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Hyperthyroidism, Radiotherapy And Surgical Treatment?

My cat was diagnoised with Hyperthyroidism. She's got a heart murmur too. She has the begining of kidney falure too. She's home now, ate a little food and had her pills for today.

For now the vet thinks it best to persue the medication, Methimazole, to get her ready for treatment. Surgery is the route I am looking at. Vet said she's probally older then 8 years that I thought.

I have an antibiotic Baytril for an infection. If you'all could add any more information that would be great, Thanks. Jim
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I had my cat on the meds and he did fine. I chose the meds because he was an old guy and I felt the alternatives would be too stressful. From what you said I'd advise the same in your case. I know it's really hard to make these decisions so good luck.

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My family ended up going with the radioactive therapy. My cat was originally started on tapazole for the hyperthyroid, but it was toxic to her and killed off all of her platelets and she started bleeding uncontrollably. She required two blood transfusions and almost died, but thankfully her vet researched it and discovered the tapazole was the problem. We then had the radioactive therapy done and it seemed to do the trick at the time. Unfortunately she died of jaw cancer a year or two later, and im not sure if the radioactive therapy had anything to do with it (the tumor was on the base of the jaw near her throat). I would discuss it indepth with her vet and see what seems like the best course of action. Just watch her closely early on with the medicine, make sure there are no problems. Keep us updated.
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Here in the UK, most of the time people opt for surgery, and I have seen a lot of good results, including our surgery cat, who had both glands completely removed last year. She had renal problems too when she was first diagnosed, but as her hyperthyroidism became controlled by drugs, her kidney enzymes lowered also.
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Thanks for the added experiences, as I am at a great loss for finding anything comforting being she's had some of these symptoms for as long as I've had her. I'm thinking her best years are behind now and it's time for the rainbow bridge.

Not only the hyperthyroid, but the kidney, the liver, the heart problems and the physical deteriation are the things I need to consider. It's time to check her for her afternoon feeding as I have to go to work, and she's been eating small meals pretty good so far.

It's sad knowing that three years ago when the first two pounds came off I should of got a second opinion. It's has she had her best years and treatment is futile or get the surgery when and if the meds work. I just don't think she is going to be very healthy or near happy again. She has alot of spirit now. If she didn't eat for five days, I don't think I could watch that.

I am going to see the vet tomarrow, but as of now I need to be sure of her condition and not chance putting her through more difficult times for my selfishness of wanting to keep her. This vet really tried to go over things with me twice, but it really took reading all the medical stuff for myself to understand how it was relating to her condition and behavior.
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Dont just automatically give up hope. The first step was finding out the problems, and you have accomplished that, so now you know what your dealing with. There have been many people on these boards with stories of there cats making remarkable turn arounds. Continue consulting with the vet and get his/her opinions whenever you need them. Dont write off the poor little one yet.

PS-You said they thought he was older than 8; how old do they think he is?
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I would not want to see her have anymore bad days. She's had this puking problem for about 3 years, as I can remember cleaning it up, not knowing which cat of 3 had got sick. The other symptoms of yolling at night and bad temper have been around since about 1999. I think she's between 11 and 17 years. I can't tell how bad her internal organs are, but she does have pain when she gets picked up.

I think her thyroid problem has gone on too long. If she should be put to sleep, I think sparing her the miserable existance would be right. We are going to see the new vet tomarrow, but looking at the cats history she's probally had a long duration that has been very hard on her body.

She's had a noticeable weakness in her rear legs that just sickens me having had the old vet look at her and not do nothing futher because "she's still bearing wieght". I noticed she favored one leg coming up the stairs 4 days before her regular shot vist, so I brought it up then. I know I am the idiot who missed the symptoms for too long and didn't get a second opinion. I feel rotten, and pray that I will do the right thing. At a certain point, I've got to do what's best for her. I don't want to prolong her agony.

Last summer I had her into see the vet for her stomach ills, but she's probally had the problem for alot longer. Vet should of had the thyroid levels checked then, but I geuss he didn't do enough to diagnois the problem. I've brought up my concerns of other symptoms previously that must have not enough information for that vet to put it all together.

We're going to see the new vet for more guidance, but eventually it's up to me to make a caretaker judgement. She did come up for a little supper, so that's a good thing.
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My cat, Trixie, was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in febuary. She has been on Methimazole since then and has responded very well to the medication.
The medication is not very costly and I really think it would be worth it for you to give it a shot.
Hyperthyroidism "speeds up" many of the body's processes and puts extra stress on organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys. It's quite possible that once you get her thyroid condition under control with medication, the other health issues will become less serious as well.

Diet is an important factor when treating kidney failure. I would suggest doing some research on that subject. There are a number of people here who have pets with renal failure and they could perhaps offer you some advice.

Please don't give up hope yet. The situation seems bad now, but it is treatable, and your kitty could have several good years ahead of her yet.
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Well regardless of what you choose, I respect the fact that you dont want your cat to suffer. Some people keep their animals in agony just because they dont want to let go. Im not necessarily saying its time to let go, but I do respect your concerns for her comfort. As I know you will, keep in close contact with the new vet and see what he/she thinks. If any of us can help at all here on the forum, let us know. Still, try to keep some hope. Im sure your little one will be in alot of our thoughts and prayers. Take care.
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She is doing suprisingly well tonight. She's had two small meals and eventually came when I called her name. Maybe her tummy starting to feel better from the antibiotics could be hopeful. She went back downstairs now.

I tried to clip her nails because she got them caught on the couch. I was lying there when I called her. Only got one paw clipped though, she was getting too exited. I left them long because Brandy likes to pick fights with her.

I'm torn about what to do, as you can see. If she keeps making improvement that would make it easier. Her signs are looking good from the outside, but I just want to be sure the inside is well for her. I wouldn't want her around in pain for months on end. I guess we pray for another day at this point.
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