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New Himalayan kitten food help

Hi we are bringing our Himalayan kitten home right before Christmas. They are still nursing so we aren't sure what the breeder will have it on(most likely male unless the female we want becomes available). I've read about the benefits of canned food but am unsure about wet to dry ratio and what brands are best for this breed. Thanks in advance for any help!
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Congratulations on your new kitten

I would highly recommend good grain-free wet food as soon as he/she is ready for solids. Dry food is not good for cats or kittens, contains contaminants, not good for their teeth, kidneys etc. Starting a kitten on wet early on would be best for both you and him/her in the long run in my opinion

As for specifically the Himalayan breed, as far as I am concerned there are no dietary changes needed for different breeds. But some of the others here may know more than myself
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Congratulations on your new kitten! I absolutely ADORE Himalayans and Persians, I have two Persians myself and they are such incredible breeds. As Evince said, wet is always best. What I've done is fed wet as the majority of their diet, and supplemented one meal a day with a high-end, grain-free kibble - right now I'm feeding Orijen which I highly recommend.

A tip - keep their chin hairs trimmed and their bum hair trimmed. This will prevent food (especially wet food) from being stuck in their little "beard", and the bum trim keeps it from getting any poo stuck which happens frequently with long-haired cats.

Also... if I could give you one more tip not related to food, it would be to get TWO kittens instead of one. You'd be amazed at how beneficial it is for them. At first, I only got one Persian kitten (my Ellie). She was a doll, but was ornery, acted out, scratched us, and was beyond bored even with playtime. But when we got our second Persian, Tootsie, everything changed. Since Ellie actually had a feline friend to play with, she became an absolute angel toward us and things have been unimaginably perfect since then. If they're hyper, they play with each other and wear each other out instead of acting out toward us. And they're completely inseparable - they cuddle together, play together, eat together, sleep together, groom eachother, kill bugs together (lol) etc. It really is great for a kitten to have a playmate! I swear by it after my experience.
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We have a Yorkie - we lucked out and she's the sweetest little dog, not yippy - will be the kitten's playmate. If not we are open to adding another kitten at some point. We also have 4 kids ages 16, 14, 8 & 5. They are all in school but I'm home during the day. When my husband & I were first married we had 2 cats and I completely see your point about needing a friend! We got our male first and he was a biter...added in our female and he mellowed out.
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Well, if your kitty is with a reputable breeder, he/she should learn proper social etiquette and social behavior from momcat and littermates and not released to their new homes until they are at least 12 weeks old. If you're getting your kitty any younger, there's a higher risk this new kitten will not know proper manners, with Yorkie or not. A young kitten also handles stress of new environment, new families, new scents, etc with a littermate better, and gets to release a lot more energy onto their siblings than a human could ever provide. Not sure your dog fill in those shoes, but good luck to you!

As far as food is concerned, cats have very diminished thirst drive, so they tend to drink very little compared to canines. Even for those kibble feeders who claim they see their cats drink A LOT of water, it's never going to equate to the amount of moisture in canned food. This is why a lot of cats have urinary issues, so I'd stick to wet food as much as possible, finding one that is grain-free, and NOT grocery store quality, if you can afford it. Oh, and be it Bengal, Himalayan, Manx, Sphynx, Maine Coon, etc. Felines are felines. Nutritional needs are all the same, regardless of breed, class, etc. Isn't it the same as humans? No one needs a special diet for a certain breed/race of people!

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Very exciting and congratulations
Don't want to sound like a party pooper orwhatever, but would it not be better to bring the kitten home after Christmas when there is less craziness in the house. It could prove quite stressful for the kitten with noise and visitors etc. Also, there are so many more dangers at that time of year for kittens who are so inquisitive with decorations, as well as the foods that can be dangerous to them. I only mention as I want it to all be a lovely experience for your new kitten and family.
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Thank you for all of the replies! After learning so much valuable info on this forum and another, we have decided not to go with the original breeder. We didn't do our research originally like we should have and after asking for more info and trying to schedule a visit to meet the kittens (were told no) we got a bad feeling that we could be opening ourselves up to a world of hurt by bringing home a possibly sick kitten from a BYB. We are now researching reputable catteries in our area and are going to visit on today. If we decide to go with this particular place, the kitten would come home between 12-15 weeks.

Thank you all again! I'm sure I will continue to have questions as we move through this process!
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Originally Posted by TabbCatt View Post

No one needs a special diet for a certain breed/race of people!
Yes that makes a lot of sense about different breeds not needing a different diet. My question was more that I know long haired cats are more prone to hairballs, or so I've heard and can remember from my MIL's cat, so is there a food that can help prevent that. But she always gave her cat Cat Chow & table scraps so I'm sure the cat had other issues than just hairballs unfortunately. The cattery we are looking at has their kittens/cats on a raw food diet with dry food given to nibble on. I've heard that Trader Joe's has a good grain free wet food but is that considered grocery store quality? In your opinion is canned or pouch better? I know we may need to try several kinds before finding the one that works best but want to have a good place to start. Cost isn't an issue for a part of our family. We buy Organic milk & better cuts of meat (among other things) for our meals so will make sure our new baby is just as well taken care of

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If a breeder is reputable, he/she will send the kitten to your home with a little of the food that the kitten is already eating. You can introduce any different foods gradually by steadily decreasing the ratio of breeder's food to new food. A sudden switch to something new could lead to digestive problems.
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Himalayans are the best cats! My fluff Jasper is a Himalayan. I adopted him from the breeder when he was 12 weeks old.

Now, I know long-haired cats are generally supposed to be more hairball prone. Jasper, however, has NEVER had one in the entire time he's lived with me. Part of this is attributable to regular grooming habits. He and his brother Spot get their full coats combed every 2~3 days depending on how busy I am. A stainless steel, wide-toothed comb is best for Himalayan/Persian coats, and I follow that with a narrower toothed comb with different bristle lengths. Together, they are very effective at removing excess fluff.

Another reason why Jasper and Spot have never had hairballs may be attributable to their diet. I feed my fluffs NV:Instinct non-fish flavors on rotation, which supplemental treats occasionally (we love freeze-dried chicken.) I think this is generally considered a high quality food, and they absolutely love it! I split a 5.5 oz can twice each day between the two of them. With long-haired cats, the difference a good diet makes in the cat's coat can be remarkable. I adopted Spot from the shelter I volunteer at, where they feed Royal Canin dry. With the stress of being in the shelter and his poor diet and eating habits there, Mr. Spot's coat was looking pretty shabby when I adopted him, especially compared to Jasper who has always had the most luxurious fur. A month and a switch to the diet I described above and the difference is incredible! Softer, glossier, and much less shedding! For this reason, I highly recommend you look into a high quality canned or raw diet for your new kitten.

Jasper's breeder fed him equal portions of canned and dry, decent quality both. Switching him to all wet was extremely easy. I did it gradually, over the course of about a month.

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