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Help with Weight Loss

Hello everyone it has been a while since I have asked for help in this department but we seem to have hit a snag in the road with two of my kitties weight loss. I have 4 cats total but two I've been battling weight issues with since I've gotten them. Mama is my biggest concern as she came to me at a year and a half old weighing 20lbs I managed to since adopting her get her weight down but she is now hovering at around 15-16lbs again...her daughter Sophie is my other overweight kitty by a couple pounds and she manages to lose it and then gain it once again. All cats are fed separately from each other and are not given people food or treats. I do own dogs as well and they have zero access to that as well. They are fed a combo of dry in the morning and wet at night(I have tried for years to convert my kitties to all wet and they will not budge no matter what I have done they will starve themselves) and they don't always finish all their food. I make sure to get in anywhere from 3-4 play sessions of 20 min with them each day but these are not always successful anymore. I am pretty much at a loss of what else I can do for them and if anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it and so would my girls! Thank you all in advance!
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It sounds like it might be time to make them work for their dry food.

There are kitty mazes, and things like treat balls, though the openings may be too large for it to work really well with most kibble. If your kitties are couch potatoes, these might work well. I had a treat ball and my Margaux, much as she loved her treats, decided they weren't worth having to push the ball around and wait for the treats to roll out. What worked well with her was making her chase her kibble. I would skitter pieces, one at a time, across the floor. Each time I took a new piece and moved it back and forth on the floor a little, her eyes would get really big, her butt would go up in the air and do the excited pre-pounce wiggle, and then I'd roll it across the floor and she would run after it.

When I did this in the kitchen, the kibble would ricochet off the metal legs of my kitchen chairs, like a pinball. Margaux would go bounding after a piece of kibble only to have it go zinging past her in a different direction so she would be running all over chasing this one tiny piece of kibble. Good exercise for her and great entertainment for me.
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How much are you feeding of each type of food....and what brands?

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spirite-That is something I have not yet tried making them do I will try that out and see how it goes. We had a treat ball years ago but no one ever showed any interest in it so we ended up donating it. Sounds like it worked out well for you so fingers crossed it works with my girls as well!

doodlebug-We are currently only feeding twice a day with dry food in the morning being 1/4 of a cup and canned food in the evening half of a 5oz can for each cat. However they do not always finish their portion of wet food or dry food either so some days it is less. They are currently eating Blue which I know is a controversial brand however it is sold at my work and our kitties haven't had any issues while on we feed the grain free dry food. I have tried other brands for wet from work as well and they have turned their noses up at it completely. Open to suggestions though!
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I would also keep trying to change them over to an all-wet or mostly-wet diet, slowly upping the percentage of wet and decreasing the percentage of dry. I know how frustrating it is. I tried on and off for years with my girls, then started making a more consistent effort about 4-5 years ago. It wasn't until about 2 or 2.5 years ago that I finally managed to get Celia onto 100% wet - 13+ years after I adopted her!

I think the key was finding a food that she liked better than the dry. That took a ridiculously long time and a ridiculous number of different foods. If spending hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours trying to find the magic food doesn't sound appealing to you, maybe toppers would entice them to eat more of the wet? Something like freeze-dried raw or bonito flakes that you can crumble up? Or, if they like fishy flavors, maybe mixing in some of the water from a can of tuna or sardines?
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I was using a freeze dried chicken topping and my fussy kitties still starting turning up their noses on food I had been buying for awhile and rotating. I read that someone ground up kibble and used it as a topping so I have done that now and spring very little on the canned food. It seems to be working. I also read on the forum that bacteria can form when kibble get wet so I take it up after 10-15 minutes even if there is some still on it.

I also had to try many brands, etc.
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A tip that I did was to add a little wet food to dry and then less and less dry over time. Also I would crush up some dry kibble that they loved and sprinkle it over the wet food. I also did the "chase the kibble game" as Spirite suggested. Found that the treat balls really were not a hit and just sat there. It took a long time for me to switch them over to all wet but had to due to chronic constipation with one , so don't lose hope. All your hard work will pay off.
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Thank you everyone! I do want to apologize for being so late to answer you all it has been a little hectic around here.

spirite-Thats good to hear that it is possible even with fussy kitties! I haven't given up hope yet on getting them on an all wet diet or mostly wet. We did try freeze dried raw a couple years back and they were not to crazy about it but I can always try again. We haven't tried bonito flakes though but they aren't a fan of fishy flavors. I for sure need to get Sophie and Mama to lose their extra pounds that we have hit a snag on so willing to try anything at this point. Are there any brands you would suggest?(I have a list of all the brands we have tried written down somewhere so I will find that and get back to you all on that).

cat owner again-I never thought about grounding up their kibble before and sprinkling it on the wet food. I'll have to give that a try and see what happens.

KRZ's Mom-I will give those a try and see how it goes. Thank you!
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I know a lot of people won't agree with me on this, but perhaps you can try feeding your cat Royal Canin's Satiety Dry Food?
And I speak from my own personal experience.

A couple of years ago, my cat Snowy almost died and his weight was down to 7 pounds at his lowest (from a healthy 10.3 pounds).
However, he made a full recovery and his weight ballooned up to 14.7 pounds at his heaviest.
I used to feed him wet food (Holistic Select/Wellness) twice a day, with some dry kibble (Taste-of-the-wild Grain-free) in between as I work long hours. I knew back then he was overweight and he needed to lose the extra pounds. But his weight keep going up and up and I was really at a loss of what to do.

When my vet suggested feeding him the Royal Canin's Satiety food and cutting off his wet food totally, I was very upset and skeptical at first. However, I relented and tried cutting down his wet feeding to once a day and changed his dry food to the RC Satiety. I started doing that around last September, and my cat began to lose weight slowly. He weighs a healthy 11.9 pounds now and I am slowly trying to increase his wet food intake again. But I am very lucky that Snowy is not a picky eater and it is quite easy to rotate between wet and dry food with him.

I know a lot of people are against kibble and personally I do want Snowy to eat all wet only if possible, but RC Satiety did help my cat lose weight and hopefully it can help your cat too.
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