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Cat has Diarrhea, possible food intolerance?

Hi all,

I need advice on what best supplements or vitamins I can give my cat to help her digest food properly.

She has ALWAYS had soft stools to watery stools. I have tried everything.

When I first adopted her (nearly a year ago) I complained to the shelter vet that she has diarrhea, and his response was it was probably stress. It most likey was. At first I fed my cats on a dry diet, the same they had in the shelter mainly for ease of transitioning in a new home. Eventually I moved them onto a wet diet, and now they are both exclusively on raw. (This all happened within a year not straight away!)

I thought the raw food would ease her diarrhea, but it hasn't. We went to the vet and got some diarrhea paste. Which worked. But I finished the course only yesterday and she has diarrhea. She has been to the litter tray twice so far today and produce small pudding/watery stools.

She doesn't show any signs of discomfort, she is her usual purring, snuggling, playful self. She still has an appetite and her fur coat is luxurious, (thanks to the raw diet!)

Now I am thinking she must have a food intolerance, (rather than an allergy, she doesn't have itchy skin etc) Can anyone recommend anything to help her digest her food better before my next vet trip? I just want to see if I can give her some sort of relief....

Oh the raw diet is mostly beef meat, heart, liver etc. Frozen.

EDIT: I also wormed them both recently. That didn't make a difference either. My other cat, feed the same thing, absolutely fine.

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Not going to be very helpful but the only thing I can suggest is what we have done with Lottie. Over several years, we have experienced a lot of this problem - it has been experimental but we have managed to isolate the triggers. She is elderly with hyperthesia syndrome and a degree of hyper-thyroidism but still copes. With her we know we can't feed her anything with packaged gravy or packaged fish but she can eat all sorts of other things - including some that are frowned on but don't bother her! She's old and still really lively.
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You could try something with limited ingredients and see if that helps. You could also give a probiotic. I have tried this, with good results, when my baby was little with soft stools.

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After reading more into it she may has IBS.

I have found and bought this, Puur Spijsvertering | bestellen | bij diarree of darmproblemen, voor een gezonde darmflora | Hond Kat

I am in the Netherlands.

Hopefully this will ease her symptoms. I will update when I can.
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If you do think it's an intolerance, you can try the "Nutriscan" allergy test. We're doing the same thing for our dog (it works for cats as well I'm told). It's not cheap - around $280, not including the costs of shipping the results back to them. But it's the best way to find out what foods she may be intolerant of, if any.

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She's already seen the vet, has she had a fecal and a blood test done? Also, I know there are some bowel problems that require specific tests that don't always come up on a general fecal... unfortunately I can't recall the names.

Regardless, I hope you can figure out what's wrong with your kitty, I know how frustrating it is. My Ellie had soft stools for the first year of her life pretty consistently... I don't know if it was a food change or she just grew out of it, but luckily it's almost entirely gone now.
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Originally Posted by KatieJoy View Post
Oh the raw diet is mostly beef meat, heart, liver etc. Frozen.

EDIT: I also wormed them both recently. That didn't make a difference either. My other cat, feed the same thing, absolutely fine.
Does the raw diet contain any bone in there? Or other bone alternative like crushed eggshells/calcium supplement or bone meal? Otherwise, any cat on just meat and organs will have soft to runny stools.

If you haven't done a more thorough fecal test, you may need to do more. I have had do a PCR diarrhea panel for G when he kept having soft stools as the regular fecal exam kept coming up clean and he didn't have any worms either.

Cats from shelters are more likely to have coccidia, for example, so I just thought you may want to rule out all parasites first, including bacterial and protozoan, not just roundworms, hookworms, etc before determining it's actually IBS.
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If your cat has continued diarrhea, it could be from either an allergy to a certain food protein (IBD), or even worms. If kitty is an in-house cat, then worms would be hard to acquire.

I have been dealing with IBD this year. It was diagnosed this year, but the signs were present for a while.

However, Artie's symptoms were much different that those of your kitty.

Chicken seems to be a big culprit. I took that away, resulting in immediate cessation of vomiting.

Try a limited protein diet. Try grain free. See if that works. I would suggest to stay with one protein source for a bit. It takes time to work out of the system.
I think I would try the grain free first. It is easier to do than the limited protein. I do not know if you have availability to Natures Variety line of food. They are pretty good.

I may sound like a know it all, I apologize if I do. These are just some things I found out the hard way.

People here are great and have so much wisdom. I am just sitting here, drinking my morning coffee, and decided to join in and try to tell you what seemed to have worked for my guy.

You could also try a probiotic. You just open the capsule and add it to the food. If there is a chicken allergy, you have to be a bit careful with the kind of probiotic you use. If it states 'animal digest'", as in Forti-Flora, thean you do not know what kind of animal it is. it could be chicken, as far as you know. Artie's specialist recommends "Proviable" probiotic. I am not really certain if that has helped my guy. I am just relaying the information I was told.

I wish you luck in finding the culprit of the diarrhea. It take so much out of our little ones. if you find he is losing weight, then you need to take him to a Vet asap, for further testing. Even if your guy has a decrease in appetite.

Good Luck

oops!!!!! now after re-reading your post, I see you are doing a raw diet.. I cannot help there, but it could also be from a food allergy....I would try the probiotic....sorry for the mis post.....I apologize.
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