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Hi, I used Laughing Cow cheese wedges. I cut a little piece off and stuffed the pill inside. He ate it right up. However it was only a quarter the size of a normal pill as that is what the vet gave us. He wouldn't eat it hidden in any of his normal treats.
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Amazingly I've never heard of the 'scruff hold' and I've had cats for ever. I tried it on our BC with some liquid meds in a syringe and it worked wonderfully, thanks!

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When I had to give one of my cats nasty-tasting liquid, I filled the syringe, then dipped it in tuna juice. I think dipping it in anything that smells good to your cat would work. Then I held the syringe so she could smell it, and she didn't fight it going in. It still tasted terrible once I released the evil, but it was so much easier than before.

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Tom Cat
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Yeah, Ritz is the same way. Her UTI was stress-induced, and I had to add more stress by forcing a pill down her throat.....
"Greenies", the same company that makes pill pockets, also makes pill 'capsules'. You put the pill in the capsule and give it to the cat. If the capsule is water tight, maybe you could put the liquid in it. It really does help if you wear rubber gloves as much as possible when handling the drug before giving it to your cat.
Ask your vet/pharmacy if they will compound the pill into a flavored liquid. Then add the liquid to food that is especially strong smelly. Ritz had no problems taking Flagyl this way, which is extremely bitter.
Note: I'm not sure if it is jurisdictional, but there are legal constraints as to what the pharmacist is permitted to compound. It has to do with whether the drug is approved for animal useage only or for both humans/animals. If the latter, the pharmacist should be legally permitted to compound the drug (like Flagyl). If the drug is for animals only (like Baytril), the pharmacist can WITH THE VERBAL/WRITTEN APPROVAL of the prescribing vet, compound the medication. My pharmacist (independent, not part of a drug store chain) was willing to compound Baytril into a liquid, but my vet wouldn't give him permission.
Finally, ask if the drug comes in a flavored version. Baytril can be dispensed in a regular (nasty tasting) pill or a "taste tab", which doesn't taste quite so bad. I found this out a bit late...
Good luck.
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Tom Cat
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This helped out with giving the Clovomax to Pinky. She took it well, never spat it out, just had issues keeping her still. Also, afterwards I always gave her half of a treat (since it was a twice-daily dose) it helped get the taste out of her mouth and she realized it was a good thing. By the end of the two weeks I called Pinky opened the fridge to get the medicine and she'd come in the kitchen to wait for me.
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My fiance and I had been doing "kitty burrito" style medicating for our little girl, Mara. She's had a UTI so we're giving her Clavamox, and she HATES being medicated. Normally she does freeze in scruff hold - if she's being bad and I pick her up by her scruff to put her in her "time-out" area, she goes limp - but when it comes to something important like medication, she starts fighting again. So we'd been wrapping her up in a towel to hold her still - making a "kitty burrito" with just her tiny little head poking out.

Well, this is complicated when I'm home alone while he's at work and have to give her her morning dose by myself. I need six arms or so, to hold her, wrap her, hold the burrito still, open her mouth, get the syringe in her mouth and finally actually squirt the meds in. So this morning, I tried the "kneeling-on" method described in the OP, and lo and behold it worked wonders! She was none too pleased, like any other time, but most of it stayed in her, instead of her being able to spit some of it back out, and it took only half the time that burrito'ing usually does. Win!
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Jr. Cat
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I thank you and my unbitten fingers thank you. Followed the link to and my cat is now downstairs happily eating her antibiotic spiked food!

The vet prescribed a liquid antibiotic and I was only able to get one dose down her last night and ended up with a puncture bite and cracked nail on my thumb for my efforts. So this morning I put the antibiotic in a wet cat food. She refused to eat it. I came here to get some ideas and followed the link to catinfo. The vet there suggested sprinkling the food with FortiFlora, a probiotic that contains some major flavor enhancers. Lucky for me her other prescription was for ForiFlora so I ran downstairs and put half a package (each dose comes in a small pac) over the spiked food and like magic the problem of how to get her liquid antibiotics into her was solved.

Antibiotics destroy a lot of the good bacteria in the colon and this product (which contains live bacteria) helps to recolonize the colon so the bad bacteria can't get a foothold.

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We wrap our cats worming pill spin chicken meat for sandwiches, they love this stuff and don't even care why it's half a slice bundled into a ballad don't even notice the pill....
Our cats aren't the most observant though Abit easier to fool so might be us.
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Thought I'd post about my recent experiences with medicating one of my cats. I have always left dry food out all day for my two cats, but gave them wet food twice a day (morning and afternoon).

Chester, my older cat, had responded well to pill pockets in the past. However, now the Vet gave me some capsules for Chester (plastic with powder inside). After seeing my face fall, he suggested taking away their dry food in the evening before I went to bed, and then cutting open a capsule and mixing the powder with the wet food in the morning.

This has worked very well. Chester has always been very picky about eating wet food. Now he readily devours it in the morning. After the feeding I put out their dry food. I felt guilty at first, but the silver lining is that both cats are eating more wet food this way. They have access to the dry food from 6am til about 9pm. I'm about to go cat supply shopping and will try and upgrade their wet food. They're previously turned up their noses at some of the better brands.
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Luckily Seven is very "tame", so this works wonders with him:
Start a patting session, slowly move toward the head, then cheeks, and finally with the pill between 2 fingers, i open his mouth and drop the pill at the base of the tongue, all the way back, and quickly release his mouth. He swallows instantly, then licks his lips like it was tasty lol. I can give any number of pills to him like this, one at a time.

So if your cat lets you open his/her mouth but doesn't eat disguised pills, this might be worth a try.
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