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Hello! We may possibly be getting our first cat!

Well we have been thinking about adopting a cat over the past couple of years. Well, my daughter is older now, 7, and we may possibly be adopting a 5 yr old Declawed orange tabby. We just visited him today and this cat is a total lap cat!!! So loving!!! He was surrendered for allergies that the child had to the cats. I have researched alot over the yrs about cat care, so I kind of feel well informed, but a little overwhelmed as we have not had a pet (except a guinea pig), the 11 years of marriage. This is a big step, and we are taking our daughter tomorrow to see the cat.

Are first time jitters normal? Its almost like having a baby, huge decision.

I called the vet with some questions, because I'm thinking maybe its best to have the cat looked at again before we bring him home to settle .
Questions : I have are :
How many of you do parasite preventatives for your indoor cat?
Do you deworm yearly or just bring a stool sample yearly?

I am thinking I want want to do the most possible since I do not want the cat to get worms or a risk for my daughter.
The office did say its best to wash hands after handling cat.
How many of you wash your hands every time you touch your cat?? I was thinking more along the lines of washing my hands after handling the litter of course, and always washing before eating
I am slightly a germaphobe, but Im thinking once my cat is dewormed or checked for worms the risk would be really low if he is an indoor cat, and we have zero pets, plus doing a preventative monthly??

I am planning on Brushing my cat daily.

The Litterbox will be set up in a quiet spare bedroom/daughters hang out room. She doesnt go in there much anyway. Planning on trying the natures miracle disposable litter box in a cat bench or the Millers carpeted litter box enclosure from amazon. Got rave reviews! Also, shelter said he was fine with clumping litter at his home, but in the shelter they are using pellets.
Was thinking of the Arm and Hammer clumping litter.

Planning on Feeding wet food like Wellness, Evo, or natures variety.

One of my concerns is my house. Any help would be great. I guess I will be swiffering my floors more often, but I hope it will be manageable as I do like a clean, neat house I am a one pet kind of person, so I doubt I would ever get a second cat or pet.

What will my monthly costs be ?? i was thinking about $75.00 - $100 on average with preventatives, etc.

Any answers, pointers, tips, or anything to ease my mind woudl be great! Having a pet is almost like deciding on another child ..LOL

I apologize for the long post, but I am kind of new to the cat world, though with all my research I feel like I have almsot had one already. I just like to be prepared!! Also I am a stay at home mom so I can provide attn to the cat.
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Taking him to the vet right off the bat is a good idea.

I don't give my girls any flea medication (unless fleas get in the house) or deworming meds at all, they're indoor cats.

This cat sounds mellow, but most cats like to get up on counters because they like high spots, and most of us have given up on trying to keep them off. We just keep it boring, nothing breakable, and wipe it down before using.

There should be no risk of ringworm normally.

Hand washing? Heck, I pet my cats while I'm eating. I've eat food my cat has licked. I've drank out of their bowl. (Okay, just kidding on that last one.....)

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Vet check is a good idea. Also ask the vet to check kitties paws as declawing ( such a cruel thing to do) can leave them with pain. A fine litter is possibly the best so it's easy for the cat to dig in. Ideally you need 2 boxes in different areas of the house. Wet food is the best idea, as good a quality as you can afford. Try to get lots of varieties so if A recipe changes or cat decides to no longer like you won't be stuck. No matter how much you brush expect to get hair left on furniture etc. A nice cat tree near a window always goes down well and lots of toys of differing types. Then rotate them so they seem new and he doesn't get bored.
Like Marie said we gave up on the counters and ours eat on ours, then we clean them when finished or preparing food for us. I wash my hands after litter cleaning but no other time. They share a yogurt with me so I dip my finger in and out for them to pick and I eat the rest. They sleep with us on and in the bed sometimes. I in our house we lodge with the cats.
The payback is we get unconditional love, company, laughs and exercise chasing round with da bird or laying on the floor digging toys out from under the furniture.
I wouldn't change a thing
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I don't wash my hands after handling my indoor/outdoor kitty unless I'm going straight to food prep or something else that requires stricter sanitation. I bathe her every two weeks, though XD

I also wash my hands thoroughly after handling her food or ANYTHING to do with her litterbox. Some vets/websites will scare you to death about toxoplasmosis, but you just have to be logically careful (use a scooper, drop the waste into doggy waste bags and tie them up, and wash those hands) and you'll be fine!

