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Things that saved my home! Solving Urine Problems

Since inappropriate urination often occurs because of a urinary tract infection, the mods felt that this should be a sticky in both the Behavior and Health & Nutrition Forums.

If your cat is urinating outside the box, the very first step is to head to the vet to rule out a urinary tract infection.

Thank you to Celebsilmare for sharing her experience with us.

Originally Posted by Celebsilmare
I know that typically this forum hosts questions and concerns. I though it should include some praise for behavior fixes that work.

Until about a month ago, I was having to deal with my cats peeing on EVERYTHING. I tried vinegar first, no luck. Resolve, no luck, pet odor carpet cleaner, no luck. Enzymatic spray, nothing. I was going out of my mind! I was honestly at the point where I thought I was going to have to get rid of my cats to keep my things from being ruined all the time. But then I decided to go on the offensive, rather than lose my babies.

Here's the solution I found. I posted this in one thread, but I thought that this post could help more people who may not think they have any other recourse. You have to do this all on one night.

1) Have the following items ready:
Nature's Miracle Just for Cats
A little battery powered blacklight (real blacklight not incandescent)
Deep cleaning machine (I like the little green machine)
Cat Attract litter (enough for all boxes)
A litter box for every cat + 1 (yes that many)
Lots of pennies
2) Confine cats to one room
3) Set up one box with cat attract and run other's through dishwasher.
This will clean all smells off of it and insure only the cat attract smell
is being picked up by the cat. Fill boxes and do the other the same
way, using ONLY the cat attract litter. Vary litter levels.
4) Have pennies in pocket, blacklight in one hand, Nature's Miracle in the
5) Turn off lights and get low to the floor. Start in a corner of one room
and continue throughout rest of home.
Every spot that glows green or shows up black, spray. Then place a
penny on top of the spot. Do this until you have gotten every spot
with the cleaner. Be sure to soak the spot, not just spray.
6) Once you are satisfied that you have found all the spots, Turn the
lights back on. There's a penny on every spot to be cleaned.
7) Let spray sit for 15 minutes and set-up deep cleaning machine.
8 Go over every spot that you have marked. Be sure to clean each spot
a few times and suck as much water out as you can. (The water will be
gross) I usually leave the penny and go back to each spot until the
water comes out mostly clear.
9) Place litter boxes in the places that were the most soiled. The cat likes
go there, so let it. Just using the box instead of the floor.
10) Throw out anything that will not come completely clean! If it won't
come clean, the cat will continue to use it.
11) Do furniture the same way as above.
12) Do the room they were confined in last.

At this point, your home is clean of the smell. You can now rule out smell as a culprit. Now you can watch and see if there is any improvement.

Sorry for the long post, I hope it helps someone.

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Things that saved my home, solving urination problems

What a wonderful article, with eight cats i do have the occasional problem, and really do not know which cat is misbehaving. I did go out and buy the green machine, but do not know where to buy a black light.
I have printed out this article, laminated it and keep it with me. Thank you so much, like you I would never "get rid of" my family, this will make life a little easier.
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Sorry, I should have put that in. I picked up the hand held blacklight at Petsmart.
As far as Feliway, it may have helped if it were only one cat once and a while, but I have 3 and it was several times a day because they were reusing spots I didn't clean well enough. They smelled it there and thought it was ok to go there again. Once I cleaned everything thoroughly though, it has all but stopped. (it picked up when I moved and stopped again once they calmed down) I know others have had some wonderful success with it though, so I am NOT trying to discourage it's use. Merely saying in my case it wasn't enough.

Thanks all for your questions and comments. Fortunately my problem is better since I did this long process and changed litters, just wanted to help others who were in my boat.
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I have a problem with the cats going over the side of the litter box.

I put plastic carpet runners under the litter boxes.

I have to resort to getting tubs with taller sides. I just can't find a manufacturers' box that is tall enough.

I have one new tub that is a little hard for them to get into and I am going to try sticking a stool next to it.

My mom found a hooded model at garage sale that may work, but the height is questionable.

I'll have to try the four box plan as I have three cats.

