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Arg! I'm so tired of this!

I've had a large amount of cats, more then my fair share. But even I can get fed up!

I have a cat with emotional issues, anxiety/depression, him and his sister are about 5 years old now, and the remaining cat is about 3 years.

For SOME crazy reason, he's taken to peeing on things again. And of course, if I don't immediatly clean it up (which I'm not always there) the other cats will come across it and think "Oh, this smells like pee, this must be a new litter box! Of course whatever they are using, is highly non absorbent *at least compaired to litter), so when they are done "covering it up" they have pee/poo all over their paws, and then walk all over my house with that, spreading it further!

So I've taken to putting them in our large bathroom, while we are asleep, or when all of us are gone out of the house. Normally this works, helps get my trouble making cat back on track, and then he's good for quiet a while.
But this time, he's just peeing on the floor as well, or my towels that he pulls down from the side of the sink, or hanging up. He DOES use his box too, but he'll pee on other things, and the floor right in front of it.
I put 3 litter boxes in that room last week, and he's still doing it! It's clean, it's bleached, it's Natured Miracled. It's swept and mopped every other day! And the litter boxes are completely emptied every other day as well.

So this morning, I go in to let them out to feed them their breakfast, and they have pee'd on the floor again right in front of one of the boxes, they have also RUINED their $50.00 water fountain. They pulled down a bunch of towels I had hanging up over the shower curtain, It was FAR away from any place they could have reached them, they must have jumped or something, I don't even know! And they all landed right in their water fountain, now the motor is completely dead.

So... I've put them back in the bathroom, and later today I'm going out to buy some more litter, I have a 30G rubber maid bin, and I'm going to fill it HALF FULL, if that darn thing is not ENOUGH, doesn't absorbe well enough, then just... dang nabit!

I don't have money for a $50 fountain again, and I certainly don't want to spend $25.00 on good/expensive litter every week.
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Sorry you're going thorugh all this AngelZoo..I don't know very well what to tell you except that don't leave hanging things around kitties..most cats tend to play (and drag, whatever) things like draped clothing.
Don't assume that you can put them in a room, close the door and the cat will behave.
I'm learning thanks to 2 kitties that are a true terror (at least compared to
the other cat I have) They have dug holes in the basement walls & behind shelves, pulled out insulation, drank soapy water from the washer drain, tried to eat caulk and thumbtacks ..& I thought living in an old house_kittenproofed & with kitties toys_ was good for them, HA! they sure keep me on my toes, paranoid and broke..though for the kitty kind of punishment I'm a glutton
Back to yours, this is not your depressed cat but the youngest one? There could be a medical reason for his peeing all over the place, how long has he been with you? ( could be stress too) My cat Madam used to 'miss/mistake' any spot on the floor for a litterbox when I brought her home from the shelter but she got it over after some weeks or so..she still does it after a visit to the vet sometimes.
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If he was doing fine and then the behavior changed all of a sudden, then something has changed from his perspective. Look around....from his point of view. Has there been a slight schedule change, new something in the house, anything? Sounds like you did a great job getting the initial issues under control, but something has occured to upset his balance. Could be something as innocuous playing a radio or TV slightly louder than normal.
Good Luck!!

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"Ever tried to herd cats?"
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Well they've certainly never bothered to pull down towels before, they are trouble makers like all cats can be, but certainly never really ill mannered. I'm just not going to leave any towels out at all until this problem is fixed for now.
This is a matter of a behavioral improper elimination, and it's a well known fact *or at least it should be* that putting a kitty in a room with nothing but toys, litter box and food/water can help them, readjust, or remind them to use their litter box, for their business. Myself and others have used this. Generally it works well except for this one time.
I've had to do it with him, on and off about 3 times through out his life.
Asim is the one with the behavioral issues, he is 5 years old, and I've had him since he was 4 months. He always gets his regular check ups, and goes in whenever anything is wrong etc, this is how I know that his problem is indeed behavioral.

Spike: I also figure that is what the problem is, this time, as well as in past occasions. But for the life of me, I just can't not figure out what's caused it this time! We've been living in this new house since Sept. And nothing has really changed, he started doing this about 10 days ago or so, and nothing has been different before, or since then.
I feed them, I work, I come home, I sit around with them, I feed them, sit around with them some more, and then we all go to bed.
I can say, that lately, specially the past few days, he has been glaring at us A LOT.

Well I put that rubbermaid thing in there, filled it with like 23 pounds of Arm n' Hammer litter (one that they've always used and liked before), put another smaller litter box in a corner, filled with this grass/wheat pellet stuff, put an airfilter in another corner, with their water fountain in front of it *I got it working thank goodness!*, Another litter box, tilted on it's side with the trash can infront of it, in the other corner... Took out the drain plug from the bath tub, so hopefully the majority of any pee in they do in there will just go down the drain. Wrapped up the shower curtain, so they won't be tempted to play with that. Scattered some toys around...

This is of course after cleaning EVERYTHING again.. 3 feet up the walls, floor, counter tops, sides of the vanity, and sides of the tub. *sigh*.

Took em outside to give them a good brushing, calm them down, they all really seemed to enjoy that.
So... we'll see!
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Just going to throw out an idea...have you changed laundry soap recently? I use the very unscented, no-dye stuff, and the one time I had to buy some normal soap at the laundromat (ran out of my usual stuff there), Assumpta actually hissed at the clean laundry. Got a different perfume? Car air freshener? New people at work who wear too much cologne? Just grasping at straws here...
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Gude: Nope to all that you mentioned. I almost never wear perfume *unless deoterant counts lol* and I use Hepa Filters for my "air fresheners".

We went away for like 4 days around thanksgiving, and had someone watch them, then we went away for like 5 days around christmas. He was his normal pissy Asim self when I'm gone this long, but nothing quiet like this.
He'll act up after about 24 hours of us being gone, THAT is normal. But with us home, and nothing changed.... :/
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