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uggg...the meowing and meowing and meowing.

I have a cat (obviously) named CJ and every morning around the time my alarm goes off he begins to meow incesently. IT IS SO ANNOYING! He always starts at this time and never ever stops.

Most of the time he wants food. But some days he has enough food and he still continues to whine and moan all morning long for no apparent reason. I give him attention and he stops for a while but then goes right back to it.

CJ is a compulsive eater. He eats any time he is bored. It is actually quite sad. Our other cat, jada, does absolutely nothing like this. She is perfectly normal and has normal eating habits and everything.

Here are the problems:
1) Why does CJ constantly meow every morning with no end even though he sometimes has everything that he needs?
2) How can I get CJ to stop compulsively eating without punishing Jada by withholding food from both of them?
3) How can I change these behaviors?

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Cool Cat
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He probably meows because you're well-trained and he knows that it will get him what he wants (attention, food, whatever). I admit that I am not the person to give advice on how to keep your cat from waking you in the morning, because my wakeup call (paw up the nose) is between 5:30-6:00 AM, and I don't really mind it, so I've never discouraged it. Someone else may have a good idea, though...

However, with a compulsive eater in the house, your only option may be to switch both cats to timed feedings. It's far better for them healthwise than free-feeding anyhow. You may even need to separate them at feeding times, at least initially, to keep CJ from eating Jada's leftovers until Jada learns that the food will not be there 24/7. My cat (a former stray) is a binge eater, and will eat until she throws up and then eat some more (she ate her way from 8 to 14 pounds in just over 6 months by free-feeding). The only way to deal with it has been to give her two mealtimes per day and a light bedtime snack. Some cats just can't free-feed and will eat themselves into serious obesity (leaving them vulnerable to a variety of health problems).
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Re: uggg...the meowing and meowing and meowing.

Originally Posted by Doctazayas
She is perfectly normal
First I'd like to correct a common misconception and that is what "perfectly normal" is for a cat. The image of a cat as a quiet little creature that does nothing but silently lay about the house all day is false. Cats have a wide and diverse range of personalities, temperaments, preferences, behavior patterns, and every else just like humans. Your assumption that there is something wrong with your cat because he's always talking is incorrect. That's just the way he is. Get used to it.

That being said, you do have control over their food intake. That is one behavior you can modify, simply because you are the food source. Gudewife's advice on that is well taken.

And welcome to the forum!! Hang around and tell us your cat stories and post pics of your furballs. This is a great place for people who like cats.
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I have a cat that will all of a sudden start meowing. I put her in my lap and she meows more and loves up on me. I meow back, and we have a meow session. She seems to like it so I keep doing it. Most of the time when she does this I am in the kitchen near the front door....and I believe she thinks I am leaving her. Thus the meowing starts. After the meow session I check her litter, food, water.
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Cats have a bewitching hour, usually in the morning and in the evening. Gudewife makes a good point though about giving him what he wants everytime he does this. Just because a cat meows doesn't mean it wants food.

The best way to break this habbit is either to ignore the meowing or possibly have a good play session with him, sounds to me like he just might want to play.

The over eating thing can be solved with a set time they get fed. Your other cat would benefit from this as well, even though she may not over eat.
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I don't know, it seems as though getting up to feed him or play with him is just reinforcing the behavior. The cat knows that if he meows and meows and meows long enough, eventually he will get what he wants, attention. As hard and ANNOYING as it may be, I would say just ignore him. Don't get up, don't call back to him, don't even make eye contact with him. I know it's easier said than done, but it's definitely worth a try. You may want to keep a fan in your room or something to drown out the sound of incessant meowing.
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Some cats just like the sound of their voice. Mine does that too and he has everything he needs! I am afraid there is nothing to do..
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