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Ringworm treatement

I noticed my Jasmine had a black spot right inside he nostril, on the edge, and thought it might be cat acne so I took her to the vet and he thinks/says it looks like ringworm.

She also had some on and off swelling on her lower lip where the top fang touches. I noticed she also seemed to be scratching the side of her mouth towards the nostril on the corner of desks a whole lot.

As per the vet instructions I have bought some Lime/sulpher for shrubs and fruit trees and will dilute it as the instructions on sheet the vet gave me.

That said I live in an apartment and there's carpet in the living-room and it just not feasible to move the huge tv desk and the huge corner PC desk in there even though she play under and around those areas. I know I should be washing my cloths everyday as well as the blanket that are on our couch.

I don't think my wife or son has any ringwoorm and I don't "think" I have any either. That said I have severe plaque psoriasis, it's under control right now with bitotic injection i get monthly, so I am not sure if I would be able to tell the difference.

Plan is to use my sons room as a "clean room" to put some of her stuff after washing it down with bleach and to:

wash all cloths daily and keep her out of my son room
vacuum daily
wash floor daily
disinfect the cat post with bleach ~ store in my sons room till she cleared up
replace blankest on the couch with cheap sheets I can wash daily, wash blanket ofc
wash/disinfect all the cats stuff and put most of it away in the "clean room"

Some questions I have is:

Can I start treatment now before I start disinfecting the environment?

Should I just flat out give her a lime sulpher dip or just dab some on the infected areas, as per the vet, on my poor Jasmine which would be around where her whiskers come out near her nose and just below her ears?

Is washing cloths with tide free and gentle good enough and should I add some bleach to every wash?

Is bleach good enough or should I be buying something better to disinfect cat toys/bed/beddings/cloths and floors?

I want to keep the environment as clean as possible but some people seem to go full on disinfect burn stuff everyday which is just not possible for me, thinking of the carpet in the livingroom not sure if just vacuuming is enough?

What can I use as a spray I can spray on her cat post and maybe on the carpets and cat bedding's that would be better than bleach so I could just then store some stuff in the "clean room"?


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Sorry can't edit after 5 mins.....

For the spray for carpets and her cat post I would also like to use on maybe my TV desk and PC desk and other things we can't easily wash or soak in the washer.

Also I am in Canada, Qc so hopefully something I can get locally or can order from amazon.CA. I mention this as I have noticed lots of stuff you guys have just isn't available up here, noticed this when trying to find decent wet cat food for her.

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Exclamation could it be ringworm?

This is the first post but i made it because i want to know whats wrong with Nola. there are red spots around her ears some are bumps. she scratches them and they bleed. please help me out, thanks!
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Here's a link to Ringworm and how it should be treated on the cat and the environment.

It is very intensive and a lot of work, disinfecting the environment (floors, wood surfaces, etc.). My "Fitty" came down with ringworm shortly after I got him, and it took me a good 2 mos. to get rid of it completely. My other cat Zuba got it too on his head and neck and even I got some on my neck. It's nasty and a big bother, believe me, but if you don't get rid of the spores in the environment, you can be re-infected and so can your cat or other animals. I used a hospital-grade antifungus, antiviral cleaner called "simple green-d Pro 3" which I got a hardware store (can't recall which one now), and also application of a special antifungual cream for "ringworm and jock itch" called "Clotrimaderm (Clotrimazole Cream USP,1%)" available at most drug stores or from a vet. I expect it should be available in Quebec. Good luck!...if you are very diligent in cleaning the environment daily and administer the cream as directed you will get rid of it, but it may take a couple of months.

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Thanks for the reply, I indeed found some simple pro 3 green at home depot.

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@nolacat, it could be our cat just had a pimple looking like black spot in the side of her nose and some very faint red lines/dot just under the ears, where there's less fur, that looked more like scratches but vet said he was fairly certain it was ringworm.

The only thing I would suggest is take the cat to a vet and make sure they do a UV light test or take a sample to confirm it is ringworm even if you start treatment for that right way.

I didn't and kind of regret it as it's lots of work to clean the apartment daily and will be annoyed if it ends up being something else. I plan on taking the cat back to the vet in 6 to 8 weeks if this hasn't cleared up and will insist on proper testing this time rather than just a visual inspection.

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