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Very stressed, unsure what to do (long)

OK, first of all I would like to say this is my first posting on this board. I came across it trying to find out what to do for my poor kitty... I feel so bad for her. I actually have multiple problems, but I want the main one addressed ASAP. First a little background on my precious, Belle.

Belle is a spayed/declawed American domestic shorthair. All 2 years of her life, she has been the lone cat of the household. Well... I moved in with a cat person. In this new house, 5 other cats live. The cats range in age from 2 years to just 1 year old. Anyway... all 5 resident cats were removed from the new home for a period of 2 weeks while I moved in. During this time, Belle had the run of the house, getting used to the smells and what not. Well, as soon as the 5 resident cats were brought in, all **** broke loose. Turns out the resident cats picked up flees and ear mites (any hints on getting rid of these?). Belle flipped out, avoiding and hissing at ALL the other cats. The other cats ignore Belle, save for the youngest male, Toby. He is un-neutered (but going to get fixed next month) and one year old. Toby attacks Belle, and all the other cats since Belle arrived. I find this distressing because Toby is not declawed. I have found blood from my cat matting her fur. Belle spends all of her time hiding under things or in corners, with Toby just laying nearby keeping her trapped. Belle is not eating, drinking, or using the litterbox except when I am near, keeping Toby away. Also, all the other cats (3 females and 1 male) are fixed. ALL the cats will be declawed (laser declaw) as soon as we can afford it. After a week of not eating, drinking, whatever... I had enough. I locked Belle in a spare bedroom by herself with food, water, and litterbox. I need to know what to do for my poor kitty so she is not killed, either by Toby or by the stress. Thanks for any replies!

Just as a side note, all the cats are DEFINATELY getting declawed. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. They are all perminant inside cats. Please don't waste your time trying to sway me otherwise (I have seen other boards before where cat lovers are anti-declaw and forcefully push their agenda on others. Please don't.)
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First you must understand that this group is Anti-declaw. I will be nice, but I can't promise what others will say. Perhaps keeping your stance on this to yourself will keep arguments from happening. This forum is very helpful, but people here will tell you if you are doing something they don't think is in the best interest of the cats.
And second, as far as the social aspect goes, there is a proper way to intro cats to keep peace.
This article will show you how to do a cat-to-cat intro the best possible way. It takes time. And lots of patience. Especially since they have already met each other.

While on the little big cat site, check out the Spirit Essence page. They really do help, I've used them. Completely organic, they won't harm your cat in any way.
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Ok, you're definately de-clawing. Just one thing, being indoor cats is the lamest excuse I've ever heard.

Now to address your issue.
Because the owner of the problem cat has waited soo long to neuter this cat, the problem has a 50/50 chance of going away. Right now, I'd confine your cat in a room where the other cats have no access too. This is what should have been done to begin with. Keep her in there and let her get used to the other cats through the door, that way neither can harm the other one. And you're cat can eat, drink and potty in peace. Keep this up for a bit then SLOWLY reintroduce the cats, preferably after the Tom-cat is fixed.

Fleas can be treated with numerous meds, but the one you should NEVER use is the over the counter Hartz, this can kill your cats. Get Revolution, Frontline or Advantage from your vet. This can be very expensive, but if they are mostly indoors, just get enough for 2 months for each of them and they should go away after that. I think Revolution is the one that also treats Ear-mites so ask for that one.. Or just ask for the flea-medicine that also treats ear-mites and be prepared for when they ask for EACH cats weight.

Hope this helps you!
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I don't know....I despair....I really should only post when I have something positive to offer, but maybe this is a good lesson to others....someone with apparently good motives does everything a## backwards and really screws up the situation because they didn't research it first to find out how it should be done, then the consequences fall upon poor innocent victims. Sorry, gang, maybe I'll come back to this when I have something better to say. Gotta sleep on it.
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Re: declawing. We are an anti-declaw forum, and it's not an "agenda" we're "pushing". You're having behavior issues now, what happens if you have additional issues arising from the declaws? But I'll stop there, since it's pointless.

Re: fleas and ear mites. Revolution is an excellent all-spectrum treatment for both, and 3 different worms.

Re: introductions. Throwing them all together is a certain recipe for disaster, and may be difficult to undo. You can still re-introduce them all properly. Separating your girl is a good start. Then read the links other members have given above on proper introductions. Patience is the key here; it could take months to get to even a civil household. You're not going to get results ASAP.
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I'm with Tim. The whole situation was approached all wrong, and now these poor cats have to be mutilated because of mistakes their caretakers, providers, and "protectors" made. I can't see straight to answer at the moment...

If you're asking for help, you have to be willing to correct these mistakes and do what's best for the cats. All of them.
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Warbird69....I believe that you meant well in giving your cat 2 weeks in the house alone. She got to smell the other animals but face to face introduction is another story. You just threw 5 other cats in the house all at once. Oh Boy! I feel for your kitty!
You did the correct thing by putting her in the spare room with her litter, food and water.....please please keep her there!!!
I would let her stay in there as long as she wants to.
Even if that means 2, 4 or 6 months.
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There is some serious territoriality going on here, and it is perfectly normal. The cats are not being "bad" or "mean". Please check out that article Celebsilmare posted.
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From someone with a declawed cat, I would advise against it. There are other ways of handling situations with scratching. I have a 10 year old declawed male, neutered. He can be a handful and I really do think that because he was declawed as a young guy that it is causing some of the issues I have had with him. It's just not worth it. I am against it now.

As for all else, these guys give great advice, and they're so right about the whole introduction thing. Good luck. Trust in this site, its' a good one.
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Thanks for all the insight. I'm sure all parties involved will appreciate the help in this turbulent time.

For the flea problem: how do we go about getting rid of the fleas that are NOT living on our cats once the Revolution has been administered? I hear the flea bombs don't work all that well...

For the declaw: I think it was said best when it was stated my decision has been made on this issue, and it would be best not to bring it up again. I agree with this.

For the introductions... I suppose I will have to introduce each cat one at a time... probably going to be a VERY long process. I may move Belle to my own bedroom to keep an eye on her, eventhough I am VERY allergic to cats. I am taking shots weekly so I can spend more than an hour around the kitties without having an asthma attack. They seem to be helping somewhat. The blanket method (rubbing a cat with a blanket then putting the blanket with Belle) will probably work best, due to the bedrooms being in a higher traffic area. I just hope the tramatic meetings doesn't make a large, perminant impact.
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