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Ferel/ear problems/skinny

I am fostering 2 kittens for a local animal rescue. They came to me as "ferel." They were supposedly 2 sisters, but since then, I have discovered, they are brothers about 6 weeks old... I just got them today. Before I received them, they hadn't been taken out of their kennel yet since the rescue had gotten them dropped on their doorstep yesterday afternoon. They are extremely skinny, one brother has no meat, or fat, on his bones and is very lethargic and hardley moves. Neither play at all. I think they have ear mites. They have scabs all along the outside of their ears, but I haven't seen them scratch at them, though they may not have enough energy to do so. The smaller one I am really worried about. They are farely friendly once you get them out of their cage, but in their cage they hiss a little bit but do not attack me, the rescuers had been attacked yesterday while trying to get them out and I saw the bite marks to proove it. My question is what can I do for them if they do have ear mites? What are the symptoms besides the scabs? What are the smaller one's chances of survival? How do I put weight on them farely quickly? How long should they be fostered for as the rescue left it up to me? How to I get them to trust me when I go to pick them up in their cages? The smaller one is so sweet. All he does is purrrrrr all the time non stop. Even durring his bath. The larger one seems to have more energy and will crawl to my shoulder. Both will eat. I witnessed the larger using his litter box to pee but neither of them pooed. There was urine in the kennel they came in but no fecal matter so neither have deficated in the past 24 hours at least. There were 4 empty cans of cat food in the kennel as well, and they ate some while in their new cage here. If they aren't pottying, where is it all going? Any help? What did I get myself into? I'm sure I can call tommorow and ask for some mite treatment from the rescue and she'd drop it by. She said if I found any worms, she'd come by tommorow and worm them. Poor guys. I'll post some pictures soon so you can see how skinny they really are...
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They are still young enough to be impressionable and turn out into normal adjusted cats. They do need to be seen by a vet, wormed, and fully checked over. Once thats done, handle them gently as much as possible, they will very soon come around to trusting you. Keep them until they are eating & drinking normally, have put on weight, and seem otherwise healthy. I say at least a month, possibly more. With a lot of tlc and gentleness, these two can be great housexats for somebody. It would also be great for them if they get to stay together, as they will give each other that extra bit of security & confidence. Good luck!
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Bless you for your kindness to these poor little boys!
It does sound like they have ear mites. I would be hesitant to put over the counter earmite medicine in kittens this young. The safest thing to do would be first to clean their ears, as best you can. I would try putting a few drops of oil on a cotton ball. Either vegetable oil, baby oil, or mineral oil (whatever you have handy) press it into the kitten's ear while rubbing gently. You will be amazed how much of the "mite dirt" this will extract. The longer the kitten will allow this, the better chance you will have to remove as much as possible. Afterward, use a dry cottonball to wipe more out. When some of their other health issues are resolved, you can then use ear mite meds more safely.
Most pet supply stores have an over the counter gel with lots of vitamins and nutrients called "Nutrical" it comes in a tube like toothpaste. You might want to get some of this, if any stores near you carry it. Most cats and kittens will readily lick it off your fingers.
It worries me that they have eaten as much as they appear to have eaten, without pooing, though. Could they have possibly been so starved?
I would be tempted to mix up a batch of what some people call "goop" using about 4 tablespoons of canned condensed milk, a raw egg and a half tablespoon of clear corn syrup. Normally most kittens will drink this, if they are hungry - and if they are constipated, it will help them to "go poo"
Keep us posted on the little guys!
Again, bless you for helping them!
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See if that works...
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I just went out and looked at the photos of the kittens.
One (in the foreground in the cage photo) looks as if he may also have the beginning of an upper respratory infection. You really should try to get these little fellows to a vet, on Monday, if you can. He may need antibiotics, as well. His eyes look sleepy and partly closed, and his nose looks runny. Don't wait until it gets bad, since they both are so thin and he looks so weak.
Otherwise they have very sweet faces, and would be wonderful pets for someone, if you can get them through this difficult time.
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The first picture is of them both. The second is of the less skinny of the two, we are calling linx becuase of the white tipped ears. Then one of the smaller really skinny boy my duaghter wants to call Buddy, I thought Cougar would've been better going by wild cat names, but Buddy it is. Then of them in their cage. The rescue place already insisted they wanted them to be adopted together, so that's not a problem lol. I will go ahead and clean out their ears a bit, you can see the little scabs in the pictures. I just feel so sorry for the little guys. Thanks for all the advice. They are eating like little maniacs. I wasn't sure if I should give them a certian amount so they didn't over eat or what. They eat everything I put in front of them. The little ne is so skinny, the skin and fur sink in around his bones and into the underside of his shoulderblade. You can't see it that well in the pics becuase the cats are so dark. I'll try and make that goop stuff if they do not potty soon. We don't have any corn syrup but I can buy some in the morning. Thanks again.
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Their noses are actually really dry. And their eyes are actually very tired. They don't have any discharge or anything, but I will speek to the rescue place and see what they think. I will have her come out and look at them on Monday. I remember her saying something about never leaveing her place on Sundays. I heard one sneaze once today too, but that was it. The place told me AC wasn't good for them either, for URI's anyways, is that true? I keep the house about 78 and warmer at night.
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It is obvious that you are taking very good care of them, and are very attentive to their needs.
If you have the heat running - or central air -- it MIGHT be a good idea to run a cool mist vaporizer in the room. (just not too close to their cage) I know when my cats do not seem to feel well, it helps to run a vaporizer, because central heat and air seem to dry them out a lot. Of course if you are in a very humid climate, it might not make much difference.
It sounds like the lady at the rescue is very knowledgable and will help you a lot when she comes by to see them.
I am leaving town early this afternoon, and won't be back till late Tuesday afternoon -- but I hope you have the best of luck with these babies.
I'm not sure kittens will overeat like puppies will... but if they have some sort of bowel blockage, they may start looking very bloated, since they eat everything you offer them.
GOOD LUCK!!! I will be thinking of you and the kittens, and keep them in my prayers
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I noticed someone posted a recipe for a goop as they called it that called for an egg. Here is a perfect baby formula for kittens

3 oz. condensed milk
3 oz. water
4 oz. plain yogart (no artificial sweetners)
3 large egg yolks (never egg whites)

Shake well before each use.
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We actually are in a very humid environment, Hawaii. Not much more humid anywhere else unless you're in the rain forrest lol. I woke up this morning to so much poo in the littter box, just piled. May be they weren't comfortable? Thanks for all the help...
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