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Unhappy 9 y/o cat not eating

Hi all, looking for any advice, namely, should I try to syringe feed my girl a little bit?

My 9 y/o cat Rosie's appetite has been gradually getting worse over the past week-ish, until she was just eating a few bites on Wednesday. Yesterday we bought some fancy feast gravy lovers and she licked up all the gravy and a small amount of the chunks several times, but by the evening she wasn't interested even in the gravy anymore. She wouldn't even eat treats. This morning she wouldn't touch any food and puked up some stomach acid. My vet was booked today but allowed us to drop her off and they worked her in between appointments, so unfortunately I wasn't with her for her exam, just talked to the vet on the phone. My husband picked her up and took her home around 1pm.

They did a physical exam and a whole body x-ray. They found some arthritis forming in her back, but nothing else out of the ordinary. She has some plaque/tarter in her mouth, but nothing seemed to be painful there. They gave her an antibiotic injection and cerenia for vomiting. The vet thought that would make her feel better and get her eating, and if no improvement to come back Monday for blood work.

Since coming home she still won't eat. She did a poop that seemed to be a solid poo with diarrhea at the same time, and there was a small amount of red blood and mucus. I found some more clear puke spots and a hairball when I got home from work, which may be hers or one of the other cats.

It's been about 24 hours where she's basically eaten nothing. Should I syringe feed her something at this point? Or would that be a bad idea?

My vet has no appointments tomorrow either but I'm going to call in the morning if this keeps up and see if she can be worked in again for some bloodwork

Does anyone have any advice? I'm worried sick about her
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I would take her into the vet for bloodwork tomorrow....the red blood in the poo is worrisome to me. You should call the vet to get his opinion on syringe feeding her, or if office is closed it's possible an emergency vet can give you some advice. All the best!

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What now? Vet couldn't find anything wrong

I posted last week about my 9 y/o cat Rosie who stopped eating. Does anyone have ideas on what this could be? What should be my next course of action?

For a few months now Rosie would turn her nose up at breakfast (she's strictly indoors, on an all-canned diet) but would return about an hour later to eat. Last week she was doing it for all meals until Wednesday she barely ate anything. We bought some Fancy Feast which got her to eat some Thursday morning but by Thursday evening she wouldn't touch anything, not even treats. Friday morning she puked up stomach acid. So, she went to the vet Friday morning, during which they did a physical exam and an all-body x-ray and didn't find anything wrong. She was given an antibiotic injection and an injection of something else to settle her stomach. The vet thought she'd be feeling much better and would eat. We took her home and she had a diarrhea with a small amount of blood Friday afternoon and still wouldn't eat, so she went back to the vet on Saturday where they ran blood work (which all came back normal) and they kept her overnight for observation. She did not have any vomiting or diarrhea while there and they started syringe feeding her. We picked her up on Sunday where they gave us some Science Diet I/D and instructions to syringe feed her that, and some pills for diarrhea (which I've been bad about forgetting to give her).

It's now Thursday and syringe feeding is going well - I'm getting an entire can into her each day, she's handling it well and is not puking up any food, but she's still not eating on her own, has puked up a hairball and another stomach acid with hair in it that I've seen, and has had some more diarrhea (though I've been bad about giving her the pills - have resolved to give them to her now). Other than not eating she acts pretty normal.

She's not gotten any better, not gotten any worse. What now? What could this be? Do I just keep syringe feeding her to see if she snaps out of it? If we go back to the vet, what else can they do or what should I ask them to do now?

Thanks for any advice
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Hi. I am so sorry to hear about Rosie.

I just want to share a but about my past experience with my cat, Snowy. About 2.5 years ago, due to over-medication and unknown reasons, Snowy was incapable of walking (he exhibited signs of neurological problems but my vet wasn't able to say what caused it). He would just lie down all day long, often poop & pee outside of his litter box and has no appetite at all. So I had to force feed him for about 1.5 months (I would put him on my lap and open his mouth, while my mom would scoop some wet food and put it inside his mouth). Thankfully he was still willing to swallow the food and this continued throughout the whole 1.5 months. He did lose a lot of weight though. He went down to 3.2 kg at his lowest from a healthy 4.7 kg.

He now weighs 5.4 kg and is a very healthy cat. I had to go to 3 different vets before I found my current one who cured him. We started with giving him pain medication (tramadol) twice a day and bringing him to an acupuncture specialist twice a week. It took time for him to recover (about a couple of weeks before he could walk properly again, and about 3 months before he could jump).

I don't think Rosie has the same sickness as Snowy, but maybe you can try asking your vet for some pain meds for her arthritis, and if there is an acupuncture specialist in your area, I would highly recommend you to try taking her there. I was personally very skeptical of acupuncture at first too but I firmly believed it was what helped Snowy to be able to walk and run again (I still bring him once every 6 weeks now for maintenance).

So I guess what I am trying to say is don't give up too soon on Rosie. As long as she is still willing to swallow the food, I think there is still a chance for her to recover. I wish you all the best and I hope dear Rosie will be able to recover soon. Sending you lots of prayers and hugs from Indonesia.
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Hi acco,

How is Rosie doing? Did she get the full bloodwork done? If not, I would strongly encourage it.

Is she pooping ok? If it was just a bit of blood in the poo along with mucus, it could be from straining if she's constipated. That can be the case even if she has diarrhea.

Vomiting clear liquid: Is this happening in the morning, before she eats? It can be a sign of stomach acid, which will build up when kitties' tummies are empty. If that was the issue, I'd ask the vet about givign an antacid. But between the vomiting and diarrhea, and inappetance, I'd really have to wonder if it's not constipation. Maybe she ingested something she shouldn't have, that she's having trouble passing. I know she had an x-ray, but maybe it's something wouldn't show on x-ray?
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