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I have read sveral threads now on the subject, and I have tried everything. My Kiko is very aggressive. Now when it's bedtime he'll play a little , but then he'll lay down by my head and go to sleep purring, and snoring Also when its feeding time he's a little angel. I can pet him and he just purrs. When he is sleeping I can pet him and he purrs. He even rubs against my legs when I'm in the kitchen(want food, eats like a pig). But any other time he bites and bites hard if you pet him. Mind you he is purring whgils he is doing it so he thinks it's playful. He doesn't care how many times you make your hand go limp and take it away. He'll go for your feet. I have scratches on my legs, arms and fingers. I know he loves me, I can't leave a room without him coming. I have even tried blowing a short burst of air at him and saying "no" really sharp. He runs for a minute, but comes right back. He thinks it's funny. What can I do? or will he grow out of it? He's between 15 and 18 weeks right now.
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how long has he been with you?
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since he was big enough to fit in my jacket pocket. He was abandoned and was really really tiny when we got him.
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OK, well, that eliminates reinforcement from a previous home.

I guess I don't really have any good advice; the only things I've used are the behavior modification tactics you described as having tried. The only thing I can add is that they have to be used absolutely consistently to be effective, and over a period of time.

We'll both have to wait to see if someone else here comes up with another suggestion, and then we'll both learn from them.

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Tom Cat
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My Jack used to do this kind of thing too. I got him when he was about 6 months. My God he was a pain. I had scratches bite marks everything all over my hands for a long time. At least til he was about a year. Seems like he stopped after he was fixed. But he did the biting, pushing his head in mine when i would sleep... he would even bite my hair and pull!!! I couldnt get up in the morning either unless i had slippers on or he'd be dropping in front of me going for my toes!! But he got over it. I got tired of him doing this though and would ignore him, move away, i even had to lock him out of the bed until he got the hint. Now he sleeps on the floor near my bed, and he very rarely bites. Or only when my bf is playing with him! I say ignore him, and just move away from him when he does it. Good Luck
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Thanks so much both of you. I feel better that he'll probably stop. I have started to ignore him. I figure he'll get the idea eventually that I wont play if he bites. Can they be fixed this young? I am very new to this and haven't really thought about how old he has to be. I know they have a certain day here at my Petco that there is a vet there just for that. I have noticed recently that he is a little too attached if you know what I mean to my daughters stuffed animals, one imparticular is his fav. He's quite protective over it...Thanks again ya'll..
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Cool Cat
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first of all, congrats on a new kitty

obvously, the first suggestion is to NEVER play with your hands with cats. Use toys, and ONLY toys. besides that, i really have no other suggestions. do you know if he was born to a wild mom? sometimes mom will teach them to be afraid of humans and bite

your animation of a white cat looks like my Marsh

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My kitty was neutered at 4 months and he came through it great. He's still a little rambunctous, but he has cut back on the bites.

Good luck with your kitty, I think he's trying to play and doesn't realize how rough he is.

Good luck!
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Angel the eldest cat used to play with me all the time biting and scratching at me. I always thought she was being agressive but My boyfriend and many others just told me she was teething and was also playing.. she still does occasionally but is fine now ... and our cat ashley doesnt even bite or scratch us she's a good lil innocent one that one.. or so she seems on the outside

I dont have an answer to your prob however.. sorry
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Cool Cat
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Yup, never ever use your hands or feet to play with the cat, or he'll grow up thinking that's okay.

The method I used with Assumpta (who was older and was a fear-biter) was to yowl like a cat, then physically turn my back on her and ignore her for a few minutes, like I was a littermate that she'd bitten too hard. The deliberate ignoring is what made the impact for her. She had good cat socialization and bad people skills, though...I don't know if it would work as well on a cat who wasn't pretty well-versed in inter-cat communications (like one separated from it's mom and siblings way too young). Might be worth a try, though.
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