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Cat jumping on table when not at home...

Reeses (my 8 month old cat) is well-behaved normally. However, when I'm not at home, she will get on top of my couch via jumping on my end tables that are on either side of the couch. She sometimes gets down by the same method.

This is bad because she shouldn't be on any kind of surface where I keep cups, things, etc., but worse is lately she's been knocking down my lamp on the end table, which is hitting the wall and scratching the paint, not to mention damaging the lamp shade.

I don't know how to prevent her from doing this. She is my first cat (pet at that), but nothing I can logically think of would deter her. Help?

Thank you,
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Stuart - welcome to the forum!!

I hate to say this, but the chances of you preventing this without going to obscenely extreme lengths are virtually nil. There are things you can do to deter cats from going places you don't want them to go, but if they're determined they will anyway. And these things get in the way of you having free and easy access to those places, also. My advice to you is to put away the things your cat is likely to disturb and get a heavier lamp that can't be tipped over as easily. I only have one table lamp in my house--it's on top of a chest, and it's been knocked over several times. All my other lamps are floor lamps.

Cats like to get up off the floor. One thing you can do is to provide a more attractive thing for her to get up on ... some kind of cat tree or platform that she can jump up on or climb. And it has to be located somewhere she likes to be. This won't prevent climbing on furniture, table, counters, etc., but should reduce it.

Sorry, I wish I had an easy solution, but some concessions need to be made to living with a cat, especially an active young cat like yours. They are so much fun to have around and enrich our lives so much that I really think the minor sacrifices are worth it.

Let us know how it goes, tell us your funny stories, and post some photos!
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Was afraid of this, but you did offer a couple things that I might be able to try at least. Thanks. And I'll try to post some pics of her up. Here's one for starters - I hope it's not against the forum rules to place a pic embedded in this message. I did some basic looking around and couldn't find that it was.

Yes, she's yawning.

Oh, and here's a CUTE, short video of her (copy and paste into your browser) that is only 1.2 MB in size. Codec is DivX, can be downloaded free from

If anyone sees the video and wants to comment on how cute she is, feel free. I guess I'm proud of my kitty like everyone else, lol.

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She is beautiful. I could'nt see the video but I could hear her talking to you in cute.

To prevent her from jumping on the end tables you could try putting down cardboard over the end tables with double sided sticky tape over the top of it. She won't like the sticky feeling on her feet. After a leaving it there for a while you may be able to remove it permantly and she may not bother trying to climb on them anymore. I'm not sure this will work because I have'nt tried it but I know mine don't like the sticky tape as I've used it on my couch before. You can also try the Ssscat spray would need one for each table though. The can will give a warning beep and then will spray a blast of air. I agree with the other poster on giving her alternative things to climb up on such as a floor to ceiling cat tree...mine love them. Good luck.
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That idea is worth trying, too. Thank you! So far, I'm digging this Cat Forum. What a nice place!

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We're ALL proud of our kitties here, Stuart! You and yours will fit right in!

You can try the deterrents. They may work for you. I've tried them all, and found that they work for a while, but eventually the cat gets used to them. And what use is the table to you with sticky paws or aluminum foil all over it?

You can embed pics in posts. The video clip launch Windows Media Player on my computer, but there was no video. The AVI file type is associated with WMP on my machine, for whatever reason. Is DivX a WMP plug-in or a stand-alone player, can you tell me? Thanks...
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Cool Cat
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She's so cute (conformed tortie-lover here)...

IME, you can deter until you're blue in the face and your whole house is covered in sticky tape and tinfoil, and as soon as you leave, the cats will tap-dance across the counters singing "Me and my Shadow" and snickering at the humans.

If it's just those tables, I'd go ahead and try some of the deterrents and alternatives suggested, but I might also make sure to secure the table lamp somehow and make sure that breakables are out of reach, because cats are just sneaky that way, and they really don't have much concept of retail value. So in addition to attempting to teach her what's off-limits, definitely spend some time securing your valuables so that it has less chance of becoming an may be easier and less frustrating in the long run.
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This is where you go to download the DivX software. No spyware or adware or anything. I think everyone SHOULD be able to view the video. It's about 8 MB, so anyone on a 56k may not be inclined to get it, hehe.

A couple of pictures of Reeses around the time that I first got her - she was only about 3 months old:

I'm gonna stop now, I'm sure everyone has a lot of pics of their cats they could put up.

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Darling kitty! We all love to see cat pictures. I don't have any advice on the couch problem. Good luck. My Tiger has a Kitty Condo that sits right by the front window, when he sits on top he can look out the window. He really likes it. If you can make something his "home base" maybe he'll give up climbing on the tables.

Let us know how it goes!
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Ya .... Invest in a good cat tree!
Curious little thing!
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