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Musical Christmas Cards

Hi all, I'm new here... I have three cats... the oldest (A-mi (chinese name)) - a male garfield-ish cat (fat, a little fluffy, orange with a different shade of orange for stripes)... the middle (Kitty) - a female siamese that was sick at birth and hence is still a little small, and hair is a little longer than the standard siamese i've seen... and the little one (Mini) - a short haired female with the same-ish colours as my oldest cat, we picked her up off the street as it appeared that she didn't have a mother looking after her (eyes were all gunked up and she just sat in the middle of the road mewing - couldn't see anything)..

Anyways, I wanted to ask about some strange behaviour with one of my cats~ the oldest cat is a '2nd hand cat' - in other words, had a previous owner who dumped him... he was picked up and taken to a pet store to be given away.. he is a nice cat, quiet and loves petting.. though he occasionally plays... he will meow if he sees a mosquito in the room...

what i'm curious is though.. i received a musical christmas card last xmas.. and i was just putting the cards away today, and when i played the musical one, A-mi started meowing. he would meow, stop then meow again... it doesn't seem to be related to any particular point in the music... he also seems to switch between cautious and excited....

any ideas???

PS. as a side question - instead of starting a new thread... is it normal for cats to have a fetish for plastic? they always want to eat plastic wrappers and the siamese LOVES straws...
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Cool Cat
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Sorry for laughing, but it's such a vivid mental image of the cat that I can just see it. I'm betting he was wondering why something that looked like a plain old familiar piece of paper was making such odd noises. Assumpta did the same thing with a music box...when I wound it up and it started playing, she sat there staring at it with such a puzzled look, and every once in a while, she'd reach out and lightly touch it with her paw. As it wound down and got slower and slower, her nose got closer and closer, and when it finally stopped, she meowed (and I swear to you, she meowed in a snide manner), scratched around it as if to bury it, then walked away with a dismissive paw-shake.

And yes, many cats love chewing plastic, I have to hide all of my plastic bags and doodads, or Assumpta will eat them. Once, she broke into a closet and chewed through a plastic bag full of raw wool that I had cleaned and carded. Wool everywhere. Her all-time favorite is the little plastic fortune-cookie packets from the takeaway Chinese restaurant. I'm really careful about disposing of them, but I still find them in the strangest places (behind the television, under the couch, next to the litterbox...). I can't even open the kitchen trash can while she's around, as she will stick her head right into the trash and yank out whatever plastic she can find so that I have to chase her through the house to get it back.
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but the strange thing is that the other two cats (both brought up by us from kittens) didn't care much... just the old cat kept meowing while the music was playing, then one more meow after it stopped...

oh, and another SMALL question:: is there any sites that have some kind of sample as to what different meows mean?? cos my little cat is very talkative...
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Cool Cat
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I don't think there's a clear way to distinguish the meaning of meows, because they're not as universal a method of communication between cats as body language. There are obvious things like hisses, growls, caterwauls, and the like, but those are vocalizations that cats also use between themselves to back up their body language.

Some breeds/types of cats (like Siamese) tend to be more talkative than others, and because mothers and kittens vocalize to each other, a cat with a talkative mom will grow up with a wider range of vocalizations than a kitten with a quiet or silent mom.

IME, a lot of cats develop their own individual "meow language" to communincate with their owners. Most owners of talkative cats have a pretty good idea of which meow is "feed me!" which one is "I don't feel good," and which one is simply "Hi, I'm here." When I work with shelter cats, they never meow at each other, but most meow at me, or at least give me a hiss/growl now and then. It's like they don't need artificial Meow Language in cat-to-cat communications, but for the not-so-bright human (me), they "dumb it down" a little so I can keep up.
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Tom Cat
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Gudewife, I love reading your posts. You are very, very funny and also very intelligent.

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