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Peter and the Poo

Poor Peter. His poo got stuck, rather badly, and now he has to stay at the vet for an enema. He had diarrhea off and on and we were chalking it up to stress and food changes--the Dave's food seemed to help, but then he backslid. We took him to the vet after butt scooting began, because we suspected worms and not just food and stress. Vet examined him and announced his colon was very full on palpation and he needed an enema.

Vet says if he shows symptoms in the future, we can give him a little Miralax, but I'm wondering if I should perhaps stir a little pumpkin into his food daily or something to help prevent this? We think it was caused by stress when our friend's husky was staying with us while he was on a business trip, so he wasn't eating or drinking much out of irritation. We do try to keep his stress level down, but still.

Peter gets 95% wet food (low carb) with a few dry kibbles given as treats in a food maze at night (less than a tablespoon). Any suggestions for maintenance now that this has happened once?
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He has returned home and now stinks of anal gland very badly. He has been washed very thoroughly with a good quality cat shampoo, but the smell will not come out of his coat. Apparently he fear-expressed them when they were trying to administer the enema. I don't know how we're going to fix this stink. Help?
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One of my last cats used to express her anal glands out of fear when she saw the vet. I usually just let her clean herself until the smell went away but I agree, it's not pleasant.

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Hmm, well I'm not an expert on feline constipation, but I'm well acquainted with butt scooting on my carpet, so I can somewhat relate to your woes on some level.

If it were me with Peter, I'd cut out all kibbles entirely from his diet. No more dry for a constipated-prone cat! Additionally, I'd try spooning in about a teaspoon or more water mixed into his wet food each meal, and bring it up to about a tablespoon's worth at least, so he gets more water intake with his food.

Have you considered getting a water fountain for Peter? Other people have also used other strategies like placing numerous coffee cups, dishes, bowls, etc of water all throughout the house to encourage more drinking. Just don't place it near his eating or litter box areas, I've read that cats in the wild normally drink water away from food sources and elimination areas.

Here is a good site regarding your question on pumpkin vs miralax (and other remedies):

Since I've zero experience, I'm no help here, but hopefully the additional info can help you decide while someone else who does have experience chime in.
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Peter gets the dry food often just every third or fourth night for the sake of entertaining him--it really is making up less than 10% of his diet and counts as treats. I'm not willing to eliminate it completely because puzzle feeders are the one thing keeping our sanity when he's having silly attacks all night. He's VERY high energy and even with regular walks and play.

He has multiple water fountains and he plays in the water and drinks it every day. He LOVES dipping his paws under the stream and will sometimes spend a half an hour trying to bite the trickle of water in enjoyment.

I have started adding more water--about a tablespoon--to his wet food and am giving some pumpkin. He was on an antibiotic for an ulcer a few weeks back, so we're giving a probiotic as well.

We're fairly sure this was stress related--his last three months have had a lot of changes and stress--but I want to be preventative against the future.
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If Peter accepts the pumpkin, that's great. But you could add Miralax. I don't think there's any problem with giving both. Miralax has worked wonders with Celia, and I know it has worked for several other members. My vet said to start with 1/8 tsp. dissolved in a little water, then mixed into wet food. Celia was on that for about 2 or 2.5 years before she started to have issues again (I am pretty certain now that all of the recent problems were caused by a yeast infection in her ear). Over the past few months, I've been giving her between 1/4-1/2 tsp. a day.

You can play with the dose a bit to find out what the perfect amount is - trust me, you'll know if it's too much.

PS: I'm sorry to hear that he had to have an enema. Celia had 3 of them in a 2-week period in July. And then of course you worry that the stress of the enemas and overnights at the vet will just make things worse...
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Try adding a 1/8 to 1/4 tsp of Miralax to his wet food once a day. That should keep things flowing smoothly.

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Peter was very fortunate in that our vet saw him as the first appointment of the morning so he only had to be there for three or four hours before they sent him home--our vet tries their level best to send cats home at night if they don't need an IV or some other ongoing medical care that can't be done at home by a layman easily.

We'll definitely consider the miralax. Right now he doesn't seem to notice the pumpkin and this has been an isolated incident thus far. He had a LOT of stress over the past few months. First we moved internationally, then we dogsat an adolescent husky who wouldn't stop trying to play with him, then the husky went home and came back, then I went from not working to working full time, then we had all the furniture replaced, then our air conditioning broke and flooded the apartment.

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Peter went back to the vet yesterday and spent the day being cleaned out. His colon is now inflamed (vet suspects due to impacted faeces and the stress of the repeated enemas) and he is on metro and samples of his stool have been sent off to look for irregularities. All dry food/treats have been removed and he is getting his food watered down to about 3:2 food:water, where food also includes a good dollop of pumpkin. Vet does not want to add miralax until his inflammation goes down.
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Hi Spidercat!
Peter may be a good candidate for Slippery Elm Bark usage!
There's lots of threads dealing with Slippery Elm Bark, and hows it's used!
Use our 'Search' function...
Poor Peter, hope he does better soon!

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