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Cat lost his appetite

I'm in need of some advice once again. Mr. Onyx has been picking at his food for the past two days, but not finishing it like he usually does. Normally, my boy is a voracious eater and he whines and begs at mealtimes until he gets his portioned meal, but he hasn't been asking for food, and when it is presented, he eats a few bites, then walks away from a mostly full plate. I'm worried about him... he's still playful at times, although he seems to be more interested in cuddling and sleeping than playing. He's been using the litterbox, although the stool does seem slightly softer than usual. The day before yesterday, I came home to find vomit on the floor, although it was only one spot. It did have a lot of fur in it.

As far as his diet, Onyx gets a 5.5 oz can of Nature's Variety Instinct Rabbit Formula split into two feedings per day (half a can at 10:30 am and the other half at 10:30 pm). He also has the same brand and flavor dry food available for grazing during the day, although he rarely eats any of the dry. He has water constantly available as well, of course.

What should I do? Does my baby need to go to the vet? Should I give him another day or two since he's eating some and still pooping? I just want to do what's best for him.
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Probably just does not feel well. My Coco goes through spats of that. Can go several days without eating much at all. Keep an eye on him, give him snuggles and offer yummy foods - be sure he is hydrated and it will probably pass without incident. If more than several days then get him vet checked just to be sure.

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let's hope he gets his appetite back soon, but wanted to mention that we ended up losing our 16 year old to a weak heart. (there may have been a tumor involved as well, but that's another story) about a week before we lost her she really started slowing down on eating. she actually would eat everything still, but it would take her all day. she also starting to lie down in different spots around the house as if trying to find a comfortable spot because her normal spots weren't working for her anymore.

anyway, like I said, I hope onyx feels better soon and this is just a passing thing. I don't even know what kind of test they do or how they can help a weak heart. our lucy had her regular checkup barely a few months before but they never mentioned anything about her heart.

good luck to you and onyx!
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Cats just don't have a significantly diminished appetite for no reason at all. It's been two days, if this continues tomorrow morning, you should be making a vet appointment. I'd try to get a dose of hairball remedy into him tonight.

A cat that eats less than half of it's normal intake for more than a day or two is at risk for fatty liver disease, especially if the cat is overweight.

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Thanks for the advice guys. I really am getting worried and I think I might call the vet tomorrow. He's been eating throughout the day, because his plate was mostly empty when I got home. I don't know how long it took for him to eat it, since I was at work. I offered a little bit of fresh tonight and he ate a few bites immediately, then left it be again. He's lethargic again, although he has bursts of energy like usual. But only briefly, then he's laying still again. He's purring a lot, which I have read can be a sign of distress. He's a young cat, so I'm hoping it's nothing like a weak heart. He's only 3 and the vet has always said he is healthy if slightly overweight. I just need my goofball to be okay again.
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Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about Onyx!

My girls do this every time there's a big weather change... eat less, sleep more. We've had bizarre weather lately... one day it feels like summer, the next it feels like winter. I've noticed my girls eating less and sleeping more. Usually within a few days, they're back to normal. It always worries me silly when they do it, but the longer I've had them I'm more aware of their little "cycles" and become slightly less of a worry wart. But obviously, if it persists for more than a few days or worsens, its right off to the vet.

I really hope it's just something like this with Onyx and nothing serious.
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Well... today, Onyx seems back to his spunky self. We played for probably fifteen or twenty minutes and he was running all over the place, grabbing his feather toy, wrestling, even working himself up so much he was panting. After we played, he was asking for food, chirping and rubbing against my legs. So I gave him some fresh food (last night's was largely gone) and he turned his nose up at it. But when I heated it a little bit in the microwave, suddenly he wanted it, and he started eating as soon as I set it down for him. He ate about half of what I gave him and walked away. But maybe this is progress? I think I'm going to see what today brings before calling the vet.
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Maybe he has a cold and so his smell is diminished. Heating the food made the smell stronger. I would keep doing that for a few more meals till he feels better
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I agree with Jenny, definitely could just be a cold! The longer I own my girls, the more I realize cats certainly have their "off days" just like humans. I also realized this after rushing Ellie to the vet for every minor thing when I first got her. The vet told me cats, just like humans, can get colds, belly aches, feel "off" due to the weather, etc.

I'm so glad to hear Onyx is back to his spunky self!
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Maybe he is just bored with his food. My two stopped eating for a couple of days and it turned out they were board with the same wet food every day. Cats can be so picky lol
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