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Does fiber makes the poop little softer?
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As a rule it does because fiber causes water to be excreted in the feces instead of the urine.
(This is all right for healthy cats, but it's the last thing you want when a cat has urinary problems.)
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Short answer is: It depends.

Fiber works like a damp sponge on a table. If there is no water on the table, the sponge will leave water behind. If the table has a lot of water on it, the sponge will soak it up.

That is to say, if your cat doesn't have enough fiber in his diet, fiber will help. If he does have enough fiber, it will only make the problem worse. Too much fiber is just as bad as not enough.
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Ok here's the deal, he's main diet is raw and the physillum fiber powder is optional, now, without the addtional fiber he poops once between a day and a day and half and very solid and log type, i added a little fiber so he will go at least once in 24 hours and he did but this time it's log at first and little soft at the end, now tell me, does he needs addtitional fiber or not?, i was concern about constipation, but he never passes two days and he goes.
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I hate to say this, but since bones in the diet can cause constipation, changing the diet should be the first, most important thing you do. If you want to feed raw, feed meat only but no bones.

Psyllium can cause a deadly intestinal blockage, so I must warn you to be extremely careful with that. Also, too much fiber in the diet interferes with nutrient absorption, it prevents nutrients from the food to be absorbed.

Since constipation on a regular basis will stretch the colon to the point where neither a change of diet nor medications can be effective and removing the colon is the only option left for the cat, please think very, very carefully about the dietary issues and don't just follow recommendations that can have disastrous consequences for your cat.

Change the diet and work with foods instead of added fiber to soften the stools and make your cat regular. And do this before it's too late.
Constipation can become so serious that cats as young as two and three years old become candidates for the surgery. I don't want that to happen to your cat.
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So what you're saying his constipated even if he's going once in a day or a day and a half?, i don't know about bones being bad for them since their prey includes bones, and it's their natural food, and why would physillum can cause deadly intestinal damage?, i think i will stick with raw diet.
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If he doesn't go at least once every day (24 hour period) things are moving along slower than they should and the problem can become worse.
So this is the time to experiment with diet and find food that will produce regular BMs.

Every cat is different, food that helps one will not help another. Fiber that comes in regular adult maintenance formula canned cat catfood can be quite helpful. I would rather concentrate on getting fiber this way than separately.

For some cats grain fiber is actually binding and a properly supplemented grain-free diet works better. A grain-free diet can be one however that contains several different vegetables, so the food still provides fiber, just a different kind. Check out the Prairie brand canned foods for instance for a healthy grain-free option.

Psyllium needs a lot of water. By the time you add the necessary amount of water a cat doesn't want to have anything to do with it.
If you give it to the cat without all that water it can become like a block of cement and cause a blockage in the edigestive tract with terrible consequences. Same thing applies to people. There is a reason why psyllium has to be taken with a tremendous amount of water.
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More on psyllium:

The major side effect of all the soluble fibers, including psyllium, is the development of intestinal gas or flatus. It is the beneficial bacteria in the colon that create intestinal gases from certain food sources such as soluble fiber. So you may be limited in how much psyllium you can tolerate by this side effect. Insoluble fiber, found in wheat bran and cereals, does not have this side effect.
Always take psyllium with plenty of fluids. Insufficient fluid may cause the fiber to swell and cause choking or even rupture of the esophagus. Do not use psyllium if you have difficulty swallowing.
Contact your physician if constipation persists for more than a week with regular use of a bulk laxative or if rectal bleeding occurs.
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Bones can cause constipation but you don't necessarily have to exclude bones from the diet. To much bones can cause constipation but if it's the bones that causes the problem you can probably solve it by reducing the amount of bone in the cats diet. 7-10% bones is enough and shouldn't cause any problems with constipation.

I don't know how much organ meat you feed but organ meat usually loosens the stool so you can go up on the organ meat (though only temporary so you don't overdose) and see it it helps.
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