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Re: Things that saved my home! Solving Urine Problems

My new feral kitty peed all over ME today!
I'm not sure if she was angry, not feeling well, or really relaxed.
She peed in the box later so I think she just was in the wrong place, wrong time.
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Re: Things that saved my home! Solving Urine Problems

Maybe she wanted to express the warm feelings she has for you kidding
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Re: Things that saved my home! Solving Urine Problems

Originally Posted by Chewysmom
My new feral kitty peed all over ME today!
How new is your kitty?
Sounds to me that she may have been either excited or really scared....if it keeps on happening then I would be concerned but if not then chalk it up to nerves!

Mom to male cat Bishop (12 years old) and female cat Lexus (9 years old)
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Re: Things that saved my home! Solving Urine Problems

I have 3 cats (2 females, 1 male) and the male has been peeing outside of the litter box on a regular basis ever since I got him. It's not marking, as I've seen him do it numerous times. It's really just like a regular pee. It's not an infection (though he did have one once, which just increased the number of times he peed about tenfold) as it's been going on for 6 years now. The time length rules out schedule changes, location changes, etc. It hasn't increased or diminished during any of those events.

If the bathroom door is left open, he will most definitely end up peeing in the tub.

If ANYTHING flat is on the floor, and I do mean ANYTHING (plastic bag, newspaper, electric cords, bath mat, etc) he will mark it sooner or later. Sometimes it's immediate, I'll come out of the shower and leave the bathroom door open accidentally while going to get dressed, I'll come back 2 minutes later and there's a pee spot on the bath mat.

Occasionally it will be on the couch, for no apparent reason. Usually it will be in some random corner. Sometimes in front of the litter. I've moved several times, and he will just randomly go at it in the new place which rules out returning to a smell.

If I go on vacation for more than 48 hours he will pee on my bed, 100% of the time. This happens occasionally when I'm NOT away, but very rarely.

The boxes (there are 3) are cleaned regularly (scooped out) and thorough cleaned every 2 weeks (full empty out and scrubbing with fresh new litter), and I add Arm & Hammer deodorizer. The deodorizer is not the cause, as I have only been doing this for about a year, and there has been no increase/decrease in the peeing.

By now I've just learned to deal with it, as has my girlfriend thankfully (no way in **** I'm getting rid of him) and made adjustments to my way of doing things... but seeing this thread is giving me a slight hope that maybe, just maybe, I can end this.

Edit: Weird as it is, the newest cat's arrival (young female I saved) has seemingly DIMINISHED his peeing slightly. Yes he's neutered, has been since he was around a year old.
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Re: Things that saved my home! Solving Urine Problems

We have been very lucky I guess. From the first night we brought our two furballs home,,not once have they ever gone where they shouldn't have. Except once Lenny would go in the sink when he had crystals in his urine.
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Re: Things that saved my home! Solving Urine Problems

We have one cat that on occasion does not use the litterbox to pee. She, however is doing it out of spite. She is my hubbys cat (no question) and when she is mad at him, or he is gone for more then a weekend, I have to hide all of his clothes, otherwise she will pee on only his things.

She has on occasion, let us know that the litter box was not up to her standards by peeing in laundry baskets.

It is annoying, but we know the cause of it. I was really glad that it was a personal (or emotional) problem, and not a medical one =D

It is kinda cute, except when I have to clean it.

Poor little kitty is mad at daddy

Purring is natures way of telling you that you have a very special little furball!
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Re: Things that saved my home! Solving Urine Problems

My roommate and I had a problem with our cats not using the litterbox.

My rooomate bought a plastic litter catcher mat and put it in front so that the litter wouldn't get everywhere. The cats were constantly peeing on this mat! We got all different kinds of mats, thinking "they won't use this one!" but they just kept right on urinating on them.

Finally, we took all the mats away and just put the litter box right on the floor. Suddenly, the urinating only occured IN the litter box.

Apparently, the cats (or one of them) thought that the mats were PART of the litter box... LOL

So, if you use a mat by your box and your cat is going on it... take it away and see what happens
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Re: Things that saved my home! Solving Urine Problems

Sorry if this was already asked I haven't read the whole post yet.

I have cream colored carpet and was wondering is Nature's Miracle Just for Cats will discolor the carpet at all.
Daisy is had some peeing issues on of course my carpet is only three years old so this sounds like a great thing for me to do but I want to make sure it will not discolor the carpet like a different brand I tried once.
Also the carpet shampooer do you think anyone will do as long as it really scrubs will work?

thank you so much for the great idea.
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Re: Things that saved my home! Solving Urine Problems

Cats are sensitive creatures. Make sure that you do not provoke you cat by using gentle motions towards it. Hamish used to pee a lot away from his litter box. The reason in the end was that the litterbox was near to our bathroom door. The constant movement of guests towards our bathroom was scaring him. Try to find a quiet place for your litterbox.

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Re: Things that saved my home! Solving Urine Problems

Hi,i'm just new on the forum,looks really good.I noticed that cats peeing in the wrong places seems to be a big problem.My cats problem was that she would stand in the litter box,but actually pee outside it because she didn't stoop down.My solution to this was to keep the litter box in the bathtub,and every time there was pee outside the box,i'd just rinse it away with disinfectant and water.I know a lot of people might consider it a bit gross,but it's more hygenic than pee getting on the floor,and because a bathtub is ceramic and non porus,the smell never built up or lingered.Obviously every time the tray was cleaned,i'd give the bathtub a very good clean too,after all i did have to bathe in it! As far as i know,nobody ever told me i was smelly! Unfortunately the cat i'm talking about,Merlin,is very old now,and at first i put a stool next to the bath and she would use that to get into the bath,but eventually she couldn't climb into the bath,and she would just pee on the bathroom floor,so now the litter box is on the floor and she's back to standing in the box and peeing outside it,i've got to clean up the pee on the vinyl tiles but the smell is awful and i know that when poor Merlin is gone,i'll have to rip them up and hope the smell hasn't went right through to the floorboards.Thanks.Bye,Kenny.
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