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Vet / cat carrier trauma; ok to carry them in by hand?

On monday, I had a 6 month check up for my two cats. While I was carrying them in their carriers, I slipped on an icy sidewalk. I dropped both cages and actually landed on one of them. The cat inside that cage was already quite tense, and proceeded to make some very gutteral horrible noises.

She seemed to calm down a bit, but while being examined by the vet she was extremely difficult for them. She would try to bite them and was hissing. She would struggle a lot if they tried to do anything. They couldn't even get her out of the carrier for a while. She didn't even leave to use the litterbox.

She's back home now, and seems fine. She even sleeps in the other carrier (but not the one I fell on for SOME reason).

Obviously I don't fall on their carriers often, but I was thinking about some alternate ways to take them to the vet. I see a lot of people carrying their cats in. Is there a downside to that other than the cat possibly running off? What about a harness and leash?

My main goal is to try to make the trips as carefree as possible, and I expect that the cat I fell on is really afraid of the vet and being locked in the carrier now.

I would also consider mild sedatives, and in fact the vet suggested that we could try them if she has trouble the next time as well.
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I personally would not carry a cat in by hand....if they get spooked on the ride. You may get pee'd on.
I hope you asked your vet office to ice down their sidewalks better!
I am glad that you or your cats did not get serously injured.

I think after some time kitty should be fine....if it makes you feel better,
you could try the sedative before you put her in her carrier.
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Glad that y'all weren't hurt, yikes!

I have taken Charlie to the vet before without a carrier and he did fine, but not every cat is as comfortable traveling & around dogs as he is. I use a carrier now, simply because it is easier in case something excites him while in the waiting room. He tends to get anxious waiting all of that time. I think your cat will be fine, just give it some time. Some cats never enjoy the carrier. I remember having to fight some of mine tooth and nail to get them into their cages. Hopefully she'll feel safer around it as time passes.
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The first time I took Tasha to the vet I couldn't get her in the carrier. My lack of experience was the problem. I had to carry her to the car and then into the vet. Tasha is a very small cat, but the strength of her trying to get away was amazing. I had to cling onto to her for dear life because she wanted to get loose. I will never do that again, I almost lost her! I don't think many cats like carriers, it is just a part of life! I took my 2 girls in the carrier to our parents to break the association of VET-CARRIER. It didn't help at all. They still get stressed in a carrier.
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The other thing is, if there is a dog in the waiting area, that could spell big trouble!
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Assumpta HATES the carrier. If she even hears one of us in the cellar getting it out, she vanishes. I have to restrain her while my husband brings the carrier upstairs...he opens it and holds it at floor level before he opens the cellar door, so that I can just zip her in and lock it as soon as the door opens. Otherwise she starts to fight, and develops 427 extra paws to hold onto the edges of the carrier door and 263 extra teeth, all aiming for my wrists.

The crying is intense, and I hate me for being such a mean, cruel person every time we go to the vet. (mental note: ask vet about doing routine stuff as house calls)

But I would not take her out of the house any other way, and she gets over it about 10 minutes after she gets home...just think of this: what might have happened had you been carrying the cats in your arms when you fell, and not in carriers.
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I agree, I wince when I see people carrying their cats into the waiting room, and I hate it when people don't have cats in carriers in cars. If you slipped on ice and dropped the cat carrier, what if you slipped on ice with your cat in your arms? Would you hold on if she got frightened and bit you? Its sad thats she's had such a traumatic experience, but a secure cat carrier really is the only safe way to take your cat anywhere.

Good Luck, Ems x
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You'd probably be all right hand-carrying the cat in, so long as someone else is driving, and all the car windows are closed, and the cat doesn't spook while you're between the car and the vet's office. Lots of ifs have to go just right.

Your cat was traumatized by the unfortunate fall. I hope you're both all right! Cats are pretty tough. After she gets over her stress, try to reintroduce her to her carrier before the next trip to the vet.
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Oh, the indignity of falling on ice! I did it last night (empty handed) and it's so embarassing.

The first few times I took Tiger to the vet there was no one in the waiting room. Tiger bawled about being in his carrier and didn't like going around corners in the car - and we're only a mile from the vet! So... the next time I went to the vet I let Tiger sit on the front seat looking out the window, he loved that! Well, once inside there were 2 dogs and a cat in the waiting room. He was ok in my arms, but it was a bit of a wait. I've decided we'll just use the carrier from now on. He was very curious about the dogs and big Tabby cat since he hadn't seen them before.

I know it's hard when they cry, but you have to remember that you're doing this for their SAFETY! My kids didn't always want to be in their child seats or seatbelts, but there was NO OPTION. It's not worth letting one you love get hurt, babies or furrbabies.
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I bring Belfour in on a leash. Sometimes he goes in with no leash, but Belfour is a very calm cat & we have never had a problem. Usually though its with a leash/harness.
You could try wrapping her up in a towel if she doesn't like leashes, then it would be harder for her to squirm away. Glad you weren't hurt when you fell
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