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Feline Diabetes

Hello Everyone
I took my cat for his yearly check up a few months ago. The vet stressed that my cat was reaching middle age and that I should think about getting blood work done. I decided a few weeks later to get it done. It came back that his glucose level was high. It was 241. He had blood work about 3 years ago and it was 130 then. The vet said that glucose can be high due to the stress of coming to the vet but I should try to get a urine sample. I have tried and have not been able to get one. While trying to get one I noticed my cat does not urinate or drink a lot. He has no signs of diabetes. Has anyone ever had a diabetic cat that showed no signs?

So they want to do the procedure where they go into the bladder with a needle to obtain the urine. My cat is a very shy scared cat and I know this could traumatize her. I really don't want to have the procedure done. But I don't want him to go without treatment. But with no other signs it really makes me wonder if he really has it. If I saw signs I would be all for getting it done.

Also he prefers dry food. He does get wet food and will eat a little in the morning but mostly eats dry food. Is there a dry food that is low in carbs? I would like to try and change his diet. I want to try and avoid injections if I can. I already have another cat on injections for allergies.

Any advice or links to help me would be appreciated. Would you take the cat to have the procedure done even though you know them hodling him down on his back is going to really freak him out. He freaks out just getting into the carrier.

Thanks again
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Re: Feline Diabetes

Well i hope everything turn's out for the best i just brought a diabetic 6 year old male into my home yesterday and he's on 4 units in the morning and 3 unit's at night but he seem's to be doing really well except that he is 14 pounds and is starting to go blind. The injection's i don't think really hurt but there is also pill's you can give your cat for diabeties but i think injections are alot better all i have done when he need's his injections is pull up some skin and to make sure you don't hit a vein or muscle,

Here are a couple of link's i have gotten.




I am also still trying to find some other good sites on feline diabeties. I hope you don't put him down because of it as i was telling a friend of mine that i might be getting my new diabetic cat a couple days ago and she said that he should of been put down.
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Re: Feline Diabetes

If you want to collect urine for the urine test, ask your vet for the special "beads" that you can put in the litterbox instead of litter. They don't absorb urine like regular litter, so you can just pour the urine out of the litterbox into a jar to take to the vet. You may have to keep your cat in the bathroom with the litterbox overnight to convince him to use the weird "litter", though.

From your description, I think there's a very good chance that your cat's elevated glucose level was just a manifestation of his stress from the vet trip. I have a cat whose glucose shot up to twice your cat's level, and my vet insisted that he was diabetic. He wasn't. He was just incredibly terrified by the car trip to the vet's AND he was in pain with a partial urinary blockage (stress and pain can both raise glucose level). Every time I tested his blood glucose here at home over the following several weeks, it was perfectly normal.

That said, if your cat is overweight and/or older, diabetes is more of a possibility, so getting that urine sample tested is a good idea. It's also a very good idea to cut the carbs out of his diet to as great a degree as possible. Innova Evo is an excellent, low-carb, grain-free dry kibble, but no kibble is going to be as healthy for your cat as a high quality canned food. Try to wean your cat away from kibble as much as possible and increase the proportion of canned food in his daily diet.

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Re: Feline Diabetes

Sorry it took me so long to get back to respond. My internet was down.
Thank you for responding. I am goign to read those links now. Also you don't have to worry about me putting my baby down. I would do anything for her and know that if he does have diabetes it is something that can be controled. When I adopted him I did so knowing he could have health issues and I agreed to take care of him and will. I have another cat that is partially blind and allergic to everything including cat hair. He gets allergy shots and it is expensive but as long as he has a good quality of life he will be with me. That is sad your friend thinks a cat with diabetes should be put down.

I tried the beads and my cat looked in the liter box like WTF is this. I tried it for a week. I even took different bowls of water and we played in them so he would drink a lot and I sat and waited and nothing happened. I am going the day after tomorrow and they will get the urine at the vets office.

I also think the increased glucose level could be due to stress. He is a very shy nervous cat. He is not over wieght and is about 7 years old.

I have been trying to increase his wet food but he prefers dry food. Thanks for the suggestion of what kind of dry food to buy. I am going to look and see where I can get that kind. I know I haven't seen it in stores.

Thanks for your responses.
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Re: Feline Diabetes

its really not as bad as it sounds to get urine with a needle. Its usually as quick as feel the bladder, roll the kitty over, draw the sample and you're done. You could also ask them if its possible to have a blood glucose rechecked while he's there. Most clinics have a glucose monitor specifically for that purpose that just takes a second. Even if its stress related, it'd be nice to have another sample to see what the numbers show.

Don't stress yourself about it

Hoping the results come back normal!


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Re: Feline Diabetes

Thanks everyone for your replies. I did take my cat to get the test done and it wasn't nearly as bad as I had imaged. It took seconds and my cat was fine. And the best part is that it can back normal. Everything in her urine sample was normal. I am so happy. They said it is probably related to stress from the vet visit. They said her heart was racing which the last vet said when they took blood. So I am thinking that is the problem.

OsnobunnieO, I didn't see your message until after I got back from the vet. I will keep that in mind though if I ever do have to take him back in for something like this.

Thanks again everyone.
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