may also seek more attention. Check his hearing by making some type of noise or scratchy sound when he is turned away from you....test at various distances. Unfortunately if his hearing is going there's not anything I know of to correct it. If you think Artie is starting to lose his hearing you could start using hand signals for "come", "stay", "lap". Decide on the signal and be consistent with it.

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It doesn't sound like Artie is being possessive to me either.

I'm not convinced it age related either, but it could be.

All four of my cats will sometimes call to us from another room for a variety of reasons; Torri in the hallway upstairs yelling to get into her room to use her Princess litter box, Doran finding a toy downstairs and calling to see if I'll carry it up the stairs for him, Muffin demanding attention, Jitzu talking and wanting me to chat with her, etc.

In the case you described it sounds like he wanted attention and the place he is most comfortable getting attention is on top the the cat post. All of our cats love being petted and snuggled when they're on top of a pot or higher object - I think that being up higher in comparison to you makes them feel more confident. A person 10 times bigger than you would be daunting, even if you knew they were really nice. Adding height can be a good equalizer.

That being said, I wouldn't make a habit of dropping everything to run over and pet him if you're in the middle of something. Cats will repeat what works - and that can end up being a pain. It's fine if you sometimes do, but other times call him back over to where you are for the snuggles he wants. He might like having a stool in the kitchen where he can sit and be up a bit higher, so he doesn't have to run to the cat post and can see what's going on.
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What was his situation before you adopted him? It may be that he's just now starting to open up to you. Orange boys are SO affectionate!...
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Maybe he was super happy with you for giving him some yummy salmon!!

When Happy was a new kitten he would give an "I'm lost" meow from the back of the house because he couldn't work out where we were (or he just wanted us to go to him lol). Every now and then he still does it, even though he is definitely not lost (sometimes he will be right next to my computer chair just wanting up).

Maybe Artie is just feeling sooky and affectionate at these times and like you said calling to you saying hey, pay me attention
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