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cat boarding or not

is it better to just take my cat with me or find a pet resort for her ? and how is it gona affect her if i drag her with me for a short two day trip outta town if i take her with me i will be with her in the hotel room the whole time i am wondering if she will know she is back on home turf when we get back or will i need to go through the process of introducing her to her home again also what are some things i should be looking out for when looking for a good place to board her at for a few days
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No one you know that can come and feed and check in on the cat? You know your cat better than me, but my cats do better in their own home. I have boarded a cat before but now I prefer to have someone come in and feed them, etc. There are people who do it professionally but a friend, neighbor you know and trust, ???
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I have had someone come to feed my cat when I was gone and I have also boarded my cat at a kennel. Either way worked well. My cat was fine. I think we tend to overthink these things sometimes.

Personally I'd prefer *not* to have the cat in my hotel room. Travel is tough enough, travel with a cat is extra tough, in my experience, though I did it regularly with my little crippled up cat that needed round-the-clock care. You're away from your vet, and what if something goes wrong?

For a boarding situation you'll need up-to-date shot records. Visit the kennel before hand and get a good look at what the cages are like and all. You might ask your vet if the kennel has a good reputation. Also pay attention to the hours of drop-off and pick-up. The kennel keeper will appreciate that.

Having a good kennel and a good cat-sitter are very helpful - you never know when an emergency will come up and trying to set up something under stress is not a good plan.
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thanks for the advice you guys
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I haven't used a cat motel or hotel lately, but have when I exhibited in cat shows. It's somewhat risky leaving a cat alone in a hotel or motel room. Sometimes the cleaning staff leave the door open while they're cleaning and a cat could be spooked and run out. I remember an incident that happened with another exhibitor friend who was showing a kitten and stayed in a motel. Apparently there was a hole under the sink, and the show kitten crawled into it and could not be found or rescued. Very sad! I've also heard of cats managing to get inside a mattress. From then on I always did a thorough check of the room for any problems where a cat could hide. After my breeding/show days were over, I've always had a good friend who's knowledgeable about cats or professional pet sitter, especially to recognize a health problem. "Sitter" comes in twice a day to feed the cats, scoop litter, play with them, and the cats are happy and have always liked the "sitter". The sitter comes to visit beforehand so cats are familiar with the person.

Most cats do better in their own home than to travel,as they feel safest and comfortable in their own territory.

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i think she would be ok soon as i can find a vet in my area that will board cats she is pretty fearless from what i observed on her first vet visit wanting to explore the examination room soon as her carrier was opened groomers said the same thing when we took her to get her nails done basicly its gona come down to who i can feel able to trust with my kid hehe
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Old 09-21-2018, 06:57 AM
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Personally I prefer *not* to board my animal with a vet as that is where sick animals go to stay for treatment. A boarding kennel will be more likely to have healthy animals, less chance of disease spread. That's why the shot records and all.

Your groomer may have good ideas about local kennels.
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that makes good sense what you say so then are there any so cal members in or kinda near the los angeles area that can recommend a good place that boards cats only that will take good care of my cat this is crazy the more i keep searching the more lost i am getting finding a place
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Whenever I need to travel, I am always thinking about 2 choices, pet sitter (which is my neighbour) or the cat hotel. Either of that choice makes me less stress thinking about my cat. Let say if I want to bring my cat to travel, a lot of things need to be considered, the first crucial thing, boarding the aeroplane, so many problems need to sort it out.
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We have 2 cats, a Burmese and a Tonkinese and they have both traveled a lot with us, but only by car. Since we are enroute to a final destination, they are only in a hotel room one night and weíre back on the road the next morning. They do great. But I think they prefer to stay home. We have been gone a week or longer leaving them at home with a sitter to come in to feed, water, clean litter box and have play time. If we are gone a few days we have a neighbor who will come in. We were just gone for an overnight and home by 9:00 the next night and they were here alone. We put out double the food, double the water and double the litter. One water was still full, one dish of food was still almost full. They greeted us at the door when we returned and were fine,

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