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Cat admitted for Kidney Failure. Sad and shocked

My name is Prad and I live in France. We have 3 cats, Kitty, Silver and Willow. Our first cat, Kitty, who is 9 years old recently got diagnosed for Chronic Kidney Failure.
She's always had cystitis problem (bladder infection) and we've been giving her special food for last 4-5 years.
Few days ago, she was not feeling good. She started vomiting foamy liquid. She was not eating anything and would crouch into a position and not move for hours. Her eyes looked dull. Overall she looked sick.
So we took her to a vet. The vet ran a blood test and found out that her creatinine, and urea levels were high.
Creatinine was 130 mg/L and Urea was 3.7 g/L. He said the test results, especially of creatinine was so high that it did not give him an exact idea of the situation of the cat's health. He wanted to keep Kitty under some fluid at his clinic and run another blood test the next day.
He did another blood test the next day and still did not see any improvement on the creatinine level. So he ran an X-ray and an ultrasound which showed that her kidneys were swollen, one swollen more than the other one. At first my wife and I were bit relieved because we thought that one of kitty's kidneys was bad so we could just remove it and the other one would take charge and function normally. But the vet said that the kidney that was less swollen was not functioning and due to the extra workload on the other kidney, the kidney swelled to a larger proportion.
For the moment kitty is still hospitalized with drops administered to her. It's been 4 days. We visit her daily to give her rubs and love. My opinion is that she looks better than she was when we took her to the vet. Her eyes look less dull. She purrs when we rub her, moves her head and seems to acknowledge our presence. The vet will take another blood test in 2 days to find out at what stage her CKD is.

But we are so lost. Our mind always thinks the worst. She looked absolutely fine one day and sick the other day. It was so sudden that we are bit in a shock. We don't know what to expect and the vet does not seems to have a sure answer. Sometimes I wonder if he is hesitating to give us the worst news and wants to be sure before he does so. I just want Kitty to feel better and come home so that we can adjust her food and medication so that she can live longer. 9 year old is young. She is our first cat and we feel her absence so much.

Thank you for reading.
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Hi Prad and welcome to the forum !

The very best information and support for you is likely to come from the specialized online community of people who are already managing their cats' kidney issues - and have been doing this online for many years. They've had thousands of members - and, by joining up there you'll be able to benefit from all of their collective experience.

The group is sponsored by the same woman who wrote and manages the site (that some people call) the "Oracle" of all things kidney-kitties: Tanya's Comprehensive Guide to Feline Chronic Kidney Disease - Everything You Need to Know to Help Your Cat

You'll find them right here: Tanya's CKD Support Group

BEFORE you join, I recommend you get a new, separate email account (Yahoo & Gmail work) - because they use email as their 'operating platform'. A separate email addy will help you best manage the information flow.

If you'd like to know more about the group, there's lots about it here: Tanya's Guide - Support Group

I encourage you to be patient....I know it's been four days that she is receiving fluid therapy and you are seeing only mild improvement. However, this is normal with many cats. We saw one cat on this forum who needed months (at home, with periodic treatments) before his test results returned to a more normal range.

I would encourage you not to make any irreversible decision until you have had the benefit of discussing her situation with the people in that online group.

Do keep us would be nice, too!

Hope that helps !
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Hi Prad,

I'm so sorry about Kitty's condition. I had a CKD kitty as well, and I saw that you found your way to the CKD support group as suggested by Stryker.

9 is quite young for CKD, and with such a sudden onset and high readings, is it possible that she ingested something toxic?

At any rate, if her numbers improve after a couple more days on IV fluids, to flush her system, then I think you have every reason to be optimistic. It's a good sign that she seems more alert, so don't lose hope! Many of us in the CKD support group found our way there when our vets recommended euthanasia. But upon following the advice we got, we saw huge improvement in our kitties. My cat was already stage 4 when I joined, but I had an extra 3+ months with her; some members' kitties were diagnosed years ago and are still doing well.
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Thank you everyone for your advice.
The vet is going to run another blood test tomorrow. I have my fingers crossed.
She's been on fluids for 4 days now. What make me have hope is her condition. Even though her Creatinine and Urea numbers had not gone down after 2 days on fluids, she looked more alert and her eyes less dull than when she was admitted. This makes me believe that she might be feeling better. But the numbers and suggesting something else.
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Hi Prad,

Don't give up hope. You said in the support group that she had been out 2 days before she got sick, and wasn't in the garden as she normally would have been, so it really seems like she may have eaten something that was toxic.

In that case, the IV fluids will help to flush that out, but the toxin would probably still be in her system. 2 days generally does not make any significant difference. Most kitties in acute situations seem to need 4-5 days before the numbers start to come down.

It's a good sign that she's looking more alert. I have my fingers crossed for you!
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Hi Spirite,
Kitty is home with us

So this afternoon, we got a call from the clinic and they did a blood test which showed positive signs. Here is the result:
CREA 15.5 mg/L (8.0 - 24.0)
UREA 0.363 g/L (0.336-0.756)

According to the vet, the fact that she was given fluids for 5 days lowered her creatinine and urea levels.
So we left the clinic with her, some antibiotics and her new food which is, Virbac, K(kidney), Kidney Support (Renal insufficiency). Does anyone have any opinion about this food?
She has a history of urinary tract infections and was under a different type of food; the vet suggested that she starts her new food as it is easier to treat a urinary tract infection than kidney failure.
We are also looking to get a small water fountain to encourage her to drink more.
I don't know how long before Kitty shows another sign of kidney failure, but we will do our best to make sure that she lives a long and relatively healthy life.
What else can we do besides changing her food and encouraging her to drink more water?

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You could add water to her wet food to make it almost soupy.

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Sometimes this is inherited and all you can do is keep them comfortable. Wet (canned) food may prolong her life a bit.
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Hi Prad,

Those are some *great* numbers!

I'm not familiar with that food, but Kitty's BUN and creatinine are now in normal range. Is her phosphorus level high? If not, then does she really need to be on a prescription renal food now? They are the best for keeping phosphorus low, but they are also not very high in protein, so the accepted protocol is not to start them earlier than necessary. Rather, you could look for a non-renal food that has a low phosphorus content but more protein.

Getting her to drink more water, and adding water even to wet food, are great ways to prolong her kidney health!
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