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Food Advice Wanted


We have two cats: an almost 13 year old male, and a 21/2 year old female. The male weighs about 14 pounds, his optimal weight is around 12 pounds. The female is just about 8 pounds.

Here is a little background. Last October our other 13 year old cat died. He and the surviving 13 year old grew up together with us, but they were not littermates.

The 13-year old who passed away was on Sciene Diet CD dry to help manage repeated urinary tract infections that had begun two years earlier (he did have crystals). Previous to the urinary problems, both cats were fed Innova Cat Lite dry. After the one guy was prescribed Science Diet C/D, we discontiuned the Innova food and both cats got the Science Diet C/D. The surviving 13-year old has only had one urinary tract infection. It was last summer, no crystals were present. I might add that when we began Science Diet C/D, he gained about 2 pounds over his up till then normal body weight of 12 pounds.

After our one cat died in October, we were able to restrict our cat's food intake to 1/4 cup morning, 1/4 cup evening. This amount was suggested by our vet to get his weight down. He was still on the Science Diet C/D.

About four weeks ago, we adopted the 21/2 year old female. Our male is a chowhound. He has been eating from his and the female's food dish as though he is at a Las Vegas buffet. Since we don't restict the cats to separate areas of the house, and have no way to control their access to each other's food, I asked our vet if we needed to keep him on the Science Diet C/D. The vet said since the urinary tract infection had not involved crystals, he did not have to stay on a diet of Science Diet C/D. We do have water bowls available on all floors of the house.

I went to the store, and after speaking with the salesperson, came back with a bag of Innova Evo dry. Both cats like it, we've been mixing it in with the Science Diet Original that our 21/2 year old was used to eating. But after reading about the level of ash in Evo and the high amount of protein, I am reluctant to keep offering Evo, especilly to our older cat.

Based on what I've read on some of posts on this board, I am thinking about getting California Natural Chicken & Rice dry. And possibly a canned food to feed in the morning and evenings.

Sorry for the long post, I hope some of you read through it and have advice to share. I am right to drop the Evo? Is the California Natural a good choice? What do you think? Any advice would be appreciated.
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Sorry, I can't answer the Evo question but everything I've heard and read recently about UTIs is that the most important thing to have in their diet is moisture (even more so than low ash). My cat had a UTI and last summer and the vet said no more dry food. They still get it as a treat but are on a high quality wet diet. I've also found that when my cats were on dry food, no matter how much I restricted their intake, they were always overweight. They were even on Sc. D. W/D for a while! Since they've been on wet they have both maintained a healthy weight. They get 3 meals a day now instead of free feeding (Some also say that free feeding can tend to cause their systems to become too alkilne which is bed) one in the am, one when I get home and one before bed. They can eat as much as they want for about 1/2 an hour or so and then I generally pick up their bowls. It's usually all gone by then anyway. Not feeding them wet has also made a big difference in their coats (they look great) and they don't seem to shed as much
I know I didn't really answer your question but I'm sure someone else can answer the Evo part (it is the dry mine get for their treats and they love it!) I hope this helps anyway.
You can also read the sticky on the top as to why wet is better than dry. It has some good info.

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I changed from Science Diet dry to Wellness canned about a year ago and noticed alot of positive changes. Rocky is 14 and I noticed her coat is very shiny and soft, she has lost a little weight, seems to have more energy and hardly ever has hairballs now. She loves the canned food. Sorry, I don't have any experience with the Evo.
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I am going to the pet food store today. I'll see what they recommend. Thanks for information.
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More confusion. The people I spoke with at the store didn't know that Evo had a high ash content (9.93 %) compared to other foods.

My assumption is that because they don't mention the ash level on the packaging or brochures, it cannot be good news. I plan to ask the manufacturer to see what they have to say.

More research ahead, I suppose.
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I always recommend to feed a raw diet, but since your cat is older, raw might not be the way to go. Wet canned food is definitely the way to go.

Try this company:

They have high quality canned foods. Our bengals are all on a raw diet, but they do love the wysong products when offered.
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We're purchased a variety of the canned foods/brands to see what will be accepted.. The 13-year old who weights 14.2 lbs but should be around 12 lbs loved the Innova Lite canned food.

The 21/2 year old femail who doesn't drink much water and probably would benefit from the moisture in canned food had no interest in the the canned EVO. She does like the EVO dry.

Want to get the 13-year old back down to 12 pounds, so we are giving him portions for a 12 lb cat. Hope that does the trick.
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21 and half ? What you had been feeding her can't be that bad.
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Two and one half years old. Sorry, it gets hard to read with all those numbers mushed together.
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I havent made the change to wet food yet. Ive been trying to buy good dry food. I just bought a giant bag of Evo today. Crap..

I guess I should of been reading more of the Health & Nutrition. I didnt realize it has so much ash. But I did also buy a giant bag of California Natural too.
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