I would strongly, STRONGLY recommend a collar and ID tag AND a microchip for your little gentleman, even if you are 100% sure he is going to be a totally indoor cat. Long story short, I have a friend in Arizona who swore her two indoor cats were "never going to get outside ever", so she did not microchip or collar/ID either... and of course the second her brother accidentally knocked out a screen window, both cats ran out it in a flash. The same thing in fact happened to her cousin's cat as well, who was not collared/IDed, chipped, OR spayed! The cat ran out the door when someone opened it, and ended up coming home pregnant. Long story short, collars are perfectly safe (my girl's been wearing one for 17 years!) and even "oh he'll never escape the house" indoor cats should be collared, chipped, and IDed, for safety's sake. A breakaway collar is a must - and the good thing is, since your boy's going to be indoors, even if he "loses" his collar, there's only so many places it can be!

Another bit of advice I've learned over the years is - put away those cat toys when it's NOT playtime, unless they're of the really tough, unbreakable variety (like a ball-in-a-circle-track or something). Cats will be more than happy to shred apart those little mouse toys and eat every scrap of them the second you have your back turned, and it's not worth a trip to the emergency vet to get a string or feather removed from their intestine! ;} Plus, just imagine ... it's 2am... and all you hear is JINGLE JANGLE JINGLE from the cat playing with his bell-in-a-ball toys ;} I put away all my cat's toys except this thing, which she loves like you wouldn't believe:

An all-wet-food diet is wonderful! Perfect :} Kibble is horrible for cats and can cause all kinds of issues, especially in male cats. Grain-free canned is the way to go. There are a lot of good brands out there - as others have mentioned, you might want to have a rotation since a cat may suddenly decide he just doesn't want the food he scarfed to the last atom yesterday. My cat is on a raw diet, but I keep several canned brands on hand for the days when she decides, for whatever reason, she doesn't want to eat the raw! ;}

Make sure he has a few water bowls, too, not just one - put them in a few different rooms if you can. For some reason cats seem to like a variety of water dishes, and some even like water fountains.

Even though your fellow is going to be indoors, a flea preventative like Revolution wouldn't hurt and also helps protect against other parasites. I'm not sure about deworming as I have little experience with it (it's never been an issue with my cat; either that or it's not an issue in my area? My vet has never brought it up, heh)

If you're planning on grooming every day (which is fantastic!), you probably won't see a TON of shed hair everywhere. I suggest investing in a lint-roller or two for clothing anyway though!

Your boy might also appreciate a "hideaway" type cat bed or cat tree - maybe nothing too high since he is declawed and I'm not sure how well declawed cats can scale a cat tree, or if they still like the "feel" of scratching a scratching post - but a nice enclosed cat bed will probably be appreciated so he has a place where he feels he is totally safe and isolated if he needs to just be by himself for a while.

Otherwise it sounds like you have things covered really well! Adopting an older boy means he likely won't be destructive like a kitten, and although he may be set in some habits/ways, he'll likely adjust to your family well.

One thing about enclosed litter boxes - they're mostly made for humans so we don't have to smell/see/think about the litter box. But the cat, whose sense of smell is much stronger than ours, may not appreciate going to the bathroom in a tiny, dark, enclosed space that already smells of his earlier trips to the restroom. If you clean the litterbox daily, for a single cat, you probably can go with an uncovered litterbox and he might appreciate it more. Unless he's like my cat and he's a litterkicker... her box is in the garage so I just sweep it out, but I can understand that's less of an option with an indoor cat. There are a lot of high-sided boxes out there, though!

Good luck and feel free to keep asking any other questions you may have! It sounds like you're well on your way though and your boy is going to be thrilled to have such a great home and family :}

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What a wonderful decision and adopting a 5 year old love bug is a great choice! Yes, it is a big decision but you have done your homework well and I don't think you will have problems. PLEASE calm yourself - this is going to be wonderful!!

I for one do not worry about internal parasites after I've adopted the cat. All at shelters are normally given a couple doses of worm meds and flea meds. If there are not issues (no vomiting or runny stools), I just don't concern myself. My cats are all indoor cats with the exception of being able to have access to a screened in porch 24/7 so I don't worry about them getting mice or rats which cause the issues for the most part.

Having adopted ALOT of cats over my many decades I would wait on buying special beds or trees and see what he prefers. Some prefer to sleep under beds, some prefer to sleep under chairs or sofas. Some like high hiding and resting places (in that case a nice cat tree would be great) but I would not spend money on anything but the basics right now:

A good large litter box with good quality scoopable litter (personally I HATE enclosed litter boxes because the plastic holds in smells) I completely agree with Lakotawolf: One thing about enclosed litter boxes - they're mostly made for humans so we don't have to smell/see/think about the litter box. But the cat, whose sense of smell is much stronger than ours, may not appreciate going to the bathroom in a tiny, dark, enclosed space that already smells of his earlier trips to the restroom.

A good quality scooper
Flat bottom good quality water crock style bowl (or 2)
Good quality food

Sit back and relax and please keep this thread updated with pics after you adopt him TODAY! (hint!).

P.s., don't let this one get away by dragging your feet!

Cat owners' prayer: "Lord help me be the person my cat thinks I am"
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