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Persian Kitten questions

Hello everyone, new here!

I am picking up my baby Persian tomorrow. He will be 8 weeks and a couple of days when I pick him up and he has the cutest markings on his face (they make him look distinguished!).

I had a questiom about Persian coat types. I have read that some Persians have a very fluffy coat, and others have more easy-to-manage coats that may have a slightly silky top layer (like my Domestic Longhair cat, but poofier). I have a few photos of my kitten and his littermate showing what appears to be a coat difference. The orange one (the littermate) has a very full, fluffy coat, whereas the grey/blue & white one has a somewhat stringier coat. Do you think he will have less of a poofy, luxurious coat compared to the other one?

Also, I plan on bathing him occasionally to get him used to it, just in case of any future "mishaps" (like poo getting stuck to his fur). All in the hopes that it gets him more calm around water and bath time, as I obviously do not want to get scratched and bitten. What would you suggest the best and safest way to go about this is?

Any additional tips from Persian owners would be appreciated!
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Your adorable blue and white bicolor (or is he black and white?) looks like he has a poofier coat than his red littermate. Hope you're getting him when he's at least 11-12 weeks and has learned his manners about bite and claws and body language from his momacat and his litter mates, as this 5wk. to 11-12 wk period is very crucial in his socialization. Ask your breeder if he can stay a little longer with her. With Persians, you do need to do grooming DAILY, so get him used to it now even though his coat may not even need it. A polished steel comb that has finer teeth on one side than the others goes through the coat better than a brush, which tends to pull out too much coat (maybe ok during coat drop season in early spring and again late summer when you want to get rid of loose hair so that it's not ingested). Always end your grooming session with a few treats.....this will help him to look forward to having it done. Do the same when you clip the tips of his claws every 2-3 weeks as well, and he won't be upset with having this done. Use a sing-song soothing voice when you do the grooming as well. An occasional bath to remove any dirt or dust from the coat assists in keeping it from matting--just remember that a cat's body temp is hotter than ours, so water should be about 102 F---having water too cool can put a cat off having a bath. I bath my cats in my double stainless steel kitchen sinks---one for shampooing the other for rinsing. With most longhair cats you need to blow dry (on low) to dry the coat, so the cat doesn't get chilled....good to do it on a sunny day where kitty can sit in sun to help with drying. To create a "potty patch", trim the hair back with blunt-nose scissors (nose hair scissors) about 1 in. around the anus...this will go a long way to preventing any poo from getting caught. However, if you are showing the kitten, trimming isn't allowed.
I think you made an excellent choice, your kitty has a very sweet face....I find the red kitty's eyes look very sad---some people like that look, but I like your kitty's sweet eye expression better. Hope you will find these suggestions useful, and enjoy your adorable new kitty. All the best!
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Thank you for the helpful information!
He appears blue and white to me, as her black and white kittens are STRIKINGLY black in comparison. Perhaps the lighting is affecting the colors in the photo?

I agree about the "sad eyes" kitten, however, his look did grow on me after a while and I actually think he looks like Toulouse from the movie The Aristocats!
I don't think the blue & white one is quite show-quality, but he's just going to be a pet anyway
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I also had a question about bringing a male kitten into a home with a male adult cat, as well as spraying.

My cat hasn't had any cat friends in the home for maybe 7+ years and they were all female (the last male cat we had was dominant over my current cat, causing him unhappiness). He has lived with both male and female dogs, however, I'm not sure if that matters when it comes to two cats. The reason I mention this is because I noticed him spraying the new litterbox I set up for the kitten, which my very large cat cannot fit in nor use himself.

He sprays his own litterbox excessively, so I think he may just be thinking this smaller litterbox is his also. I am concerned that my cat may start spraying MORE than just the litterboxes once the cats are properly introduced, being that the kitten is also male and the older cat has not been around one in several years. In addition to that, do any of you think the smell of my cats spray/urine on the kittens litterbox will offend or deter the kitten from using the box?
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Hard to say whether you older male cat will start spraying elsewhere....hopefully not. But you should have 3 litter boxes. Don't put them all in a row, but spread them out through your home. Litter box placement is important too...should be in a quiet place away from feet traffic, and have "escape routes", not stuck in a corner. If a cat becomes a bully, often they will trap another cat while it is using the litter box; this can result in the cat being bullied to seek out somewhere else to urinate where it feels safe.

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Is the older male neutered or entire? And what are you going to do in regard to the "baby"? Sex can have an impact on relationships (badly phrased but you know what I mean).
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@catloverami: Multiple litterboxes in different, private locations - CHECK!

@Arianwen: My older cat came to me neutered at 1 year old from a local shelter. We may neuter the kitten when he is more mature, but it is not the largest priority as most of my family's other male cats growing up were un-neutered and were perfectly fine in health and tempermant. If there were any major issues, of course we would have him neutered, though.
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I agree that the breeder should keep him until 11-12 weeks old. A little irresponsible for a reputable breeder to be finding them homes at 8 weeks old. If you're going to wait until there's a spraying issue, it may be too late to change that behavior, even after neutering.

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I wouldn't call her a "reputable" breeder, she simply had a litter of kittens. After reading many forums and looking it up online, I was under the impression that it is perfectly fine to let a kitten go at 8 weeks (unless it is a Sphynx, due to slower development). According to many reputable sites, a kitten's socialization period lasts until about 8 weeks old, they should be weaned and litter trained at this point also, all of which making it suitable for them to leave their mother and littermates. Of course 11-12 weeks would be better, as it simply adds additional time for socialization and behavioral manners, however, it does not make the breeder nor the person adopting the kitten a "bad" person to let them go two weeks early (the recommended time by most, from what I've found). Unfortunately, you can't please everybody and he would not have been there much longer if my husband hadn't decided to pick him up today (another guy was trying to make a deal with her, etc.). He's litter trained, eats solid & a small amount of wet food, has his shots and loves to be with his humans. I'm excited to get to take him home and I definitely don't want any negativity surrounding that!

As for the spraying, I agree. But I think it would be irresponsible to get him neutered too early and may cause some health issues if he is not at the right age to be neutered (of course, that is a controversial topic, but I'd rather be safe than sorry). This does not mean I will wait a year, I just will not do it while he is under 16 weeks old (older, even). But again, I have not made that decision yet and I believe it is a very personal choice, which I will make in time.

My husband surprised me with the kitten and told me we would be picking him up on Friday, so I am just grateful to even be receiving such a wonderful gift from someone who cares.

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