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Thinking of trying Innova

So after doing some research I think I am going to try Innova. I did read on one post that someone said the ash level of Innova Evo was 10% and may cause UTIs in cats. Does the regular Innova have the same ash level? How slowly should I introduce the new food to him? I want to start feeding him more canned food than dry. I am currently feeding him more dry food than wet and probably not the best quality.


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The ash is 6.5% in the 'normal' Innova and 6.3% in the lite formula.

Some information on ash:
Did you know for instance that cats eat whole prey, bones included? Do
you have any idea of how much ash whole prey has on a dry matter

First, a domestic mouse has more than 23% ash on a dry matter basis. A
rat has more than 32% ash on a dry matter basis. A bird has more than
20% ash on a dry matter basis.

Second, it's not the amount of ash but what that ash is. Phosphate
salts have low solubility so very little of it actually make it to the
bloodstream. Most of it goes out on the feces. When you get a
commercial diet low in phosphate and high in soluble salts such as
chlorides and sulfates, much more minerals enter the bloodstream.
Originally Posted by PLB Feline Nutrition
How are ashes made, and what is the benefit of adding them to pet food?

Minerals must be burned in order to measure and control the amount of these products added to pet food. Any indication of ash on the food label refers nearly exclusively to mineral ash.

Good quality pet food generally contains between 5 to 8% ash. You should always check the quantity of ash in the food you give to your dog or cat.

It is also important that the content of the minerals in the food be balanced. Excess mineral in the system can be harmful to your pet because the unabsorbed quantity of mineral may combine with other minerals, thereby preventing them from being absorbed by the body and leading to mineral deficiency or imbalance. In addition, excess mineral in your pet's system may cause various physiological problems.
Originally Posted by PLB Feline Nutrition
What does it mean when a food is “low in ash” or “low in magnesium”?

In the interest of reducing urinary problems in cats, we have been making cat food with a low overall mineral (or ash) content for a long time. We know now that magnesium is the mineral to watch if we want to prevent struvites from forming in a cat's urinary system. The answer lies in giving your pet cat food that is low in magnesium. Please note that urinary pH is another factor to take into account when seeking to avoid urinary problems in cats.
Originally Posted by Dr. Chris Chart
For several years Monty had been on a good quality, low magnesium diet of the type that we recommend for all male cats to avoid development of "struvite" (ammonium phosphate) crystals in the urine. We suspected that Monty's crystals were another, less common type, calcium oxalate, and lab analysis confirmed this. Over the past few years awareness of the risk of bladder problems in male cats has grown and a high proportion of cats are now on preventative diets which are low in magnesium (between 0.1% and 0.05%) and produce acidic urine. However although the numbers of cats with magnesium related crystal problems has been dropping, it has been found that cats on the low-ash/low magnesium diets are more likely to develop calcium oxalate crystals, and the number of cats becoming blocked while on a low ash diet is rising. As a result of this, a few manufacturers have now changed the formulation of their low-ash diets to avoid the development of both struvite and calcium oxalate crystals. So not all low-ash foods prevent all crystals -- ask your veterinarian about the one your kitty gets to find out whether it prevents both common types of crystals.
Don't get me wrong, too much ash is bad for cats - but it works both ways
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My kitty inhaled Innova Evo as soon as I set it down...

I sent away for a sample of Innova Evo and just recieved them yesterday... I set down a small bowl of Innova next to her regular kitten food (mix of Nutro's Nat. Choice, Nutro's Gourmet, a little Kitten Chow.. had a sample to get rid of..) and for the past day and a half, she hasn't touched her old food! It's so expensive though.. I may just buy a bag to add to her mix.. I don't know about the ash, but my kitty loves it.. and that's something hard to find.. hehe
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Yep, all four of mine gave it the paws up, the only thing is now if i can't find it they fuss about other foods!
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The Ash Level in the Innova Evo (not the regular or lite Innovas) is typically around 9.9% "as fed." I think the food is too new to tell if there are any trends as far as cats developing urinary crystals on it. Im giving the food a while before I try it, to see if anything occurs. Im getting ready to switch over to California Natural and see how mine do on it.
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Well I bought a bag of regular Innova and some canned food. Willis seemed to chow it down at first. But he now doesn't seem to be a huge fan of the canned food. I think I might try something else. Maybe it is too wholesome for him. Actually I didn't even buy the dry Innova. I went to Pet Food Warehouse which isn't far from my apartment and they gave me the bag of dry food for free for trying it for the first time. I was excited! They really know what they are talking about there too. Not sure if there are Pet Food Warehouses across the US or in other countries but if there are I recommend them!
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