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I was here a few weeks ago when my baby Boo Boo (4, male) had a blocked urethra. I haven't been around much b/c law school exams are coming up and they are BRUTAL!

Nevertheless, my sweet baby boy is sick again

We've spent over $1600 in the past few months between two adopted kitties and an adopted parrot w/ previously broken back, so we're a bit financially strapped. (We have four kittes, three adopted, and the bird... and they all decided to get sick at the SAME TIME!!)

Anyway, so Boo is sick again, I put him back on UTI prescription, although I'm trying to be sure it's not a blocked urethra, and I was wondering if you guys could give me some feedback:

1. He still does urinate. The diagnostic kitty litter yesterday put him somewhere in the serious range, and yesterday is when I started him on antibiotics. Last night he went twice, one a smallish drop, the other a smallish clump... bigger than I've seen in two days though. This morning he went once but it was in the bigger litter box with the other cats so I'm not sure how large it was.

2. He's not drinking much, and I'm having a hard time encouraging him that this is a good thing to do. I tried chicken broth, and I tried adding water to his favorite canned food... Not. Interested. He did lap some water last night, but that's the last I've seen him drink.

3. I got cranberry powder from the petstore yesterday. Again, he won't touch anything that has it on or mixed in it. In desperation last night I just put a little cap of it in his mouth. He hated me the rest of the night. He is good at pill taking... could I get a bottle of pills from the natural food store and give him half a human one?

4. The little red UTI pain relief pills... I get UTIs too and have a bunch of these lovely red pills. Could I quarter one and give it to him to alleviate some of the discomfort?

5. Basic observations... does it sound like a partially blocked urethra or just UTI? He's not constantly trying different litter boxes, and he's not in the litter box every 10 min like before. He just goes a few times a day, it's just very small amounts. Also, he's not licking himself as though he's in pain like he did a few weeks ago... Just normal grooming activities... Does this sound like just a UTI?

Thanks... sorry to overwhelm with so many questions, but I really can't take him to the vet unless he's officially blocked, and then we're not sure what we're going to do. The babes aren't all supposed to get sick at the same time!!!

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Hey, thanks for your response!

Re: the antibiotic. The vet gave me a few extra days' worth in case he was still having problems. I saved them, since at the time he wasn't. (He was on 7 day treatment, and I had 10 days' worth.) I've put him back on the extra three days with a call into the vet for another prescription.

Re: the food... He was on the prescription UTI food, but he refused to eat for days. (THis, even when I tried mixing it with his fav food) He lost a lot of weight and the dr said to get him eating, as that was more urgent at the time. I think he'd lost seven pounds. The only UTI type food I could even get him to try was the Purina, the same brand as the weight control food he was on before, so that's what I had him on again, until now.

Re: the vet... I can't get him in. We have literally $22 in the bank acct b/c of pet illnesses (and one vet who seemed to give us a run for our money.. $500 for a cold) on top of three hurricanes hitting us in the past two months. We *can't* take him in unless it is clear that he's blocked, at which point we will have to make the crucial decision between continuing treatment or putting him down. Thus, our efforts to treat him here.

I know I will probably be scolded for having an animal that I cannot get ongoing treatment for... Each of ours (one adopted from a shelter a while back, one found at a grocery store under a car, one found abandoned at an office building) is taken in to the vet each year, is up to date on shots, etc... it's just that $1600 cash for vets in the past few months, on top of not being able to work (me, also full time in school) b/c of no power, on top of everything else has us basically flattened LOL, just taking the cat to the vet to be LOOKED at is more than I pay for an entire checkup with bloodwork, etc., for myself!

On a happier note, he appears to be doing better, the litter diagnostic color has decreased to "mild" and he doesn't appear to be uncomfortable anymore at all. At the moment he's wrestling with his brother.

Thanks again
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What are some home based diets? I'm very interested and willing to feed him a home based diet (I do this with Piper, our young special needs bird), but I thought someone told me it's better to just go with a regular cat food.

Right now I've switched him onto Eagle Pack Holistic Select Feline Formula. He's much stronger than he was last time he was sick, and has been nibbling (grudginly) on this. I think switching him onto it won't be as big a problem... Does it matter whether it's wet or dry? The woman who helped me at hte store said not, but I think I'd prefer him on the wet anyway... You mentioned wet is better b/c of the water and such.

Quick intro: I mentioned our little family. I did an intro a few weeks ago, but for refreshing sake (since it seems each of our babes has a different diet need!):

Micah is 5, and overweight. He was born an only kitten and has been big ever since then! I got him from my parents 5 years ago.

Boo is 4, and we know all about him now. He and MIcah are *best friends.* He was found abandoned at an office building at 6 weeks of age... I took him in, and had him treated. He was sick with a bunch of stuff, but was doing fine until recently!

(Micah and Boo are our "boys")

Spinks is 1 this month and is our little princess girl. We adopted her last March. In July she got a fever of 105.5... it was just a cold but it definitely scared us! A zillion tests were run, and happily she is a perfectly health (if insanely tiny!) kitty. She's about six pounds right now.

Star is our newest girl. Two weeks ago I found her at the supermarket under a car crying her little heart out. I think she's about 4 months old, although she's already as big as Spinks, but 5 pounds. Spinks and Star have become close friends, and we're glad Spinks has a little friend now.

(Spinks and Star are the "girls")

OK... so diet. Is Eagle Pack something I can feed all of them? Is there a home based diet I can feed all of them? I'm concerned b/c they each have such diff dietary needs. Spinks eats fancy feast b/c she's so tiny... Star was on kitten food... Micah on weight control, and now Boo on UTI control... it's nutso here!

THanks for your help
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