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Everything is Terrible!! Update*Test results*

I think I might have to say goodbye to my Bugs. I hope I can get through this post. I don't know where to start but for those who know what happened to Bugs on that "one bad vet" day, you know what a roller coaster ride it's been. Well, about 6 weeks ago, I thought he had inhaled a piece of catnip from one of those cardboard scratchers. It was brand new and I put a bunch of nip on it, and he started having sneezing fits and shaking his head. This went on for about 4 days. My vet went on vacation the day this happened and I didn't know what to do but wait it out the week. Anyways, when I took him in (when vet returned) the Dr couldn't see anything and Bugs wasn't having sneezing fits anymore, but an occasional sneeze. Three days ago Bugs made this sneeze/cough noise in the middle of the night and is doing it quite often now. Of course this had to happen on a weekend so the soonest i can get in is tuesday[that's today, I just noticed it's 2:20am]. But already Bugs is lethargic, doesn't want to be petted, and tries to rub his face on the brush but when it gets to his throat he does that s/c thing. He has always had noisy night breathing, but not like now. He squits one eye and it kinda looks sunk back.
Now the worst part is this town of about 650,000 doesn't have a single specialist!! No CT, no MRI's, not even an Endoscope. I would have to travel over 250 miles and, in addition there is a 2-3 hour delay over the grapevine due to slides. It could be cleaned up by the time I got an appointment through a referrall by my vet Not to mention MONEY. lots of it!

On Aug 1 of last year Bug's original vet called to tell me labwork results. All excelent and the last comment was "Everything looks very good, we should all be so lucky at his age." We laughed, cause he was around 80 while we're around 50. She was retireing. On my birthday, sept 15 of last year, Bugs suffered injury at the hands of another vet. Now everything is different and difficult.

It's hard enough when your family member is old, sick, tired and near the rainbow. And you know that there will have to be a decsion made, but you also know you've been blessed for having known each other for so many good years. Giving the best of what you knew how was never an option, you just did it. And, you know when there is nothing more you can do to make things better, so you give peace to your friend.
But, how am I to feel about having to put Bug's to rest when I could'nt provide what was medically needed after what someone, who's supposed to be doing what's best, didn't.

If, anyone can help me think of things to ask my vet concerning test, specialist and/or risk of stress, trauma etc. I really am having a hard time even thinking and want to make sure I do what's right. For both of us.
My mother and my daughter are going with me, I could not handle this alone.
Thanks for all the support, then and now,

Oh my gosh, I just read that the grapevine is going to be down to one lane[normally 6] for up to 10 days!! I might as well consider going to UC Davis.
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Darling, I am so sorry. Everytime I read one of your posts my heart just aches in good ways and in bad ways.

Bug's might have an Upper Resp. Infection. Just as we get old and our immune system weakens, our kitties immune system is not as strong either. Is he eating? Drinking? I know that this has been a very difficult time for you and Bugs, and you both are in my thoughts daily.

Possibly an allergy of sorts, I am not sure. All I know is the love between you and Bugs is a beautiful thing. *hug*
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I am very sorry.
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I'm so sorry to hear of this difficult time for you. It's not ever easy at making decisions like this. Its heart wrenching to see your Bugs going through what he is going through. He is soooo loved by you. My thoughts are with you at this time. I'm hoping by some slim chance it might be an allergy as Puma mentioned.
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You know, I just don't know what to think or ask the vet to do. This morning Bugs wanted to play. He doesn't look that great, offbalance, stairing at walls, and looks very uncomfortable like he has a headache. But, still, he wants to play. And, he's eating, drinking, pooping, and no fever. He can't tell which way my voice comes from and he has zero side vision. So last night I got a stool sample and this mornig I got a urine sample(straight from the source). I've never done that before but he didn't seem to mind. What should i ask the vet to do, if anything, else? How is a viral/bac/fung test done? I go to the vet in 2 1/2 hours.

How can I weigh the good bad and ugly with symptoms such as these?
Also, I this morning he couldn't say good morning in his usual voice. Still having rough breathing. Can an allergy teast be done?
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Can anybody tell me who I can call without having to sit on the phone for 30 minutes? I need to know where the specialty vets are located in califonia and can't sit on hold that long. Maybe someone knows of a web site that will tell me.
Got to go get ready as Bugs already sencses my anxiety and knows there's only one reason for this feeling to be in the air . Time to hide! I'll check back in a bit.
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I am so sorry about all of this pain you and your little bugs is going through.
I only know that you can go to google.com and type in the search engine "_________veterinary specialist" in the blank area type in your city. This will help you find the ones closest to you.
411.com maybe as well.

Good luck to you and many hugs.
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I just got back from the vet. He drew blood and did all the things a veterinarian does within his limit. There is some degree of discomfort (probable cause for choking sounds and sneezes) on the right side of Bugs neck, but no way of being able to tell what it is without more advanced technology. So, He is giving me a referral for a specialist in LA to do an MRI, providing nothing in his lab results would prevent it. He doesn't believe that what ever is adjitating Bugs throat is anything that will worsen at a critical rate. Nothing, outside of the neurological damaged done from what caused the vestibular disorder(bad vet)is abnormal. No fluid in lungs, heart rate and everything else looks normal. Well yeah, yeah, yeah, and yeah and yeah again for that.
So, I'm back to dealing with acceptance to what happened to Bugs that made him this way...and I'm doing that. Not easy, but I am. Just please, please let nothing go wrong anymore and when the MRI results come in, hopefully there will be answers that I can do something about.
There's no infection to worry about and he's not chocking to death even if it sounds like it. OK

Ihave always loved, and i mean really loved roller coasters. The faster and wilder the better. But this one is the one that got me beat up and battered blue.

So, you know what I'm gonna do? Go get me a camera and learn to use it so I can show off my favorite guy
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Good for you, Susan, you're a trooper!
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I admire you for your strength!
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