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Question Extremely Finicky Kitty

So, my girl is a rescue (the story is in her photo album... minus pictures cuz I can't remember how to upload pics to albums. EEp!) so she has her ultra quixotic, persnickety qualities like all abused creatures (even humans). I've worked with her as much as I can but there are some things that still remain and I know some of that is just Laci! So I wouldn't dream of changing that. However, Laci is a terribly small kitty (7 lbs) and she fights to keep that weight because of her extremely finicky manner.

Honestly, one part of me finds it hilarious that a kitty that was previously living on the streets everyday, nobody feeding her, would be THIS picky!! When I first brought her in about 15 months ago, she didn't even know what to do with water and it literally took her about 6 days to finally go over and start drinking it! Now she MUST HAVE IT! But foods... wow. I mean I have tried so many different things. I buy the expensive stuff usually. I do wet and supplement with dry (since I'm disabled and can't always get up and prepare wet). I started off with Natural Balance and Instinct. I went to BFF. Then to Tiki Cat. That's what I have now for wet. But I have also dipped into Friskies upper line as well on occasion. She'll LOOOVE the wet food to begin with, then she'll suddenly start snubbing it. And not like most cats where they at least eat some of it. No, I mean she will stop eating it. And when you try to get just as stubborn with her she will starve herself for DAYS. Not just with one brand. She's done this with all of them! But then act like she wants them when it comes time to eat. It confuses the c rap out of me!

Of course she's done the same with dry food. But dry is less expensive so for now I've settled for just putting dry food down and I only give her wet about once every 7 to 10 days. And when I give it, then she eats it up! But only half to 2/3 of a can... and the rest ends up in the trash. It's too expensive for me to keep throwing this stuff away. I've thrown away SOOOOOO much of this super expensive food... and the cheaper stuff too when I tried that.

One thing of note: She's a very messy eater. And I noticed that that gets a little better, and she eats a bit better if I raise the bowl up on a small box to the height of her head. I dunno what all that means if anything. But this doesn't completely fix the problem... just makes it a little better.

I know it's bad, but I actually mix treats in her dry food now just to make sure she gets enough calories because she used to fight to keep that 7 lbs. And she HATES that calorie gel stuff. -- I didn't do the treats for the first few months so her issue isn't cuz of that.

Does anyone have ANY clues at all as to what this might be or how I can help her? How to feed an extremely picky cat? I'm hoping someone will know something.

I remember coming here about the issue of my Kira knocking food out of his bowl and you guys are how I learned about this thing called Whisker Stress! =) So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there is some answer out there that will help her.

Take care everyone. *hugs*

P.S. How do I upload pics to an album?
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Hi Anjalena,

It's good to see you again! And oh my goodness, Laci is too cute for words!

I also have an extremely picky, extremely stubborn, eater (who now has late stage CKD so is even more difficult to please), so I commiserate. Celia would rather starve than eat something she doesn't want to eat - which is actually where we have been for the past couple of days. I have opened 6 cans of food in that time.

How old is Laci? It's possible that there's something medical going on, so just in case, I'd probably want to have her checked out. The first thing that I would wonder, especially since you mention the messy eating, is whether she's got an ouchy tooth or something else going on in her mouth.

If it is just fussy eating, what I've discovered seems to work best lately is to never feed the same thing more than two days in a row, and to introduce a new flavor regularly. That keeps her interested. Most often, Celia will eat about 1/2-1/3 of a 3-oz can for her first two plates but won't eat a third, so I switch to a different food for the second two plates (being a kidney kitty, she gets fed very often). If I'm lucky, I can use the rest of at least one of the cans the next day. Even storing the leftovers in glass containers, she sometimes won't eat them the next day, and certainly not after 2 days. The big cans are a total waste, as she'll rarely eat more than 1/3.

Or is it a texture issue? Is there a certain texture she prefers? Celia will only do pate. Chunks I can put in the processor, and some come out smooth. Shreds she won't do at all - just licks the liquid - and they don't smush in the processor.

For extra calories, you might try kitten food every few days, or go with higher-calorie foods. Weruva, BFF, and foods in gravies in general seem to have fewer calories than pates. If you're not familiar with these lists of canned foods, they both give calorie totals of a bunch of different brands. Tanya's: Tanya's Comprehensive Guide to Feline Chronic Kidney Disease- Canned Food Data USA. This one is arranged by lowest phosphorus, just fyi, but the calorie count is there.

The other is from catinfo.org. When I tried to copy the link, it persists in wanting to download the pdf, but you'll see it from the home page.

Hope you get her eating!
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^ Everything spirite said. My previous cat was the same way. As she got older she became more and more picky. Found out she was having digestive issues. I would give her a different small can of wet food every day. Never the same one more than 2-3 days in a row. Eventually she was no longer able to process dry food anymore so it was a different can of small food multiple times a day. Was a pain but also a labor of love.
I do suggest getting a full vet check up. Teeth are often overlooked but thats an easy place to start. Please let us know if you go to the vet and what they say.
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