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Jr. Cat
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pee in the cat dishes (outside) - could it be the kitties?

Hi All,

I have an indoor cat of my own. The previous tenant who I shared the house with, abandoned his outdoor cat so ever since I started feeding the poor guy. Then the new tenants who moved in also started feeding. This cat stays indoors but he's loved and fed. Shortly after, I noticed a second cat coming around. Big, black and fluffy. He was bullying Gypsy (the one that was abandoned) and would go eat the food left for Gypsy. In time I just started leaving them both food to avoid any conflict between them. Fluffy is pretty much part of the property. The neighbors feed him as do I. I believe the neighbors even let him into the laundry room (where cat beds are and where the previous tenant let Gypsy sleep).

I noticed a few other cats wander around the property so this is a high ferrel region. We also have dogs in the neighborhood who have wandered over and eaten the cat food.

Here's my problem: I am noticing that often in the morning, there is a little bit of urine in the bowls. I am wondering who is peeing in them. Could it be one (or both) of my outdoor cats marking there territory? Or one of the dogs peeing just to be jerks (I am not a dog person).

Any suggestions? Insight? Cat Behaviorists (Jackson Galaxy, where are you?)

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Frankly, it could be anyone! I've not a clue, but I'm thinking cats usually do not eliminate where there is food, so more likely dogs? Or another animal altogether, who knows?

If you're intent on finding the culprit, might be best to set up a hidden camera.
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When I was feeding ferals a few years ago they definitely did pee in the food bowls sometimes. That's a big part of why I switched to feeding canned food off a plate in meals, rather than only offering kibbles. If I got free kibbles I'd put them in a bowl in the middle of an open area, which helped...but didn't stop it.

It's very likely, IME, that it is the cats peeing on the food. It's a marking thing - the cats I fed were sort of a little pride, and they would chase off some of the other local ferals in they found them in their territory. I think they were marking the food (and my teeny backyard VERY thoroughly... :/) to keep the 'rivals' away.
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Jr. Cat
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Thanks... I just saw another cat coming around eating out of the food I leave out. So now there are 3 that i'm aware of. Wouldn't be surprised if there's some territorial domination thing going outside. Wish I could care for all of them but I really can't afford it. One I could do but now there's 3. Sheesh.

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Tom Cat
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I've seen cats do it with food they don't like. My last cat would pee in any bowl that had tuna flesh in it (real canned tuna- not cat food tuna). Since she liked the juice and always lapped it up happily we offered her the flesh a few times during her 18 years. Each time was the same she'd pee in the bowl with perfect aim too.

I can't say if this if one of the cats just dislikes the food that much or if it's over territory. I would not suspect the dog though.
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Jr. Cat
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I saw another strange cat on the property yesterday so there are now 4 or maybe 5 that are coming around. This started when my previous neighbor abandoned his cat. The owners before that guy had 3 cats who were very territorial so no other cats ever came around (my neighbors spent thousands of dollars in vet bills because they were always getting banged up fighting off invading felines). I miss those days.

This morning I went outside and there was poop in the bowl. So one of these cats has taken the whole territorial thing a step further.

I threw that bowl in the garbage. It was actually for the black stray that came around after I started feeding Gypsy (the original cat that was abandoned by neighbor). The neighbors who currently live in the other side of the duplex now feed the black one as well as Gypsy and lets them both in the laundry room. She likes to bully Gypsy. I used to leave only one bowl of food out and blacky would come around and Gypsy was clearly afraid of her (she's a lot bigger than Gypsy) and would walk away and surrender her food out of fear. So I put a second bowl out there because I wanted Gypsy to eat. I figured I would feed both of them. But now there are 2 or 3 more that come around. One of them is peeing and pooping in the bowl. I suspect the black one. She really is a little bitch although she is beautiful (black and fluffy...reminds me of the Chat Noir cat).

I have now stopped leaving food out. When Gypsy comes around I will bring out food for her and let her eat it. As soon as she leaves, I'm bringing the food back in.

I love kitties. I really do but this is getting out of control....
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That is just so weird! I've actually caught possums peeing & pooing in food dishes! But I've never yet (knock on wood!) had cats do that!
Yes, it's sad how fast one stray, can turn into several, before you know it!
Your idea of waiting for Gypsy to show up, then feed her, is probably the best option for now!
Good Luck!

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