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New kitten having diarrhea

well i just finally got a new kitten today he is a 3 month old siamese/rag doll cross. When the lady came and brought him to me today he had bad diarrhea and is still having it and it is really smelly right now he is on whiska's wet cat food and whiska's cat milk. He came from a home where im not sure how long he was with them but they got rid of him because they couldn't deal with having two kittens, her fiancee and two kids so i think it maybe also stress and leaving his sister and all the comfort's of his old place. So how would i be able to make him stop having diarrhea or will his poop go back to normal after he get's use to us?
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Re: New kitten having diarrhea

Congratulations on getting a new kitten!

Stress will give a kitty the runs. So will a change in diet.
In any case, you should bring your new family member to a vet just to be certain it's nothing serious.

Kittens can quickly become dehydrated from having the runs.
You can mix some water in with his wet food to help with hydration, or gently squirt some water in his mouth using an eyedropper or syringe.

Also, you can give him a bath with warm water. Put just an inch of water in the sink for his bath, and use a fever thermometer to make his bath water 102ºF. Use no-tears baby soap, and shield his eyes. When done, be very careful not to let him get chilled; wrap him in a towel that you have warmed in the clothes dryer to dry him.

And, of course, pictures are an absolute necessity.

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Re: New kitten having diarrhea

Thank you he's a gorgeous half seal point siamese with blue eyes to die for mostly looks like a siamese then ragdoll.

The lady i got him from yesterday said the breeder's of the kitten's said they babied them to much and only fed them soft food and kitten milk. So should i start mixing some hard food with the wet since he tried to eat our older cat's food which is almost choked on. I will make an appointment for as soon as possible since it was really bad last night his diarrhea literally sprayed a bit onto my wall which i just wiped off not getting mad at him.

I will start giving him some water today from putting it in his food i always find it's harder to use an eye dropper since they move to much.

we were going to give him a bath yesterday but we thought it would be to stressful for him.

Also he likes to bite on our finger's and it hurt's quite a bit. Is that because he thinks i am playing with him?
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Re: New kitten having diarrhea

There's no need to add "hard" food to the diet. It will not help with the diarrhea. If it is diet related, a different wet food would be fine. Dry foods are worse for the overall health of your cat. The only reason you should consider feeding dry is if you can't afford wet or are gone all of the time.

Take your kitten to the vet. It might be nothing, or it might be some form of worm or other issue. My calico had diarrhea for a few months after I got her; turned out to be a tapeworm.
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Re: New kitten having diarrhea

wouldn't his sister of gotten tapeworm as well since they came from the same lady at the same time and she hasn't been having any problems and is completely fine. I always got told by my vet that it's a good thing to mix wet and dry food because don't kittens need a good mix of food. Right now he is drinking water every couple of minutes from a syringe.
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Re: New kitten having diarrhea

Diarrhea in a kitten can be a result of a multitude of things, worms or other parasites, a disagreeable diet and stress being the three most prevalent. Since he is a young kitten, new to you, a vet visit should be a priority whether he was having issues or not. The fact that he is, makes it an even higher priority. His sister may not be affected in quite the same way even if they both have parasites.

Dry food is not a necessity in a cat's life and feeding an all wet diet is not babying him, it actually is the best thing for him. A primarily dry food diet is not good for a cat, it's very dehydrating and can cause a variety of health issues as described by Dr. Jean:

Originally Posted by drjean
As a feline vet, I have researched nutrition for many years. The scientific evidence is OVERWHELMING that wet food is far better for cats than dry food. It is much closer to what nature intended, and helps avoid lots and lots of problems. Here is a partial list of diseases related to diet:
* Obesity
* Diabetes
* Vomiting
* Constipation
* Diarrhea
* Hepatic Lipidosis (Liver Failure)
* Pancreatitis
* Arthritis
* Heart Disease
* Asthma
* Allergies
* Inflammatory Bowel Disease
* Triaditis
* Chronic Renal Failure
* Lower Urinary Tract Disease
* Hyperthyroidism
* High Blood Pressure
* Viral Conjunctivitis
* Skin and Coat Problems

All of these (except possibly thyroid disease) are seen most commonly in cats eating dry food, and most can also be solved by converting to a wet diet.

If people would rather spend their money for vet bills than on healthy food, that's fine--just realize it's going to cost one way or the other, but only one involves suffering for the cat. I admit, I'm getting crankier about this as time goes on...because I see so much damage done by dry food. Dry food has 2 advantages: it is cheap and it is convenient. But those are not benefits to the cat, are they?

To be clear, canned and dry foods are not nutritionally equivalent. Dry cat food is typically around 30-35% protein, wet food is 45-50%. Dry food usually has around 30-40% carbohydrates, wet food around 10%. Feline physiology uses protein and fat for energy, so carbs are mostly excreted or stored as fat. The most important nutrient, water, is present at 10% in dry food, but nearly 80% in canned.

Okay, I'll get off my soap box now, but will leave you with this: ... cannedfood

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Re: New kitten having diarrhea

I am calling my vet first thing in the morning and getting him in tomorrow. But i just got a very disturbing email from this last and it read's like this(note my cat and her cat are brother and sister)

Are you thinking about getting him nuetered?? If not let us know and Ill bring Tusie over and they can mate. We were going to breed them but its too much work for me having two kids. But i might concider it if I can keep in contact with you and have have same Type of cat. And I would have to do it soo the babies were born into the Summer so they could stay in the Garage..
Keep in touch!!
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