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Cat problems

Hi all, this is my first post here. I have a cat who over the last few months started going to the bathroom around the liter box instead of inside of it. I thought she was just being more fussy about its cleanliness and started cleaning the liter box more often, it still didn't help. Given that the liter box was over 20 years old, I bought her a brand new and larger one. She started using it right away, but has since stopped. She occasinoally uses it, she occasionally goes on the floor around it or in the next room. I don't think it has anything to do with cleanliness as I cleaned her litter box last night and then she went on the floor right afterwards.

My cat is approximatelly 19 years old (human years). Honestly, you would never be able to tell that from looking at her is she is really small & skinny and very very agile, most people think that she is a kitten. She has always been an indoor/outdoor cat but last summer she was attacked by an animal(s) really badly and we have kept her inside since. She does not really exhibit any signs of old age, other than this problem over the past few months and she also seems to have a loud belowing meow that she randomly does a few times a week (again this just started recently - its almost as if she's acting like a bullfrog and does about 5-6 deep meows occasionally...its weird!).

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Although i have no idea why your cat is making that noise....she may be going slightly senile when it comes to going to the bathroom in the correct place. Just slightly forgetful. I am quite sure that this is more related to her age than anything else...but you might want to get your vet to take a urine sample from to her rule out any infections. The only reason that i even slightly suspect this is because of the noises that you say she makes...but i'm not a vet (yet) so i am really not sure. Keep your eye on her in the near future and see how it goes...if you are increasingly concerned then i suggest you see what your vet has to say.
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Steph, thanks for the suggestion. I think your right, that she might be going Senile, as I don't think its a urinary infection. She doesn't seem to have any problems going to the bathroom (and its both urine and poop), it just looks like she's off target.

The belowing meow noise she makes (like right now) is weird also - as if she's crying out for someone. She only does it when she's alone and stops when you call her name.
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As to the yelling, our last cat was always a big talker and would always yell on occasion. For instance, when my wife and I were in opposite ends of the house and she couldn't be with both of us, she would get in the middle and scream.

However, after we moved to a larger house, which she for the most part loved, she developed as issue more like you are describing. We could be in bed and all of a sudden hear her yelling in the living room. Its as if she forgot where we were and it was much easier to yell than to search. As soon as we called her name, she would come running.
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I have read several times that older cats dont want to make the effort to climb into the box....can you make a ramp for it. Or lower it right into the floor? So it would be level?
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Cool Cat
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Ditto what Dawn said about box height. It may simply be too hard to get in and out, try lower sides. Cats seldom show blatant signs of arthritis, but it can still pain them.

The crying could be a variety of things. If your cat hasn't had a recent geriatric screening, it may be a good idea, just to rule out hyperthyroidism, which is common in older cats and can cause nighttime crying. Also, diminished hearing can cause a cat to meow louder, just because they can't hear the difference. And sometimes an older cat can cry because of disorientation, either due to failing memory or eyesight and not recognizing their usual landmarks.
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I have already prepared my husband for this...
When and hopefully Mi'Mi' will live that long....
he will take an empty litter box ,
turn it upside down and trace it on the floor,
get the saw and cut a whole right in the floor.

So I can turn the box back the right way....
fill it with litter and place it in the now open hole!

There you have it....solution!
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Thanks for the advice.

Regarding the "yelling"/meowing, its not much of an annoyance and usually only happens once everyday or every two days - I was just wondering about it.

Regarding the bathroom / litterbox problems, it is really getting out of control! I'm guessing it does have something to do with the height of the litter box itself, which is weird as the old one was really shallow (the new one I bought her is much deeper). But she always seems to go within 10' of it, so she knows where to go, she just doesn't use it. Also, she seems to be fine jumping up on the counter and as frisky as ever.....but just doesn't "climp" into the box.
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