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Blood in vomit

This morning my wife found one of our 2 cats had vomited in our hallway and it looked to have a little bright red blood in it.
We have recently changed their food from Nutro to Eukanuba and I'm wondering if that might have something to do with it?
While we had them on Nutro, they never threw up at all. I'm also thinking that when the cat threw up, maybe he burst a small blood vessel as well.
I'm going to switch them back to Nutro today and see what that does.
Any ideas as to what this may be?

P.S. We dont know which cat it is and they're both acting perfectly normal as well.
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Here is some quick information from

Vomiting blood

Q: I have a very large (but very unfortunately smaller than it was) animal
family -- 4 dogs (rescued) and 3 cats. I lost 2 beautiful and much loved cats to
FIP last year (they were both rescued as young kittens from same litter).

This morning I discovered that one of the animals (I believe one of the
remaining cats) vomited bright red blood. Since I don't know which one they
are all at the vets under observation but I have just moved to this area
from Memphis, TN and I am a little nervous about the diagnostic skills of this
new vet.

I guess my questions are:

(1) possible causes of bright red vomited (possible projectile) blood? I am
guessing foreign body, possibly ulcer.

(2) one of the cats is on Buspar and has been for 4 to 5 years. 10mg
twice a day. He is deaf and a "stalker". Does not play well with others.
Perhaps I have been unfair to the rest of my animal family but I have been trying to
keep him alive (i.e. not euthanize him) if at all possible. I wondered if
Buspar could cause ulcers or some horrible organ damage if used daily for so
long. This new vet was not familiar with Buspar.

I know that obviously you can't tell me what is wrong with one of my animals
without examining them but I hoped that you might have a few suggestions.

Thank you.

Thank you for any help you can give me.

Aear S-

Buspirone is not very likely to produce side effects that would produce
vomiting or bleeding. I am not aware of any long-term cumulative effects
associated with this medication. I think it is an unlikely suspect in the
current problem.

There are a number of possible causes of blood in vomitus. Intestinal
parasites, gastric ulcers, blood from the respiratory tract, ingestion of
toxins such as warfarin based rodenticides, heartworm disease,
gastrointestinal foreign bodies, bleeding disorders and other causes are
all possible. A single episode of vomiting with blood is not that unusual
in pets and is often hard to pinpoint a cause for. If the vomiting recurs
and it is possible to identify the cat who has the problem it will be
possible to begin testing to see if the cause can be identified.

Good luck with this.

Mike Richards, DVM

It's not impossible that the Eukanuba has something to do with this. I've seen severe irritation from this food myself.

However, to make sure we don't miss anything, I'd like to ask you, is either of the cats taking any medication for any reason? Any medication at all?

I agree that immediately switching back to Nutro is a very good idea, the best, safest thing you can do for now.

If God forbid the same thing happens again, please be sure to save the vomitus and have your vet look at it.
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It's funny you posted this article as I just finished reading it about 1/2 an hour ago. Thanks!!!
I talked with a very knowledgeable person here at home and he told me the same thing about switching the foods.
No they are'nt on any meds at all. They are 11 month old Bengals and I've always heard they're supposed to be very hardy animals.
I'm thinking the change back to Nutro Indoor formula will take care of it.
I've also emailed the breeder and am currently awaiting a response from her as well.
As of now we're just keeping an eye on them to see what happens...thanks again!!!
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I just wanted to let you know that Viggo, the kitten vomiting blood passed away less than 24 hours after my post.
Dash, his brother is fine and is living as king of the house.
We didnt get an autopsy to see what caused the blood, but I'm sure it wasn't the Eukanuba.
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We didnt get an autopsy to see what caused the blood, but I'm sure it wasn't the Eukanuba.
Yes, there is every reason to believe that the Eukanuba was not involved. I've seen bleeding from Eukanuba, but under no circumstances woud such a problem be fatal.

I have to be honest with you, I'm troubled that you didn't have a necropsy done, and that your vet didn't even offer you some simple inexpensive tests to find/rule out some of the possible causes.
Since this kitten had a surviving littermate, your vet should have made at least some effort to find out what caused such a sudden, unxpected death.
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