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THYROID - "Radioactive Treatment" Anyone With Expe

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has had this problem with their kitty?
My eldest cat 13 (Precious aka Pooh) has thyroid problems. We have her on a half pill 2 times a day. (She lost weight and was throwing up alot before the pills)
The vet suggested having the "radioactive treatment" done.
She basically she stays at the vet for 2 weeks, gets a 'radioactive' shot, I cant visit her as she is $1200.00 for something that cant be guaranteed to work?!?!
He said she cant stay on the pills forever as they will eventually not work anymore.
Is this true? I know cat thyroid is diff then dogs.

I cant imagine being apart from her for 2 weeks, This is my cat, or should I say I am her human. She is stuck to me like glue whenever I am at home. I dont know if she could handle 2 weeks away, she stesses way too easy.

Has anyone had this procedure done before? Did it work? Did the pet change any?
I can seem to be able to find anything on the net, I dont even know if this is the real name for what is suggested.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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I had one of my cats treated via radioactive treatment a few years ago. We had no choice though because her thyroid med (tapazole) was toxic to her and almost killed her. A few blood transfusions later, once she was healthy again we did the radioactive treatment. It seemed to work well, and it was only an inconvenience (between dropping her off for a week, and then having to keep her seperated for another week, etc), so I think it was worth it at the time. However, a year or two later, she developed cancer on her lower jaw and we lost her a few months after. I dont know if it was related to the prior radioactive treatment, but I still occasionally wonder about that to this day.
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I've never had it done, but I have two friends with hyperthyroid cats: one who did the radioactive iodine, and one who didn't. The friend who had it done (about 9 months ago) had a younger (12 or so) cat in pretty good mental and physical health. She had no problems, is back to normal thyroid status, and is living quite happily. The other cat is elderly (16 or 17), a bit frail, extremely sensitive and won't let anyone but her special human touch her (actually, we first suspected that she was sick because she allowed me to approach and pat her without hissing...very out of character for her). She's being managed with oral tapazole in liquid form, and is doing well so far (she's been almost a year on the meds). She just wouldn't have been able to handle a two-week stay indoors at a medical facility (nor could they afford the RI treatment), so they've decided to give her the meds and let her live out her life in the best manner possible.

From what I've read, the RI has a fairly high effectiveness rate. If my cat went hyperthyroid, I'm not sure what I'd do, it would probably depend on the rest of her health; my cat is also extremely sensitive (I can't even leave her at the vet's overnight), but if it would be an effective way to eliminate the problem, and wasn't likely to exacerbate any other conditions, I'd be inclined to think very seriously about it.

Ok, that wasn't terribly helpful, but a lot of these sort of decisions depend on the cat and owner in question. Try a web search on "feline hyperthyroidism radioactive" and you should get some hits.
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I'm sorry to hear about your kitty but thyroid is very common and treatable. And cats can live a long and healthy life with it. So don't be TOO upset.
My cat was also 13 when he was diagnosed. I opted to just do the pred. as I felt the radioactive treatment would be much too stressful for him. Had he been younger I would have considered it. I've never heard that pred. won't work over time. I've known cats that have been on it for YEARS. Maybe you want a second opinion? I've also not heard that thyriod causes vomiting (doesn't mean it doesn't though). Mine just ate a lot and kept losing weight. I also made sure he was on a very high quality diet. There is also a homeopathic remedy, but for the life of me I can't remember the name! Thy-something. I tried that first but it wasn't enough. It did help however and I was able to put him on a much lower dose of pred. If I can remember what it's called I let you know. Otherwise any Holistic vet should know.
As far as the radioactive treatment goes, it's supposed to be very successful(something like 90%). My friend did it with her cat with great results. Iggi was a relitively young cat of 6 and came through with flying colors. Three years later no sign of anything. I think it was harder on my friend than her cat! Although it does sound terribly scary!
For me, I just felt 13 was a little old to put him through it. It's really a personal call and I think also depends on your cats temperament. How well do they deal with stress etc.
Good luck!! And let us know how it goes.

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Correction. My cat was on Tapazol not pred. I had a brain laps! Why did your vet put your cat on pred.!! That has NOTHING to do with thyriod. Pred. is a steriod/anti-inflamitory. Is he/she treating for IBD? Because of the vomiting? Hm. Sounds like maybe you need to have a talk with your vet an clarify. If the pred. was given for the thyroid I'd definitely get a second opinion. Or maybe I just misunderstood?

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Who's cat is on prednisone for hyperthyroid? All references Ive seen are to tapazole. I didnt see anyone say prednisone prior to nanook. Prenisone would make no sense for hyperthyroidism.
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No it was just me being disracted. No one said pred. Mine was on pred. for a while for IBD. But on TAPAZOL for thyroid and I was just being confused. Too many interruptions while I was trying to answer! SORRY!

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Sharing my experience

My 17 year old cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism last year. She also have liver problems. Her liver values shot all the way up when she was first put on 1 tab of Carimazol twice a day. It was awlful as we were to the point of losing her. Her dosage is now reduced to half a tab once a day. Though her thyroid value is still above 5 (last checked in May), she has put on weight and managing well.

Over here, for radioactive treatment, the cat need not be hospitalized for 2 weeks. Instead, at the end of the treatment, it can be discharged and return home. Of course, the family must observe certain precautions in handling the cat at home.

I have a friend whose cat is about 14 years old and had gone for the radioactive treatment. It was not successful and now she's placed on long term medication.

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We don't treat hyperthyroidism with radioactivity here in the UK. It's stabilised with medication, then usually surgery to remove the cancerous thyroid gland altogether.
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So many replies and so much info!
THANK you ALL so very much!

I had brought Pooh in as she had chewed all the furr off the back of her front legs and belly.....the vet told me she was too stressed, but it never really went away. Months later, she started to lose weight, she didnt really change he eatting habits too much, I started to call her "Brittle Pooh" as he furr would just fall right out when I pet her and was so brittle/dry, she threw up often enough and never had before.
So she had blood tests and such and he told me it was her thyroid.

We had 3 options:
~ Pills (Tapazol)
~ Operation (which wasnt suggested as the small thyroid is so close and often removed bu accident)
~ Radioactive treatment.

So we are doing the pill thing, and I dont think she minds at all....treats in the morning, treats at night...what cat wouldnt want a pill? (we hide them in a tiny piece of cheese big enough to cover half a pill, or cut a hole in a kitty treat and put pill inside.)
(then theres my mom...defeating the purpose of the cheese, minds cats & house
while Im away, I call home to see how everything is....she tells me she is having quite the struggle to give Precious her was wrapping the pill in cheese, tackling cat...holding her on her back to get the pill down her throat....I was like "Mom....why do you think we dummy it up w/ treats.......she eats the treats?!?!?!" Doh! ) Anywho........

She no longer chews her furr off, it has all grown back. Her furr is so soft and shiny now. She is still skinny, but she eats well (should for $58.00 a piddly special bag of dry kitty food)
She is happy, playful etc....
I was thinking too, she is getting older and I didnt want to stress her out with a 2 week away from home unpleasant adventure....I kept thinking am I being mean? Am I not a good mom? Well every kitty if different, she seems to be doing good with the way she is now.
It is something to consider as I want the best for my furry little best friends.

Thanks again everyone for all the info and stories. I t has really helped me. No one where I live has ever heard of what I am talking about.
Wow, thanks!

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