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Cat won't eat any variety, only dry, what to try?

Been a while since I've been here, busy. Our little adoptee kitty, Cali the Calico (who's actually a tortiseshell, shhh) is picky about her food and I'm asking for recommendations.

Here are the details...

She's a "teenager" now, almost full grown, about 1-1/2 yr old, neutered, has all her shots, 100% indoor, in very good health except she's starting to gain weight. We (my girlfriend & I) know that some cats over-eat with open feeding and so we're starting to cut that down, but otherewise, zero health problems.

Except Cali just turns her nose up at any sorts of high quality (or less expensive) canned food. She only likes the dry kibble food, and will eat most major brand, Friskies etc, but we'd like to vary her diet with less "empty calories" and feed her more nutritious food, a mix of dry & canned which is usually the best for indoor cats.

We've tried EVERY brand like you'd find at Kroger, and she just won't eat it. We've tried scrambled eggs and "people" tuna and our baked chicken and fish and roast beef, all sorts of yummy human food but she just won't eat it.

She DOES love Greek yogurt. I eat a little container each day, because I also like it, especially the berry flavors, and Cali gets excited when she sees me taking a container out of the fridge. And we've got a ritual. She climbs on my lap, I remove the foil top, and spoon out big teaspoon full onto the flipped-over top, and she eagerly licks it all up, fast and loving each bite. Then she sits there, semi-patient, while I eat from the container, then I leave a little in the bottom and she again eagerly licks the "bowl" clean, fruit and all. It's charming and fun to watch.

That's the only "people" food she likes. She'll of course lick up a small serving of ice cream (no chocolate allowed of course) preferring vanilla but doesn't like milk.

We live in the big city and have both a PetCo and PetSmart nearby. And yeah, we've tried a couple sample foods from the vet but she won't eat it either.

So... can anyone recommend some canned foods to try? Brand name and flavor of course, and they must be available at regular chain groceries (Kroger) or the 2 pet stores listed above, PetCo or PetSmart.

We've got no problem feeding her dry kibble food mostly, and her health is very good, but much of the dry food has empty calories as you know.

So any recommendations, please? And sorry, neither I nor my gf is really able to cook exotic dishes for our kitty -- there HAS to be some variety of top quality canned food which we can use to add variety to her diet.

Please list specific brand names and flavors that we can try, and we'll give feedback afterward.

Thanks in advance.
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Kibble's cons aren't just empty calories... a lifelong kibble diet can eventually cause kidney damage and renal failure. Cats get most of their moisture from their food, so they don't have a strong "drink water" instinct.

Have you tried Fancy Feast CLASSIC flavors? This food seems to be some kind of magical "kitty crack". My 17-year-old girl is on a fully-raw diet, but she has other health issues that sometimes affect her appetite. She will eat every last crumb of Fancy Feast Classic on days when she won't touch her raw food or the fancy canned brands I have stocked up on. And even though Fancy Feast isn't a GREAT food, the Classic line IS grain-free, which is a huge plus.

Otherwise, I know there are some fantastic resources out there that are aimed at helping owners transition from kibble to wet food. Here is just one example:

Also, try a raw egg yolk on top of the canned food. NOT the white - separate out the yolk and give it raw. I know my girl can't resist a raw egg yolk.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the suggestions. We'll report on success or lack thereof.
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Keep trying the canned. Maybe smear a tad of that berry Greek yogurt on the top of the dish. You could also try some fish flakes (located in oriental supermarkets or Amazon). I know that Petsmart will refund any thing your cat does not like so save the receipts. A couple of my kitties will ONLY eat Fancy Feast liver and chicken. I buy it by the case.

Try not to give up too easily.

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We're not giving up, thanks for the suggestions -- we've tried several types of canned food and left it out, and re-tried it, and Cali just won't eat it. We're committed to keep working on her, though.
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My little girl is just like yours

My little Miss Little will not eat wet food either. I have tried them all. I have now sent for 2 cans from Tiki. They have a gourmet line that cats go crazy for. It was suggested that I try the brand by a couple of wonderful folks on this site. Hopefully they will arrive soon, as I cannot buy it locally. My baby is chronically constipated, so I am at my wits end.
Best of luck to your little one.
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Thanks to all.

We're starting to have success with getting Cali to eat more canned food. We simply stopped her dry food and put out 2 varieties of Friskies or whatever can food -- chicken and beef. Eventually she got hungry and started to eat the canned food.

We also mixed the dry food she likes so much about 1/2 dry with canned. She's eating it too, mixed. What we'll do is wean her off the dry food kibbles by slowly changing to 1/3 dry and so on.

So success is in the horizon and things are looking up. Great!
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Very glad you are winning her over. Always better to wean them over bit by bit than full stop.
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A note of caution: beware of sugar (in yogurt or ice-cream) or carbs in your cat's food or you may set Cali up to become diabetic which will result in expensive 2x/day insulin injections. Cats are obligate carnivores (meat eaters), and the cat's GI tract is short compared with that of a dog or humans (omnivores). During evolution, the cat's gastrointestinal tract adapted to the intake of calorie-dense, vegetation-poor foods by reducing its length and ability to undertake prolonged digestion of fibrous foods. High fiber foods ignore this fact, providing an unnatural burden on the feline GI tract that results in excessive system bulk and reduced nutrient absorption. Even some of the canned foods sold by vets for diabetic cats contain grains! So read the cat food ingredient labels carefully and if you see ingredients like corn flour, corn grits, soy, barley, rice, wheat, or high carb foods like potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, or fruits like dried cranberries or blueberries don't feed that food. Cats do not need cereals, vegetables or fruits. These ingredients are included because they appeal to the pet food purchaser! They have nothing to do with good feline nutrition. There are some good canned cat foods out there, but you've got to read the labels.

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Thanks, ami

The yogurt I eat is nonfat with zero calories from fat, the extreme dietary restrictive stuff due to my own health. So a teaspoon a day wouldn't be a problem.

We're very cognizant of the carnivore nature of cats and have no interest in trying to get Cali to eat fruit or veggies or whatever.

Again, due to my diet needs, we eat a lot of very lean beef and baked chicken, and we will be gradually introducing more of this to Cali after we get her eating more canned food.

If you can NAME the good canned foods which you refer to, I'd appreciate it. Brand name, so we can go to the store and find it.

Thanks again.
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