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Need help with constant meowing

Hello, this is Parham, I'm a student, I have a 2.5-year-old female spayed domestic indoor cat. She was wonderful and very friendly and quite until I had to move back to my parents' house which is way bigger and 4 people living there. She was here for 4 months now, but the problem is she has started to meow constantly the entire day from 2 months ago. If she is alone even for 10 minutes she will meow loudly and increase her volume if we ignore it. but the second you move in she stops and sleeps on the floor and wants belly rubs and etc and then moves to other rooms and yell again no matter what we do. She is like this 3 weeks a month and one week she is super quite and no sound at all coming out her beside answering when we call her.
She does this the entire day and night. she barely sleeps( takes 3-4 one hour naps) she does not eat very well and even lost appetite to canned food which she loved before(she was like this from start, she is not showing that much appetite and interest for food from the day I got her). during the night she wants to get in my room and if I let her she comes in and the second I sleep she moves out and meow loudly and then come back to room and leave like 1 min after and she continues this the entire night, if I don't let her come in the room she start meowing and won't let anyone sleep the entire night no matter what I do. I tried ignoring her for a while(2-3 weeks) it didn't work she just got louder, tried making her tired before bed time and giving her a huge meal before bedtime it didn't work either she sleeps for one hour and then wakes up. tried not letting her sleep during the day didn't work, she was up the entire night as well. Punishing (i mean spray bottle or clapping hands to scare her) will make it okay for one hour but she will continue after that. I haven't slept in last month properly. But the main problem is that I need to move back to one bedroom apartment next week and if she continues like this neighbour will definitely get mad and might cause a problem for me. I don't know what to do, really love her don't want to give her up as well and I'm not sure it's a medical problem so I think the vet would not be a help cause she does this for attention or boredness and as I said I'm a student so dollars count. By the way, she has lots of toys and a tree and many scratch posts. Thanks in advance for your help
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Just before you got to bed, have you tried to really tire her out with an active play session with a fishing pole type of toy like "Da Bird", or something similar with a stuffed toy bird or feather on the end. Flick it around actively like a bird flied, and up and down off furniture and let her catch it occasionally. Do this until she is tired and won't chase it any more. Then give her a small meal. Maybe she will be tired enough to sleep through the night.
Another thing to try is some Bach Flower Remedies Bach Flower Remedies - Rescue Remedy Pets Dogs Cats Horses Birds
Cat Food Puzzles are another thing to try.....they will make the cat work harder to get its food and keep it busy; Amazon or pet stores sell them.
It could be the move has unsettled her to feel anxious and want your constant attention....if above suggestions don't work, you may have to get a mild sedative from your vet for a little while to break her of this habit. All the best!

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so sorry you've been suffering from lack of sleep. I think most of us know what's that like at one time or another with our cats. I certainly hope your situation improves.

I'm actually keeping my fingers crossed for you that when you do move out to the 1 bedroom that MAYBE this will be a good thing! sounds like she was fine before you moved back home into a bigger house with more people. maybe when she has you all to herself again with no one else to bother her AND it's a more manageable amount of space for her, then she will stop the crazy meowing. sometimes I think a big house and lots of people can be very scary for a cat because she can't control what's going on around her. my own cat was completely happy and content in a 1 bedroom with me. she knew every nook and cranny of that space and she was comfortable and felt safe. no other cats to sneak up on her or a loud ex-husband startling her every once in a while. ; )

my current cat child seems to meow loudly when she is looking for me. she was surrendered at 12 yrs old and spent 3 months at the shelter and with a foster family before she found her way to me. I am actually her 2nd foster mom and she turned me into a foster failure! : ) I love her so much, but I think she still gets a touch worried sometimes when she can't find me. perhaps fears of abandonment again or something? anyway, as soon as she sees me she seems to calm down and stops meowing. maybe your cat has a little bit of that going on. fears that she might have lost you in such a big house?

in the meantime, I would definitely do the feliway or some other calming pet essence or something. and maybe keep her confined to your bedroom at night? you said she's meowing mostly when she's alone or walks out of the room, so I really think she's got some of those issues I mentioned above. she might even just want you to follow her around so she feels safe as she explores the rest of the house. if you let her explore the whole house pretty quickly when you first moved in, that may have been too much for her all at once.
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