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adverse reaction to aspirin?

To keep things short, I'm considering giving 1/4 tablet low-dose aspirin to my stray tonight. Mobile vet is coming Monday, but I'm pretty sure he's in pain.

I know aspirin can cause stomach ulcers and bleeding, but the options are extremely limited (limited as in none).

If there's an adverse reaction, would a cat vomit immediately? If there's a chance that an adverse reaction wouldn't show for several hours, then I don't want to give it, because I don't know if I'll be able to monitor him more than 6-8 hours.
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Don't give it to him. Without getting advise from a vet you should never dose with human meds.

You could confine him to a small area, kewp him warm, well fed, and cozy. That'll do until a vet can come.

If he's in acute distress and can't wait until Monday you should attempt to catch him and take him in sooner.
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Is he injured or ill?
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Hi sprite !

It sounds like you already know that there are times when 1/4 of a pediatric aspirin can be used safely......

It also sounds like you may be between a rock and a hard place.

You're pretty sure he's in pain.....why?...what do you think is wrong ?

ONLY as a btw, is there a local rescue group of any kind ?
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I think he's reinjured a tail injury he got in the spring. X-rays showed some kind of lesion at the base of his tail - the vet said it looked like the kind of injury that happens when a cat has its tail pulled, or if the tail had gotten stuck somewhere and he pulled really hard to free himself.

I've been feeding him for about 5 years. He's gone all day but comes to eat dinner and sleep before disappearing in the wee hours. He has a house, a bed, and a heated pad in my screened-in porch. He'll come in for a bit when it's really cold, but he panics if he can't go back out.

A few days ago, he started kneading constantly on his bed. I didn't think much of it at the time. He's always loved kneading, and it was cold, so I thought he was just enjoying the warmth from the heated pad. Then a couple of nights ago, there were big poo streaks in his bed. When this happened in the spring, I thought maybe he had lost control of his bowels, but the vet said given the location of his injury, it was likely that peeing and pooping were uncomfortable positions for him. And of course he can't lift his tail...But he'd been clean until a couple of days ago.

So it wasn't until then that it dawned on me that he might be kneading to comfort himself.

He's super sweet but really freaks out when he feels confined. And I can't risk trying to get him into a carrier, because I'm afraid I'll worsen the injury.

So it has to be the mobile vet. Last time, he got metacam. The vet was very sensitive to my concerns, but there aren't many pain management options for stray kitties. I'm not sure which is the lesser of the two evils: metacam or aspirin.

Stryker, my vet recommended 1/4 tablet low-dose aspirin for Celia for her arthritis, then another 3 days later if there weren't any adverse effects and if it seemed to benefit her. And then to stretch it out so that I could give as little as possible but still provide some relief - every 5-7 days. I actually only gave her the one, because she seemed much better. Buprenorphine and other opioids aren't possible because of her constipation issues.
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Hi Spirite,
I think I'd go ahead and try getting 1/4 tablet, low dosage aspirin into might help tide him over till Monday, till the mobile vet can see him....poor Casper

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Thanks for writing up such a detailed history!

My own opinion from that is that he isn't in anything near moderate to severe pain....probably uncomfortable - the kneading is often seen as a self-comforting behaviour as well, a stress reliever.

Well, it's your call.....the likelihood is that it would do more good than harm. I might just continue to watch his behaviour and "attitude", looking for any other sign of actual pain. If he's likely to get Metacam Monday, then the sooner he gets the ASA the better.

The reason I asked about rescue groups is that, often, if we form relationships with them, they can be helpful in return when we're in a pinch like this....many have a supply of medications on hand - some even have access to vet services.

Can't offer much else for now. (so nice to read about what you're doing with and for him!)

(The reason for vomiting would be that it's upset the, when he might vomit depends on many factors....can't offer any timing on that)

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Just from a quick Google -

"The only thing you can give your cat is of a children's (81mg) aspirin once every other day. Do not exceed this dose unless under the advice of a veterinarian, and do not continue for longer than a week or you may end up with bleeding issues. Do not give this any more often. Cats metabolize aspirin very differently than people or dogs, and it take them 48 hours to metabolize one little half of a low dose aspirin."

First Aid Care

So, it sounds like it's okay to give the aspirin, but don't give him another, I guess :{ Poor guy, I hope he is okay in the long run!

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I have no experience with giving aspirins to cats so what I am about to say may be totally irrelevant but I have an ulcer and aspirin is a HUGE no for me because of something very specific and this makes me wary of it. If you are going to try it, I would really suggest using the child's version.

I'm a bit with Stryker in that if I was in this position, trying the rescue I support would be one of my first ports of call in this situation. They even have a tame vet!
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10cats, I was going to, but he wasn't eating much at all, and I didn't want to risk him rejecting food because he sniffed out the aspirin. However, I got some Miralax into his wet food earlier tonight, and just now, he ate a bit, so maybe he was constipated.

LOL Stryker - that was my "short" version! So you don't think he's too terribly uncomfortable? Would I be looking for him to stop eating, or to stop going off to play during the day to know he's in pain?

Thanks LakotaWolf! My vet said 1/4 tablet; I gave Celia about 1/5, because she's small, and because she has had adverse reactions to other things.

Arianwen, aspirin is definitely a last resort, precisely because of the risk of stomach ulcers. I do have the low-dose aspirin - it's what used to be called children's aspirin.

At any rate, I decided to forgo the aspirin, since I believe it takes 2-3 days for cats to metabolize it, and he's probably getting metacam tomorrow.

Weirdly, he seems to have regained some feeling in his tail. It's not hanging straight down. Fingers crossed that he regains full feeling. That should also help keep him clean. That's good, because I can't keep washing his bed. It's coming apart. My washing machine had a bunch of green foam in it.
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