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Tumour shrunk on its own??

I had to bring baby Boo in today for some unsettling symptoms (lethargic, no appetite, etc).... but.... strangest thing happened.... i went in terrified that the timour may have gotten bigger, or was starting to give her pains...

(not sure if anyone remmebers, but i was in for an intestinal tumour in january/febuary with her)

well, i went in today, just to see whoever could see her, her regular doctor wasnt in until tomorrow andi didnt feel right waiting that long... so, this doctor felt around and couldnt find what she saw on the xray..... luckily, the other doctor who originally found the tumour (when he was checking her out because of a sore foot) was working, so she had him come in and have a feel too. He is the "tumour" guy, the one they all consult with if they feel a tumour.... but anyway, he looked at his notes, and the xray, and felt around just as throughly as last time.... and he couldnt find it either!! They said once in a while things they cant explain happen, like tumours shrinking on their own. which they figure may have happened.

for now they felt bloodwork would be more important and cost effective than another xray.... wont get the results til tomorrow morning though... tahts the thing, if the tumour shrunk, we dont know why shes acting the way she is...

i hate this waiting...

they also, just as a precaution, gave her a dose of 2 week antibiotics by injection...... and were able to inject some salene soloution under her skin, since she hasnt cared to eat or drink, to keep her hydrated... im really hoping the results come back as something treatable!

I was amazed about the tumour news, butat the same time confused, because... what *is* wrong....

waiting anxiously....
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I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!

PS I have also experienced a healing miracle with one of my cats. It can and does happen.
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Jr. Cat
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Am also keeping my fingers crossed for you, hope it turns out fine.
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Cool Cat
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Im feeling a little bit better tonight... she did end up showing some interest in the wet food. the first time, by syringe (but, we didnt have to shove it in the side and force it like i thought we may have had to), about half the syringe... soupy with extra water..

then just tonight i tried offering her some just in bowl but made the same way (tried this last time too), and although not as quickly and excitedly as normal, she *did* have some... so im feeling happy about that. still not herself but... im hoping maybe that means whatever it was is maybe feeling better with the extra fluids or maybe the antibiotics are needed and are starting to work??

For now its a mystery illness, but its a bit of good news anyway.... i feel safer going to bed now, for sure...

still anxiously awaiting my phone call.... but my anxiety meds should help with sleeping. i had a really hard day, i was terrified to bring her in, thinking that they were going to say the tumour had progressed and it was getting to be time to... do that awful good deed... or at least start with chronic pain management.

speaking of, if that does happen down the road... what else besides metacam could i ask for? ive heard so many awful stories about long term use of metacam... and also saw a case of it in my neighbours dog... it ended up being organ failure and not his arthritis pains that ended up taking him.... so i dont mind the odd metacam dose, but i am terrified of long term use.
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Oh, hope it all comes back with good news. Paws and fingers crossed
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Not feeling so good about it anymore..... she was dehydrated but more than they thought. they also said that the numbers look like kindey failure... but without a pee test its hard to tell if part of those bad numbers is infection, or if her kidneys really are doing that badly...

she had some more to eat on her own today.... the doctor seemed really happy about that part. i guess in cats who get teh antibiotics but who still dont want any food at all, i guess is more of a bad sign where they recommended the E word.... ugh.

part of me is so angry..... i purposely avoided long term use of metacam, and now shes still getting kidney disease........ why would the tumour shrink just to have something else go wrong?? if one problem is replaced wth another thats just as fatal, what is the POINT of the powers that be shrinking the tumour?? Its just so angering to think about that...
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well, she is at the overnight vets right now... shes getting 24 hour iv liquids... last i called she had been eating again which they were very happy about, and so was i....

im honestly stil so afraid. when we had to put our dog to sleep, he was at the same place, in for observation overnight type thing... i had called the night before to check up, heard that he had eaten a little and did some business outside, things seemed to be looking up..... only to find out the next day that what he had was stage 4 cancer, and we had to put him to sleep.....

im honestly so afraid to be hopeful......
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Im missing my baby girl right now... her numbers did improve, by quite a bit with teh first 24 hours, and again with the second 24 hours... the doctor recommended one more day.... im glad shes doing well but im missing her so much too. She doesnt understand why shes there, or that we will be back to get her... all she knows is that she went from being in a happy home, to being in a cage.... im so glad shes getting better but i wish she knew we were calling to check on her, and would be coming back for her... and that shed be coming back home. i just hate that she doesnt understand
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I'm so sorry that she's not doing well. It is a really hard thing to know that they have no idea why you brought them to that scary place and aren't coming back to get them. If she has to stay overnight again - which, obviously, I hope isn't the case - I'm sure they'd let you spend a few minutes with her, especially if it's towards the end of their day, when things are a bit calmer. You could bring a piece of clothing that has your scent on it; that would be comforting.

As for alternatives to metacam, many people here have used buprenorphine to manage pain. It is a lot safer than metacam, but it's not right for all cats. It's an opioid and causes constipation, so if your kitty has any difficulties staying hydrated, it might not be an option. There are one or two others that I read about, but I can't remember their names right now. You could try a forum search for metacam: that would probably pull up threads with alternatives to metacam.
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Her numbers have improved again today... which im glad about and the doctor sounds really glad about, like suprised in a way, but in a good way.

whenever ive called they said shes been pretty laid back and well behaved, vocal (not crying, i made sure, just her regular "talking" that she does here at home).... shes been eating and drinking again which im SO happy about.

the sunday there, by the end of the day when i knew it was more than just having an off day, she had gone off of her food and even water... i was really worried the tumour was beginning to cause pain in general, or block things up... i was quite terrified to bring her in initially. it was one of those things that i wanted to know but at the same time i didnt. im really glad theyre having a hard time finding the tumour, thats.... quite amazing, ive heard of that happening, but with chemo treatment... ive never heard of it just naturally.

we are going to have to start doing fluids under the skin though... not looking forward to that part. she will probably take it fine - at the vets office. at home where shes most comfortable she will be trying to get away... :/ something else we cant explain to her why were doing. how often will depend on the numbers tomorrow... it sounds like many people do it all the time... i wish there were such a thing as cat PSW's... lol.

im excited to see her tomorrow...im really hoping that it doesnt work out that they get behind (they are an emergency vet after all) and that my mom will be picking her up and i have to wait until im done work at 11pm to see her...

im this bad and shes just literally somewhere else and i know ill see her again.... i cant even imagine myself if it comes time to do the other.... im a stressful wreck now.

will keep in mind about the metacam though (or, alternatives), if it turns out to be something we need in the future... especially with already having kidney issues now, id rather not feed those issues with metacam, right.
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