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Feeding kitten after neutering

Hi everyone.

I've got a few questions that I'm hopping you guys could help me with. Any advice would be lovely too.
My boy's getting neutered this Wednesday and I'm a bit worried about him. He's fed mostly raw (frankenprey) with a bit of grain-free canned here and there.
I'm assuming he'll be getting the cone from the vet. When the wet took some of his blood for his FIV and FeLV test (both were negative ) he began to lick the bandaged paw as soon as he could and he kept doing it at home too. Would it be better to take the collar off during meal-time or should I spoon feed him like I did with our previous cat (a female and she was a 'licker' too)?

Another problem is that he had a bit of a reaction to his last vaccination (on the 11th of last month). He didn't get diarrhoea or throw up, but he seemed to have a rather sensitive stomach for about a week, as in, he had softer stool in response to some foods that he was previously fine with (mostly kidney and liver).His stool was formed and the correct color, but really messy and would stick to his butt-fluff. He was also rather sleepy the day after the vaccination, which he wasn't after the first one.
And that worries me. What if he was messy poop after his surgery and some of it gets on his wound? Then I would have to clean him (which he wouldn't like and would probably hurt him) and I'd rather try to avoid him getting messy poop in the first place. I was thinking of asking the vet to shave the fluff around his rear so that poop couldn't get stuck in it, is that a good idea? How long would it take his fur to grow back?

Eros has a bit of a sensitive belly to start with. After the recent vaccines he had the same poop as he did when I first got him, back when he was still on kibble. He did better on wet food, but he only got good poop after he started eating mostly raw. I was considering putting him on only wet food for a bit after the surgery, but I'm worried about his messy poop. Currently my plan is to feed half wet and half raw. For the raw only muscle meat and leave out the bone and organs from the meals after his surgery. For canned I was thinking of just plain chicken flavour without any other meat sources mixed in. He normally eats three meals a day now, but I'm thinking about going back to four, maybe even five, smaller meals for a while after his surgery.

Another question I have is about his litter. He currently has clumping litter and I'm a bit worried about it getting stuck on his wound, eve though it never got stuck on his before. Should I be worried? Maybe reduce the amount of litter in his litter box or try puppy pads or something else?
I'm planing to keep him in a separate room for the first few days where it's quieter, especially during the evening/night when his 'sisters' get a bit loud and squeaky. I was thinking of putting a fleece blanket on the floor so it's warmer and he doesn't have to sit on the tiles.

Thanks in advance for any help and advice.
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Most cats are fine after this surgery and it is actually less traumatic for males than for females. Litter shouldn't cause a problem. Stick to what is normal in regard to food - irrelevant of what that might be.
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Tom Cat
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I was worried about my lil guy and he was fine. He was running around and back to normal in 24 hours. He licked a few times but stopped. He didn't have a cone and the vet said they don't usually put cones on males after neutering. I wish an easy time for your lil guy too
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My boy just got neutered. Back to normal in 24 hours or so. He was a riot while on the pain meds. He got a little crazy right after coming home and the incision bled a little, but it quickly stopped/healed. No issues at all with litter for either of my two males.
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Snowy got neutered back in April and he did wear a cone for about 3 days coz he keeps licking the incision wound (I did take it off when I could supervise him though...I'd imagine it must be very uncomfortable wearing it 24/7).

I also used clumping litter and it was fine...didn't affect the wound at all. Just be sure to check the incision wound after every time he uses the litter box. Try to get your cat to pee and poop first before the surgery though. Snowy peed when the vet was shaving his behind so he kinda smelled of pee when I took him home >_<
And he didn't poop for until about 2 days after the surgery coz he fasted the night before and pretty much sleep the entire day after the surgery.

Personally I always trim the hair near Snowy's anus coz his used to have really runny stools and it is just so much easier to clean it when the hair near the anus are short ^^
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Thank you for the responses. ^^

I guess I'm just worried about my boy since he was sick with an eye infection when I brought him home and in than spread to his respiratory system. And I had really bad luck with my last group of hamsters, so now I'm a bit overprotective of my little furry ones. lol
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