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My cat's mad! :)

Hi all,

I'd really really appreciate some help with my lovely kitten/cat.

He's an indoor cat (at the moment, anyway) and is 6 months old. Due to personal reasons, he spends the day alone whilst I'm at work (this wasn't the plan, but things happened). When I get home, he's so loving and purring. but then the meows loudly just walking up and down the hallway. He was very recently neutered, and i was hoping this would calm him down!

He also bites. A lot. he'll let you stroke him etc., but when he's had enough, or he wants to play he bites. i've tried water but he thinks that's part of the game. But the worst thing is he bites my feet and ankles, and it's really painful. Once he starts, he just won't stop!

I've thought of a couple of reasons, and I'm sure the main one is that he's bored. I have no outdoor space, so if I let him out, he'd be out on the streets, and as I have a PVC door, I have no way of having a catflap. I've thought of getting another cat, but I'm worried that they won't get on.

ANY advice would be really really appreciated, as I spend most of my day worrying that he's not happy

Thanks in advance,
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I would not worry too much about the cat being lonely. Your kitty is probably sleeping throughout most of its time alone, which then results in he saving all his energy for when you come back home.
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If you worry about him being bored, leave the radio on for him when you're gone. I leave mine on NPR.
Also you can try one of those "cat babysitter" videos. They're just videos of birds, rodents, etc.
Make sure to leave him toys out too.
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The radio? I did that when he was first with me, but wasn't sure that'd make a difference. But I'll definitley do it now, thanks!

He always has TONS of toys to play with. He's spoilt rotten, really!
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Part of this is his age too...
When you are petting him....when he starts swishing and flicking his tail, STOP petting him and walk away on a positive note.
I got Da' Bord toy for my cats and I have been wearing them out at night before bedtime.....they love it and it is quieter at night now.
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Let us know how the radio works. I know it's worked for a few of my past kitties. May I also suggest (if you don't do this already that is) opening all window curtains & blinds for him to look outside. Raising them a bit too so that he can sit on the sill. Charlie is about the same age as your cat and *loves* when I leave him with foil balls and strings hanging from doorknobs. I change it up so that it's up to him to discover them.
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If he's biting after a petting session, he's becoming oversensitized, which to them is basically like "Ok that's too much". He should give you a signal, like tail swishing or wiggling a bit before you reach that point. If you see these things, stop and walk away. That way he knows that you are understanding his signals and you'll both be happy.

As for attacking ankles, if he won't stop, then grab a toy on a string (preferably Da' Bird) and use it to get his attention. Once you have his attention, play with him until he's worn out. Then use the toy at other times. After a while, he know that he should be playing with the toy and look for it instead of your body.
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Thanks all for the advice. I'll let you know how I get on!

Da'bord? Never heard of this - do you know where I can get it?

Toys instead of ankles. Hmm definitely approve of that one! I'll give it a go!

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Sorry about my typing....the toy is "Da' Bird".....
Some areas sell it at every pet store...
Where I live I could not find one so I ordered it online.
The toy is the coolest!
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Re: My cat's mad! :)

Your kitten is a normal kitten, doing normal things. Your issues are common ones that a lot of people go thru, so no worries there.

1. Meowing. Some cats just like to talk, and sounds like you have a talker.

2. Biting feet. This is common behavior for many kittens, and there are constant new posts on this issue. If people don't train them not to do that, they experience major pain when they grow up. Luckily, he's only 6 mths old, so you can train him easier.

Your feet and/or hands are excellent cat toys. Make sure you have a toy handy to distract him as he's moving for your feet. When he latches on, do not move, be very still, and let out a high-pitched scream directed at him. The first few times his ears will go back, and he may stop but not let go. If you try shaking him off, he'll think you're playing, and it'll encourage him. More short screams and he should finally understand that he's hurting you.

It may take several months of consistent training. Lots of patience needed. Or you may get lucky.

He may never outgrow the behavior completely. Sometimes my Pixie can't help herself, and she will launch at hubby's feet, but never mine. She only understood that she hurt MY feet, but didn't associate it with ALL feet. Hubby never screamed (too girly), but if he's very still, and says OUCH, her ears go back, and she'll stop.

3. Needs playtime. He does sound bored, and needs interactive play with YOU. He can have all the toys you want, but if they're not interesting to him, they're useless. He'll enjoy chasing things you drag along the floor, or fly above him. Da Bird is excellent.

4. Biting after too much petting: already lots of other good replies.
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