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New user- cat with Urination problems

Hi! I've read a bunch on this topic, but yet to find one that fits my situation. Help would be appreciated!

Short summary- 6 month old black male started peeing in the house when we introduced tiny female tabby kitten.

Three months ago I got my first kitten ever, Special Agent Lunchbox (AKA Bizzle). He's AWESOME! All back, little purr box we got from a shelter (fixed) when he was about 3 months (so he is about 6 months now). He's affectionate and happy to see us. He NEVER went outside the litter box once (until recently). We clean the litter boxes daily. There are 3 litter boxes. My girlfriend has a dog. They get along fine... but not really interested in each other. So we thought he might like a friend to play with and I wanted a tabby.

So we got 11 week old female tabby kitten, Reverend Sweet Pea... Rev. P is the cutest little girl! She was the runt of her litter and was just over 2 lbs when we brought her home, now she is 3lbs. We have had her for 4 weeks... on the very first day, just seeing her come in the house in the carrier, Lunchbox peed in a house plant. We did the proper introduction with Rev. P spending like 5 days in her own room and when she came out to play, he went in the room to smell her.

Now the two get along great. They romp all over the house and take turns chasing each other. Kitten Magic! Bizzle is 9 Lbs Sweet P is 3lbs, but he's good at playing with her and does not beat up on her too much. It's pretty mutual, she's all **** and vinegar and sneak attacks Bizzle and they romp and roll. But they also chill and spend time alone... like Rev. P does not bother Bizzle too much. Good times.

EXCEPT- about a week after we got Sweet P (3 weeks ago), Bizzle peed in the bed. He used to sleep at my girlfriend's feet and then Sweet P spent the night sleeping in the nape of my girlfriend's neck and Bizzle was like "F that" and peed right on the down comforter on top my girlfriend. Yikes! No more cats in the bedroom.

But twice more Bizzle has broke into the bedroom and peed in the bed. Yuck! He's also peeing in the plant. Today I found he peed on a carpet in the basement. I am concerned the peeing problem is getting worse not better.

I previously had an AWESOME cat, Minni that was my X girlfriends but she left the Minni when she moved across the country. Mini continued to live with me happily until my new girlfriend moved in with a dog. Minni was a bit older and NOT interested in the new puppy, clearly stressed she started peeing all over the place. We coped with it for 3 months, until my X drove across the country to take Minni West with her and reportedly Minni is happy to be living alone, no more pee problems. So... I've already got a bad experience with a peeing cat. Bizzle does not pee where Minni used to pee years ago.

OK... so every time Bizzle pees on something we let it soak in enzyme stuff then wash thoroughly. We put a bunch of sharp stones in the plant so he does not want to pee there. We also started letting him outside. He always wanted to be an outside cat, but I kept him back because he was small and afraid of animals taking him... and once he pissed in the bed it was like "and now you get to be an indoor outdoor cat." He seems really happy... but he keeps peeing on things.

Is there hope here? Seems like jealousy. But they are both so young and they get along SO well. I specifically got a male and female hoping to avoid the pee issues!

Will they get over this on their own? think I can keep both? Or do I need to find a new home for one of them? SAD!

Any important tips?

One thing is for sure... dealing with cat urine is a total pain in the butt!



Photo attached of Reverend Sweet Pea on the first day we got her, and Special Agent Lunchbox after a top secret mission hunting dust bunnies behind the oven.
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Hi Calef,

Aw, the pics aren't showing for me...

Kitty pee issues are awful, I agree. I've lost at least 2, maybe 3, comforters, and an assortment of clothing, bags, etc. to kitty pee.

While I can see why you think this might be behavioral, peeing out of the litterbox is a very common sign of a urinary tract infection, which can be brought on by stress. It's possible that Sweet P's arrival brought one on, so I'd bring Bizzle in for a vet visit to rule out any possible medical reasons. If it is a UTI, antibiotics will clear it up.

I'd also keep him inside so that you can monitor his litterbox habits. I totally get that having him inside when he's peeing out of the box is frustrating, but it will be harder to figure out what's going on if you can't keep an eye on what's going on, especially if it is a behavioral issue. For example, is he consistently peeing out of the box, or is he using it sometimes, but not always? If he is using it sometimes, is there one he prefers? Where is Sweet P when he's using/not using the box? Also, is he pooping in the box, just not peeing in it?

About the enzyme cleaner - do allow whatever you've completely soaked to dry completely before washing. I also discovered that Nature's Miracle has a laundry additive. I've used it after soaking/drying stuff. Not sure it's necessary, but psychologically it makes me feel better.
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I agree with spirite of having Bizzle checked by a vet for a urinary infection. Tho it does sound more behavioral to me with jealousy of Sweet P. How many litter boxes do you have? The usual rule is 1 per cat + 1. Another thing is that the boxes should be scooped morning and evening minimum. Suggest you try Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract litter and sprinkle is liberally on top of what you're already using. This may attract Bizzle to pee in the box(es) rather than on the bed or other places. Are you giving Bizzle as much attention as Sweet P? Often cats will react with jealousy and inappropriate peeing to gain attention. Try some play with a wand toy with Bizzle and extra treats when he is behaving well. Any cats outside your house that are peeing nearby? This can also trigger indoor peeing, especially if it's an un-neutered male that pees on a door, window, etc. Our houses are not air tight and scent of other cats can be detected by our indoor kitties. Cats have a strong sense of smell almost as keen as a dog's. Hope some of these suggestions are helpful, as I know what a drag it is cleaning up.

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