I am new to the forum and feel glad that at least my cats are getting in the box.
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Sometimes you can find the blacklights at novelty shops/halloween places. But I'm pretty sure I've seen them at shop that sell lava lamps, etc and places that open up just to sell Halloween items.


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Super Cat Urine Prevention Tips
Mike Taylor
Many times cat owners are at a loss as to why their cat doesn't use their litter box. Here are some great tips that can help you solve the problem.

The litter box is the first thing you should check. It should be in a quiet, private area of the house. Many people put them in their basements and leave the door open a little as this not only creates a private environment but also keeps odors to a minimum in the rest of the house.

Some use a closet but if you do this be sure and keep the box clean to reduce odors in such a confined space and don't forget to leave the door open!

Another placement possibility is under a table. Many people find a place without carpeting is best from a maintenance point of view as tile or cement is a lot easier to clean.

Ask yourself if you changed the litter box in any way:

* Has the box been moved to a high traffic area recently?

* Does the box need cleaning?

* Is a new litter being used or does it have too heavy a scent (clumping and unscented is best).

* Has the depth of the litter in the box changed? Some cats like their litter deep, others shallow.

* Your cat has outgrown the box and needs a larger one.

* The box is too hard to enter and exit. This can be an issue for older cats.

Do not put food and water near the litter box. Cats like these two areas kept separate (don't you?).

If your cat has picked out a particular room to soil try closing the door to that room if you can or cover the target area with furniture.

Put a bowl of food over the target area as cats like to keep their eating area away from their "bathroom".

Take your cat to the Vet on a regular basis.

If you have more than one cat get each one of them their own litter box.

Have you recently moved? A cat might smell an area where the previous owner's cat urinated.

Let the cat alone while it goes so it can have some privacy.

If it is a new cat in your home it could take from three to eight weeks to get adjusted to the new environment. Be patient!

Was there a recent addition or loss to the family? A new baby, spouse? This is usually temporary until the cat adjusts to the change in their environment.

A change in your schedule can throw off your cat's schedule as well and cause problems. Try and phase in major lifestyle changes gradually.

Never, ever punish the cat by kicking, hitting, chasing, screaming or rubbing their nose in their urine (remember the smell doesn't bother them). Cats cannot make the cause and effect connection like we can so punishment after the fact is useless and will only make matters worse.

Cats are naturally very clean animals and they know where they are going. It is important to remember this and try and help your cat overcome any stress or anxiety they might be having in a caring and loving manner.

Click here for information on how to choose a cat urine remover
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In 2 years,one of my cats peed right outside of the box, jusy once though. I wonder why.
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Ok, you can make the litter box sides higher by buying correx, corroplast or similar from a builders merchants. Its like cardboard but made of plastic. You can use a blade to cut it to size and score it to make it bend. That way to can cut it so that you have two or three high sides and a low side for the cat to get into the litter tray. Cut it to fit inside the litter tray. When it starts to smell you can just replace it. That will also keep it all fresh.
Wonderful tips here. Im still training my nine month old puppies! I use a chemical neutraliser and carpet shampooer for my house but the pennies and lights thing sounds well good.
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one problem I"ve had is that litter box makers apparently think only kittens use litter boxes. My cats all ran 10 lbs and up, and the "large" litter boxes just weren't large enough. Some manufactures have started making bigger ones, but a cheap alternate if in your local hardware store. Go back to the section for concrete and get one of the trays for mixing small amounts of concrete; they are 26 by 20 by 6 (outside dimensions) and are big enough for mulitple cat households. Not so great if you have a "stand and aim" kitty, altho I keep thinking I"ll rig a surround, which would also cut down on litter tracking. The rim is pretty wide--I have one cat that likes to sit on the edge. Sometimes she gets confused and sits facing the wrong way, so I keep it on a plastic mat.
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Okay, my cat just peed on the plastic packaging that a christmas present came in. Just before he did this he was vigorously rubbing against a cardboard box that another present came in which he usually doesn't do.

The way he peed looked more like a cat marking its territory with his tail straight in the air. Was there something on the boxes that made him do this?
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